Ep 5 - We Will, We Will, Rock You

Thursday, November 9th

Wickett admits some fears he has about being a parent and Leigh has no voice


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Hi everyone and welcome to episode. 55. Set again I. All right full disclosure yes they generally put these podcast together on Monday to use the latest. But this is the first half but any semblance of a voice in almost two weeks. And its the will also look practically so somebody had too much fun in Napa this year and it wasn't me. I wish that was it that's the story I music I actually slept on the bus and there was an album. Not all that happen this year however. So she answer your question on crying already though no. Time early for the first minute wrecked my voice is just kind of weird so erecting. Because we haven't had and if you're new podcast this is Mike quick get along with Lee. McNabb wicket and this is about our journey to have a family and there are some complications. When it comes to getting. Pregnant and we appreciate everybody's support again for you know the kind words this time. There's nothing about Lee's parts or my parts or doctor visits in this discussion this is a little different because. Since the last. Time we did this there have been two horrific acts in this country and this is out of conversation about. Gun violence or violence and it's in itself that's not what this podcast is about. We had to attack in New York where the man drove a truck in new crowd of people. And we had a shooting in. Texas where a man open fired opened fire in that church in a very very small town and killed 4% of the population. Tennis this isn't about mental health this is about guns. Now and what was interesting to me is this thing or fifth podcast. This was the first one that you came in my office my day instead. I've got next week's topic here's what we're gonna talk about. Do we really want to bring a child into this world. And domestic of that before and can we keep having these horrific incidents happen and it and it really. I don't know what it's like to two to worry about child your parents though my parents now people that are listening their parents now if their parents that are listening. You know you you have children. You know. What it's like to worry about your kids you probably wary about them every day. We have talks. With one time rivers ran away from me and it was the worst day of my life I can only imagine. Liked it's like to lose your child in a mall offered twenty minutes or in a Wal-Mart for even a minute. And at night so that's something you are going to learn if we're fortunate enough to be able to have a child and. I see and in my job on and came bees. That they are that that's gonna happen all the durable edit this we won't know we spires. I'm Mike showing came easy we talk about these these incidents a lot. And. Which I can imagine by the way that you go in there and close the door type and listings for four hours. At a time I mean I could see physically drained when you leave you leave your studio at the end of the day after shows like that so. No I prefer sunshine lollipops created a different bodies he lands. It's like come home little that I watched Gotham and I want Superman and Batman and how much I'd I'd try to watch that is telling when you are the Kardashians yeah right like. And I kind of asked you this before in this world of psychopaths and growing violence and growing mass shootings we've had two of the worst in the country's history in less than 35 days. In a span of 35 days. Do you really want to bring someone into this world were so much nasty. And so much ugly is and it's and I know every generation says this is getting worse. Well and there's your argument that is really getting worse or do we have so much pop. Culture social media. Instant access to information. That it just seems like it's getting worse because we can get get faster and it's deet tails it right away I area. But my reply has always been to you don't you want to be the change you want to see in the world and it. How are you. Move the human race along in a better direction and if you don't raise the people to use. There's two answers to that. And one I get your point and it's. Com. Raising good people let's say that you know when you get your wish and we have twin boys out of the gate hit that at what is out there. And and they both grow up to be good boys and they find a partner in Nate they get married in May have kids or they. Have a podcast or whatever and I happen here and then you know they go on to have their children and their they have grandchildren and when you and I are long gone off as planned and that would be great. There's a flip side of that but if you a night. Socket us and we wind up having a bad day and a kid goes. You know. Ballistic and should separate church and Sutherland springs Texas which no one's ever heard of an issue and live near San Antonio. Mean that's the do we really want to brew that's the other side of this of raising our own. And that's it and there's another flip side to this two bit that's one thing I worry about too is what if we're not good at I mean you're going to be a really. Piracy but speak for yourself if you're gonna put that scares the heck out of me too. Well I mean. If we live our lives in fear whether it's not having children or not going to a concert or not going to whatever fee for cities Las Vegas. In those people win. If we take away those things from our lives that are places of joy. Because were living in fear out of those situations and they win and listen I'm the only one gets to witness. They don't you and I refused to let it happen. The other thing. I wanna talk about this view. And I and I get a NM I'm ready for that risk split. There was some of family of eight. That all got taken out that the pastor's daughter this was the one in Texas that just happened. Pastor's daughter. Was shot and killed there were three generations of one family that wiped out. He'd go back to Las Vegas with that with with Stephen attic in the shooter and how many people how many. Phone calls had to be made to parents all around the world. About their son or their daughter being mowed down by an ass hole opened the 32 floor or what I don't. I I fear that we're gonna one day get I mean. I feel we were in Napa and got a call about our new dog Bo Wi and she just kind of cut her own limb and they were telling us about it like that was crushing to me. Was it weird for me to say that if it's gonna happen I'd rather the whole family just go then nobody custom. He's at. I think it's weird that some kinds of weird well killed an obsession with Eva strange obsession with murder podcasts talent yet but that's like hmm that's a mystery listening to the opposite Yorkshire. A trip though that's very true. You know I remember I had co host means ago. Who he has lightened his daughter would only flight together on the same plane always help tie. Your sister and now my sister in law and and herb here our brother in law whatever tennis. They won't fly the same point. Be cut right because isn't that they won't fly a policeman when we guiding Asian Vegas there was this you know this idea they can't find the same playing as of the plane goes air. Oh OK that was Lucy that was Lucy was. One well I don't she's tougher I think that that was really think I think that's what prompted them to create a little token with the fact that they were going to be on the same plane flying to Las Vegas to us our knowledge selling it is our cameras at a does that just make things up. And that's a prompted them to create it will because they were going to be on the same playing together and if you know something happened god forbid. You need to have all of those things taking care of but. I don't know I just the Nabisco us I think it's co host first or they interrupted. Yeah. This cool powers here's what is utterly plan Celine same plane same place all the time so one went down only down. And you wouldn't live without anyone else. I mean the sexiness that oozes from my body and a so I wonder we haven't seen eighteen children and I asked me tonight I mean I can't believe I'm not jumping in your other two schools of thought went back you know in that. But again what would you do you're never gonna go. To church but you're never gonna go to show our run out of places we could thought we were safe. Church. Concerts. I mean walking the street. I don't know what song is we are safe. And loved. In our own homes and that's for best start. I just I I have a lot more fear this and if you would have probably guessed your listeners. Who is going to be more afraid he probably would ghastly. But it's me I I am Turk maybe in the maybe it's because. I talk about it every day I watched average about every day. And I hear more about it every day. And it's like when you're you're out driving and if you're not drinking and driving your look at how everybody else and you're like why drives if I'm not worried about you. Plumber you could hear her driver but I'm worried about you know I'm not worried about me on the road I'm worried knock on. I'm worried about other people driving and if we have a child and she's sixteen it and we teacher how to drive. She grows up it's not going to be her about it the idiots that are going to be responsible and activated eighty eappen and immediately vault on it if you drink you probably have had one too many to drive it simply life. Well and you do. The best he can now and you say things like my mother when I would leave them home. To drive especially at night she would say I let you Liane remember look out for deer no math. And that. Units they shore it was an eye opening and look at the time it was that meth capital I think we now live in the meth capital world the misery it follows me wherever we picked it that he things to talk about the next five cats today. You do a bastard what you have and I just. Refuse to live my life in fear and this is going for me which is the area atmosphere for human and now you don't like to sleep not facing the door. But it's our Q&A but. When it comes she move being able to approve the bad guys wrong I like stuff. Off volleys in this. And so. Now I think I'm gonna say let's go for. What are we have to lose animal into money. For an hour standard hacked and and potentially tons of tears well. Again. One day time and life is never dull moment with the two of us knew and will. You know. We will. Rock you. Sorry I'm also ars issue it's kind of my body now between. We we do a lot of stuff and and we will do a lot of stuff that we have a child in its. It's going to be it's a journey so it is a journey excited to go on with you now. Of the eleven year old has been episode five. A wickedly enough.