Ep 9 - It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

Thursday, January 18th

How the first IUI went determine's how The Wickett's celebrate Leigh's birthday

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Welcome to episode nine of wickedly in love that is wicket ends O line and hit a that is Lee and I'm Mike in this is our journey to have a family. And it's such acts. So that's gonna be the tone of this week's episode. Last time the two times ago we told you that we went to the doctor and Lee had a shots and they found an egg. And then she gave me a cup and I had some homework. And then I get better than they would put it up there who look and death. And then we just had to wait and hope you didn't get your period. And and in putting this off I'm gonna crash well I got out of I was in Chicago last week. Have some wind and help I was in Chicago last weekend. And badly in the back and if you can hear that though we chewing on her rawhide bone. I was in Chicago last week Italy pick me up and we got out of the card or apartment here in Kansas City. And she said as I'm getting luggage out of the car oh by the way I had my period so we have to start all over. And that's. All I know that has happened in the last month. Syria that's for. That kind of sucks but I didn't. And putting up podcasts. We were gonna sit down and doing yesterday. And you are just some. Of the we are gonna yesterday and I just like. To act and then stamp was like OK let's do it will be an duke Allen and that's my art. Viewers or listeners. Them. I just. You know I knew that this is wasn't going to be easy and I knew it wasn't like who first time even now I hope and pray didn't cross my fingers. But I think it's the first time in my. That. Everything has gone the way it was supposed to go and it just fail. And now we have to do the whole thing over again. And part of the honestly this is gonna sound super selfish an awful but part of the daunting part of all that is the fact we just have to spend all the money over again. A lot of money and this isn't even the super expensive one if we get through this three times and we get to the they take out a loan portion of this class acts you know it's like. And we should go find me. In trouble. Now you can drop step off at the various. Take your cash. I just. Celeste Friday. A little bit extreme you were in Chicago where family and I was deleted my daughter's been spending time. In its. Last Friday it was posted pregnancy test and as positive who it was if it was negative rooftop. Google but anyway I've been woo hoo or boo boo. True Lehman applicant fashion I took one Wednesday. Is toast with a friend that I took on Thursday. Your kid an and I took one Friday. But I still endemic periods I thought maybe I'm just little slow on the uptake or where maybe he and others you know so that I took one. Saturday. And then it took on Sunday. Ahmanson period. And us. Just socks. And there's. Nothing anybody can say about it and make me feel better just sucks. And I am mad. We. And mad about it and tough humanness and that's it really matters. There's a lot going on in our lives we mention her dads can ill and we're just you know come and read and holidays this is maybe some of the worst timing that we could have possibly. Decided to to to take this. Well that's right. Here you wanna try to remain a stress free as possible. That's definitely not how hard they elect hazard out. But my mom made a really good points. And when I was pulling out of their driveway in Sunday. Tomorrow's Labor Day Thursday eighteenth and she yelled out the door. As I was driving off. Got naming it a little break. He once you have a good to Heinemann partied on your birthday. She well and I well I do what my mom tells me that shot. So. There's a silver lining here. Yes I know that there are a lot of people there listening to this. That have had and just from that and I can only guess that female perspective that have had this. Or know someone who has had this and knows that feeling and it really blows because you know you hope and you pray and you. Get the shots and you her on your bathroom floor. You know he's do all that kind of snubbed again. Amber's gonna go to a clinic that morning in just do it that earned him. Actually be more comfortable Fareed if there now. I'm comfortable anywhere. I don't wanna know that it's just like one of those where it it does I can and know that. I'm not the woman and it's not my issue but it is my issue and it sucks for my perspective to you know and I feel. Like I've let you down my knee so why aren't you right now is a guy here he does wonders and adding I could have done different guy is in my eight spunk that was. We know that's my issue. When they went in there and found fault all they also found the system it excites me have to address as well and it went around this way. And then the really expensive one begins. And then maybe they remove that system and glamour around this means that display three. Three time what is or timetable here because I don't iso I don't know any of these things I want to point out that if it becomes your issue. It we have to cut cable just hit it well yeah. I just cut the. The word dollar ago and I'm having an an interesting time adjusting to not just turning on my cable. So right guy that's what I'm using to distract myself that's the money we save on cable every month is the price of one shot. You don't show. That's it. So it now I search kicking and we're also bringing cheaper wine. My gosh it's not it. It's called live like this is it twisted twisted. With and by the way to corkscrew that without misleading. Sites are taking. Some medication. Tomorrow. Take that for five days that's the loopy 10. Good. Happy birthday weekend you're gonna be a lucrative. But to break it. It's. Then that I world go in for local scan that. Next Friday. And if there's one there that I get the shot. And then. I rule. In seven aside. The following Monday. Now. Following a Tuesday. Home Monday Monday and need you and send a fine yeah. Are key components were calling about calling it right now in all sorts are just grows. Felt so sorry I got so. Could be ready to beginning of this whole thing but I just it's all right honestly talking about this has been like looming over me and I wanna talk about it this was. Something we wanted to do. And it's not something that I feel I have to do and it's honestly kind of therapeutic. It just comes with the territory. It's their first setback okay. Well take our 27000 sent back but our first our first fail first the broadcast. Sent back. So. We well. Probably talk next week. After the next focal scanned it'll be interesting to see if one side does the same thing as the other side is supposed to go. Every other overeat and I had a good follow on the right side the left side sort of desist so we'll see if I even get one who's. And if I don't enemies the next cycle. We'll have more for you next week. I love you and I want you to know that he's I don't want to cry about this and want you to feel bad about this I don't this is just. We knew it was going to be troubling is going to be tough and was going to be trouble in either going to be stakes involved this kid better flip and now. How much they love it. And violently to you too thanks to everybody for your support this has been Whitley and love and we'll talk when you next week.