Sit Next to Me

Mark Foster of Foster the People performs onstage during KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

Foster The People Share Dream List of Collaborators

Foster The People discuss their newest single "Sit Next To Me" and some of the bands they'd like to work with. Everyone from the Arctic Monkeys to Portugal. The Man made the cut.
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Foster the People Perform at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Show in L.A.

Foster The People Go Around the World in New "Sit Next to Me" Video

Foster The People took over Instagram late last year in the official video for their hit song "Sit Next to Me." Today (March 15), the band released an international update to the track's fan-inspired music video, but this time, we can hear the Stereotypes Remix of the hit single "Sit Next to Me."
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Foster the People

WATCH: Foster The People Share "Sit Next To Me" Video

Scroll through Foster The People’s Instagram feed in their latest video for “Sit Next To Me.” It’s oddly fascinating to see what they “like” (a light switch where a zipper should be donning a “turn me on” caption) and who they follow (@f*ckjerry, among others).
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