I'd Drink To That...If I Could...

Wednesday, June 27th

Here's an idea - take a stressful time in your life and take away one of your coping mechanisms ANNNND...GO!

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It is officially episode twelve. Wickedly and love my name is Mike and this is my wife Lee Lewis is about our journey. To have a family even though we know we're gonna have some struggles along away. This is about trying to have a family with some difficulty. Usually isn't a glass of wine or beer to do this we've been doing so for June it's ever going to cheers. Who are popsicle stick with the breezy pops severed June has yielded quite the consumption of polar ice seem easy obstacles. Now. Merrill if that's. As stepping wine. As much easier to conceal. Rights. And so over June is going on meaning. We unite vote they're not drinking for almost it's socialized if I. Today's June 27. And majority of people say they're going to be at our door Sunday at midnight. But no we're spending so much money to try to have a family. And need to create. And proper. We need to make room for the proper and firemen see you did there there's no science that says this is gonna help we figure for spending all this money on our bodies and you know trying to have a baby we should give the best shot and if Lee's good enough drink. See it annoys you then I'll then I'll not. So it's been Superfund pop. Have not we've. We made it this far so that's kind of. And a lot. I'll see myself it's easier that I at a T and you're our trooper and I am. Per night he'll go with people who bars tonight. Hang out much longer than Iowa I'd just get annoyed. I mean drunk people and bail them and I went to. Which Orioles game this week. And two of the three gentleman that also went got a little inebriated. Dillon got drunk. John had a couple dumb. And we too old enough an arcade are hearing Kansas City. Where it's called up down his video games and people are just you know. It it's not that big of a deal but to get some point if to a point we realized I had this is what drunk people are like. If not if you're this over one and you with a big group of people. Trying to play. Giant jango and there's stumbling to walk you like then you're like OK I got so I've left but it's been. Yeah I use is much throughout this process. Here and there is this the first time you've joined me I've appreciated by the way you're welcome and it's. And I think it was like an ultimatum like you have to do it around here that app itself opera right up Iraq back. That is brought fresh tonight I definitely had two Beers Iraq bash. I drank enough for you Iraq I'm not but then the next day as that are right. So resilient team effort team team wicket maybe cheers to cheers minds direct Eddie as a giving an interesting perspective or. Need to step back and entire month in the weekend or whatever him as a giving you an interesting perspective on its. On all of that well. Aside from the fact that it's saving us a lot of money gap com which is part of point. And and seem drunken behavior out of people. You know not rely IA I probably haven't gone this is gonna sound terrible but not gonna lie to you probably haven't gone a month without drinking alcohol. Since I was. Seventeen. I mean I I drank it made my parents know I had a couple of Beers and high school than a night. Live with my buddies and Ann Arbor we had a house of fifteen guys we drank some alcohol underage there and then. We don't condone that no it would never perhaps trying to have a baby were wouldn't condone that for our children but fifth. I don't think I've gone to a baseball game and not had a beer. Since I was about seventeen years old and Indy shoe Monty and I sat third baseline adult tigers they know Andrew and I and minorities do and I think he's in Florida fabulously. That is one thing. Liked ticked me off by the plan. I not lost a pound but that I would have brought that up he said. That's because you're replacing boost with ice cream in Costa. And I said his car wreck that's accurate yes. Yeah ice we passed since haven't had a beer since June 2. I have dropped to as of today like six and a half pounds you know back under 170. Haven't changed the diet much heard eat less can because my triglycerides or high but. Yeah right that's that's definitely banned in the season to lose weight quit drinking just cold Turkey. Have been coming T tiller bite and need needs no joy can get your quick enough but it's been interesting scientific expert and a public statement that furlough while because. Again my keys for spending all this money and you know either a lot of other things we can get it even healthier analysts at the time I know LaDainian. Work well and I are not working out working out because it's not just like all the censor this. The big workout regiment you know blank. And I need to move I took this more I get facts. And give me that way I now. Well I mean we're we're gonna work on now that we talked to I talked to my doctor that and my first physical in three years this week you know doctor he trend. I didn't trim for her if it is happened to be before our eyes that I a sure. You know now the only other ladies see things besides you year's see you really got to Bruce and I actually and and she said you work out is no I don't do any exercises that take the dog out about four times today. And walking always about five or ten minutes she said that that works its key immediately that's between twenty and thirty minutes of working out every day so I think we're gonna do that together. Maybe it's hot as all out ground is hard as we record this is a hundred degrees outside with the heat index right now and it's only getting hotter tomorrow. That crosses the collects. Lol this will work on that ul and since we last had a chance to hear talk about it you know we're hoping this happens fairly soon our lease on her apartment. Is up at the end of August. So we decided to buy. This is a little cart before the horse but we bought a Condo and Overland Park that we you know. Part of it also wouldn't be Smart to do all of the things all at once yeah so. We've got a Condo and we move well closed in July and the end of August. Three veterans that we hope to fill income to two big news figures and a he's suddenly some sort of weird let. A sitcom character big news big this may yeah big news is China. We asked we're so our work come into the suburbs we've loved living in downtown Kansas city of overcoming the verbs and and hopefully we'll have. You know we'll need of a bedroom for us in a bedroom for spare and hopefully a bedroom for nursery. Or triplets. Or a single. We do a lot of other things to talk podcast coming up we've had some very generous offers from some friends. In our. Fertility. Adventure. And we've learned a lot about. Being on the other side of some things and maybe how we were in situations. Before that. I at least well approach differently now that we're on this side of the task. (%expletive) goes for another day so we'll have more for. Next week hopefully we plan to do this for a regular basis to just wit as word weeding and test results and doing the injections and that's an answer just flipping bombed out. Yeah but we're gonna try to do these on more on the reg Edwards says to him its tail and switching it ourselves stopwatch by the way. Season two is not good to watch if you're trying to have a I mean she absolutely works. I think I'll watch where trying to have a baby is this episode season two episode five and wings tail is a terrible thing to watch so much lack of clotting. Why are a lot has been episode twelve of wickedly love that is sadly I MI we'll do another episode. Coming up next week in W two.