Ep 4 - I Am Kate

Tuesday, October 31st

This week's episode of "This is Us" finally made Leigh cry.  What caused the waterworks (and no, it wasn't the fertility drugs...we don't think)?


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BJ. Right Mike what it's letting me start podcast. Did just that didn't elect. Video and it's also because he has a World Series on mutes the background and other victims that hot. Yeah what are we talking about today and let's work. It's nap quick yet. And we talked about. But. We do not talk of welts. That's I think the old. The whole show is not about bodily fluids. It is now that last week was a lot of my fluids in the you week before we you're fluid and now lines and quite honestly. Because my. So we don't necessarily have. Scoop or update that pertains specifically our situation right. Is one of those where we were. We were sitting around thinking OK what is the the podcast going to be about this week and like you said we're kind of waiting for use. Do something to do some. And in the meantime they're just pumping me through full all sorts of. Hormones and it doesn't help to that over the last since we last talked to you we've had friends in town for four days and we have both been sick. So this is not bad and it. The sexiest of weeks well yeah he but it and I'd definitely matter because that way to work anyway methodically edit it out eat that. And Sammy we can't keep track. Keep telling yourself and again anyway well good well he I want to talk about TV show that you and I watched Saturday. That not surprise me that that's happening so much Gotham. And and be glad you watch that without a dead I did I am so if you do much this is a senior not hot up. This may be a spoiler yeah a little bit of a spoiler will give you five seconds to turn the radio down. Or turn. Maybe now. The sweet sound. All right there will be eight spoiler alert. Coming in five. 4322. One so we're watching this is us edit it must recent episode Kate who is the female trip clicks the larger woman. On the show she's 37 years older. And she is and other cheese eight weeks pregnant. And you have this kind of like break down. In one of those scenes where she talked about how well. She told told me no baby daddy and start to get excited and she was like no you can't get excited not allowed to get excited. And he. Didn't really understand why you are eating up time idea I didn't want candidates are kind of turned I cried. Really but hopes are that it's now neck and and I didn't want you to notice because I elegance is being like weirdly remotely overreact. Dean. And yeah share however and it's this is I look you cried during this is us I've I've cried every episode but one yes the first ones so you can crack. No I sing and act really yeah you never threw the woman in this election do you have not cried it all. During this is us I have no soul. Oh my lord. And until this app as well how did you not cried the end of last C didn't because. And he does that. Hit me in the hearts. Being your ball AM and backed it up and ready to buy at least of David so. Any episode. She filing tells me that she's eight weeks pregnant. And he starts to get super excited and she basically tells them no he's not allowed to be excited. She's. You know 37 years old and 36 which means it's geriatric pregnancy it probably won't work out and you know. They're not allowed to be excited. Are still. Sorry god. I'd be excited into the babies outside of her body. And it. I was like I'm going to be the same way I'm not going to be able to be excited I'm not gonna be able to be happy I'm not gonna be able to. Decorator brutal word. We have to do something. Why I think to the mean there have been miscarriages you know people that are listening to this have gone through this of people who are. Going to the same problems that you know that we're encountering the same issues that. That they have had miscarriages before I've had friends. It's it's happened. You know I it happens it happens a lot what do they say it one and 41 pregnancy rumors I don't know what to expect numbers that we end up being miscarriages. And part of it is like. Yeah geriatric pregnancy. You know. You're playing got a bit with science and you know the other part is like. Gushed or an act that we will have spent so much money it's not like to get a refund no million don't. And I just I foresee. That nine almost ten months not. Being happy no denying that stinks and I think about that. And I've I've told you this story right I feel comfortable opening up about this in a previous relationship I had a and a woman and I. Had a miscarriage. And children name nameless for her she doesn't sign off on this but it. It was really really hard. And you weren't even I was and I we really wanting I had gone to the hospital and you know in a competent Blake is as preparations well. It it was one of those where. You know that that their their pregnant at the time. Something happens. All the sudden when your life had flipped now flips but it's also got this. This tarnish on it then you know that that you're looking like man what what was the reason for and you think to yourself. As soon as been up position what do I do wrong or she thought to herself what did I do wrong and I'm sure. I. That you wanted I do wrong. Every single day no it's nothing wrong you're not doing anything well you know it's like. I just think what did I do on every single anyway so Ben. You know that adds an extra later to him. Right yeah and and people who have. Done everything right it took the right vitamins state eight right I think he didn't smoke not drink and it still. Can happen it still can happen so I don't want if you know and I don't pulpit I hope we don't go down that road. But you and anyone else this has happened to. You know it's not your fault less like this it you're drinking or smoking your not being very healthy. But. It's part of life sadly it is and you'd try to move on and move past it and to see that episode of this is awesome that particular. Moment hopefully turn it back on now by the way you missed the part historic but if did to watch I understood it and I said here's the end of our couch I think we are having salmon. And really bored that make chicken into protecting your welcome. They do its part by Wesley duties. Barry I sat here tonight I (%expletive) you not I sat here and said to myself. Les thinks this is her right now we thinks that she's Kate and it and I know I'm Toby and awesome. So oh I ate I didn't bring it up. But I'm glad we're talking about it because I know you felt that. 3637. The term geriatric pregnancy is. Think the better term. She's Louis he all the balls and hit up like goalie also knocked up about well like what vintage. Horror like a nice fine wine in teak uterus. I like. He thinks I'm mixing something it's. But if you look at if it's gonna happen for us it's gonna happen for us. And you don't have to worry about your age. Mean I our friend Jamie might be listen right now in Milwaukee and she got pregnant older than I think what tribe and the roots real good investment. It's the second time side Sheehan Tom got pregnant the second time and they were suicide. And that I mean my mom did it right but it's still I think the fear. Combined with. Not allowing yourself to be happy. And excited and celebrate and I hope I'm wrong about myself and I hope that I am able to let go. Enjoy that time in my life. But I think. I just wanted to throw it out there to use them tonight. Will internally be excited but I may not be able to show what I oval. You're changing the first who beat her. Play execute better not who chili's for teams that it's not gonna fourteen girl and a diaper makes you more concerned. I talk about it it's been like in my head so we'll let you brought up now. And and don't and don't think I don't know you can. Write. Your right I said here knowing you thought you were Kate. And if we rule in this episode of this is this for you. Story. If he was content and suffered I still say I didn't go to Britain Ireland I've. Hopefully next week we have an update for an actual procedural thing but we're going to Napa this week's. Not happen. Well we would have an update but Sarah's staying in our rooms so. I won't have much of an update for you know the old fashioned way if you're listening this era I love you and we'll see you in Napa. An island you kind of you to this has been up support.