WickettLeigh In Love

99.7 The Point’s midday chica, Leigh McNabb and her husband, 98.1 KMBZ’s Mike Wickett, are newlyweds facing the often not talked about world of infertility.  Laugh with them.  Cry with them.  Hopefully rejoice with them as these two radio crazies talking about being #WickettLeighInLove

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Ep 10 - The Definition of INSANITY

Sunday, February 18th
This process is insanity in the literal and figurative sense. Mentally the insanity continues but what can we change? TIME TO TRY NEW THINGS!

Ep 6 - Dyes & Tries & Oh Mys!

Tuesday, November 21st
Leigh explains her most recent test and the next steps. Does everything have to be so serious all the time? Not with these two!