Ep 7 - No, We Don't Hate You

Wednesday, December 13th

Your womb works.  Congrats!  Scared to tell a struggling couple?  Don't be...well, maybe be...a little...


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RB. Where is now a build up to gather and I do birds ever said it would. The it's only seems appropriate to open about podcasts not trying to conceive a child with the most comfortably read the Christmas Carol of them. Really can't DA holdouts. This. So. What are we chatting about today about welcome mrs. wickedly at love if you never listened to before. My name's Mike wicket this is Lee McNabb wicket and we got married in a string of 2017. A man and we know there are some issues when it comes to starting a family and it's taboo topic but we're trying to make it. More not that stuff. And so quick update on where we are in our. Area Germany basically. Story of our lives. Or wait on me. This week. To do that it doesn't matter if we're going to a movie or we're going to get your pregnant. Or his weight on you wait on me. So. I've handled my body decides to. Get its act together which hopefully snacks and ten days or goats or fertility doctor get some medication. And that it's go time. Did you have your period. I had the floor when I had to have it. Just a better in his two wrecked agree. Yes it if it now I need out again. OK so really we're in a holding pattern but hasn't happened shortly and they didn't do that but I like to give myself. Among other shooters if Jesus coming down you know it. And before we get into our topic today it's it's interesting that. That there have been people there been couples that are reached out to you and since we've been doing this. There have been couples and their reach out to us. And that expressing. Hope they've gone through it and and how tough it is how people have have had. Pregnancies that didn't go well. So it it is an effort at all if they did it all and admit it it's really important that we continue this conversation and for people to realize that this is. If it's not something you shouldn't talk about that to me it's and that's just oh god I must be the only one and just want to Willis say thank you everybody who has reached out and you know unfortunately had to go through this and and we're going through it all together. And I've never heard you said we're here. I have an app on iPhone now I know him should runaway. Hit it the annual. Our. Not an attack but today is. Three different tell us that. That she's expecting a baby end. Super excited and super pumped about it and I like that I asked myself I wonder. If it's stressed her out. To tell us specifically me and I wonder there are people feel like age yet share. There are join with us because. They don't think it will be joyful to us and I did that because I have friends who have gone through this are going through this who'll. You know when they're told that a friend is expecting a child if you remember whenever. Sometimes they cry sometimes they forget sometimes have to leave there sometimes. You know they don't give the reaction. English it would have given there's a superstition there too as well you know along with being upset. I think there's you know oh gosh what I. Then what what am I doing wrong or what do you know you know I mean there's just one of those red wanna hear about it. And that's it you know reminds you what you can't matter to you what you. Want a matter. Of getting at the moment and I never honestly never thought that in this particular situation. And note the person. To ask don't want her things that I ever felt that situation I'm really didn't but I later. Wonder if she had stewed about it if you well as she is Stuart. Yeah I mean fails to bring interest you and it likes to. I loves you. That's what kind beast so well epithet on the other hand there are definitely moments in my life. Where I would have been told those things at the wrong time or the wrong moment her. By the wrong person. I could see how I could as. Not been the warmest. In them telling any. Act. Especially because. We want it so that you know and that. It's like wouldn't anybody has really good fortune when they use it would lottery you get a new job or maybe somebody gets a new car. Yeah you know I know there's a monetary things but. That children at this player purely monetary races that would it is OK I mean. It is a new tax deduction coming anyway. I totally understand it and if any of our friends are listening and have that wonderful news to share I really hope it would be. One to say god don't tell you guys who you gonna be upset annoyed I think that. Any reaction is an okay your reaction. Even if you tell me if if if it were to happen and you were to get upset that's an okay reaction it's not the one. Debt. It is. You just don't want anybody ever think you are not as excited as they are for the situation. But sometimes it's just a little bit of a reminder and I think for me at this point our journey I'm not there I'm not there right now where someone tells me they're pregnant every hour right cry. I am so 1000%. Over the moon. For this baby coming. But it dawned on me later wondered if she worried about it I wonder she was like. I'm I'm really accept them now. It shouldn't and a and an educated think that but I mean there are some people that would feel that way you know it's a wonderful thing is it its role in episode six mile episode eight you'll be more better. RAI I think right now were were okay and anybody who shares that in that. That wonderful news that that. Great pretty interested to hear act you know and some of that. FaceBook messages that we get I'd be interested to hear. If that happened to someone on either hadn't. They either gave the wrong reaction they received the wrong reaction and fix that situation I never want someone I think that I was not excited for them. There or they're probably been tons of times I know I've got friends and family have told me that they were that they were the couple. They were the couple that could now and they were trying like you and I are coming and they were going to problems like you and I are going through our problems or issues and you know I think we were a point where. You know you you don't hold somebody. Back are you you you hold your feelings true feelings back as your anger whenever I just think that it's it. It's part of that and you know they did date they travel they went on. To do their normal stuff and and you and I gonna go on doing our normal stuff. Here in Kansas City and and everywhere else agrees. Everybody says Booker really big trip okay super expensive. But that you look like a once an election trip and now either get pregnant before hand so you can't go let. Or you'll go and not be able entering the whole time and be sick. What. Happens that's the play that's a that's the plan. There and I've got at least two places in mind so that worked so well. Apparently they go see horses run or go to. Did the gulch the Gulf Coast the Gulf Coast ports or serie a there really to go to the Gulf Shores so you have your choice. Horse heads. Should really expensive long trip and that like Europe. We could turn this into a long trip to GAAP us. Any you know I guess what I do want to edit well this is. Not not place and so I hope everybody. That knows some of their life it's going through something like this. Doesn't fear telling their loved ones. But at the same time if they react not necessarily the way you want them to them. Maybe kind of dissect Scotia slack and give them time to come back and apologize for reacting poorly. Because they didn't mean to your all probably pumped up on hormones anyway mean all of us are right women. I know. It's not yet and unity UP I'll. Right you people think the all encompassing you people him. But. Right now anyway I am really excited for our other people to have the and their babies or build up to babies are serving up. We've got a baby sit here. Abiola YouTube but we'll see you next week.