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Thursday, June 14th


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Morgan from independents how are you gonna make today also I am going to kill her and the end marriage yeah. Well let me see good things make people feel better I like it must play outsmart to her Brady who would you like to challenge this hour. I'm music Italian Grady. Okay. Hoax Marty and see how this goes and does perfectly when he dean and you can nurse them back to help. Local. And let's do this lord Nino how this works at an envelope full of questions I will ask you these three questions. I lemon bring Brady back in and the kind of silent I will ask in the same three questions. And we will see how bad you beat him okay. It's why are residents of a mobile home park in Belton being shamed publicly. Isn't a not paying taxes to be not keen rents or seen not knowing their moms. I'm infidelity see outlawing allies to fill the United States faceoff against in the opening game of the World Cup since sweet. Oh god. President I have an idea pool is Arianna grundy DD for a year and a half prior to breaking it off because he's afraid he's. Oh my god placed his name I like picturing his name I cannot thank you know you know it come on I still what. Oh my god I'm not condone it thank I don't think I get the hang up on that now at the oh my god I ending the iron varying. I can't do as. I thought all right Brady may not knowing there. Let's bring him back in the home from the come silence. His record is a hundred in thirtieth. 20 and now. I mean. No I didn't update after yesterday's of the 132. Point one want. How did not very high. Good that he's in my cap miners cheating to any of them. And oh that's. Hey listen you're focused on you know medicines in making people look easy until he lives and probably driving rain now right you're not focused on the silly stuff I am watch this. I residents of a mobile home park in Belgium and being shamed publicly into any game not paying taxes could be and not pain rents. Or is he not knowing their long. Beat not paying rent I read this story and I thought it was going to be like their picture if they didn't pick who's just a record set rid is through. That is crap. They are not paying their rent luckily my bank doesn't do this. The United States face off against in the opening game of the World Cup this week I didn't think they were in the opening. Our I didn't think they're in the world I don't know I'm gonna say. Apparent way. Is that what would your guy. The trick question no one if they did not qualifier. I thanks to all. Expertly. Any. Lee went anyway without first question you did get just one wrong kind of soccer expert. He yeah I coach coach painkillers and praying girl's soccer I know all things off. Philip Ariana grinding dating for a year and a half prior to breaking it out because of his sobriety issue Mac Miller or read all manner. It and then they also you're a winner as well you're gonna see kids bought Y July 20. At starlight theatre congrats on that it's not something CEO or you know Steve please take this out do that thing. I'm more income in the event but I didn't knock out my radio apply. 997 the toll.