Welcome Ponch & Nikki in the Morning

Thursday, September 6th

Welcome Ponch & Nikki in the Morning 

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I thinks for clicking on its pots in Nicky from 997. The point and we want to introduce ourselves I'm a father. I have a blended family with six children pretty much I've heard that joke never got three boys three girls. Mickey. You don't have children but you have. How old but I freaky bloom infringe doubled on which let's be honest is pretty much my kid. I've got a Grand Prix or Ingram ES that you live way I do I've taken care rigueur among since I was seventeen well and may end as she spicy. You know you matter she curses like a sailor aha yes and she is a lot she. I love it I really do we're gonna have her on the show quite a bit and then now we'll hear from my kids and then I'm married. For the second time. To Serena and she is Sicilian. And and I love her feisty I I almost to read it when we get you two together. So much fun are you guys are loud. Why it's it is a lot but you know what you can handle it. I've given that to this point and right and then have doubled down and started doing a morning show the. Well look. Inundated with crazy loud Italian women this is the anti yes 24/7 I've. I've really doubled down so they notice anyway we're putting on a fun show worth doing a revealing show. Things that you wanna get off your chest. Positive things that's the type program can do so make sure your part of it every Monday through Friday. 5:30 AM to 9 AM on 997 the point.