Ep 3 - Misshapen and Spunky

Wednesday, October 25th

It's Ep Three of #WickettLeigh In Love!  Our adventure as we navigate starting our family and the often unspoken world of infertility.  

Just a heads up - this talks about...uhhhhh...Wickett's portion of the testing.  Leigh asked ALL of the questions.  Even the ones in your head but you didn't think anyone would say out loud.  You, obviously, don't know Leigh.  This maybe NSFW.


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Now it's episode three. The wickedly and love and it's. Mike quick in Italy McNabb our journey. To start our family and last week we talked a lot about you're. Innards. But let's not let's spend this week I'd I'd never in my life that I would have more friends and they mean reaching out to me. Wanting to know all about your innards and eventually or altered. Like. I had a friend texts me from Arizona real me teasing her for two episodes now actually. To hear about it. Do I know that friends don't know we'll hello friends from Arizona who I don't know you sound amazing. Yeah. It's funny because. I went to do the the hospital to your next hospital. This is by the way. A little bit of the medical stuff that. He asked her. As we try to conceive knowing that most of these issues here are mean it's up to rule everything I had a great time scenario. I had actually I hit shows on agree that's. I was relaxed and I left that list. Mom I'm not get that app and both of them yes. So it was what two weeks ago tune up weeks ago it was my appointment at the that the facility where I was going to have my semen. And realized oh okay. We were word though from living like I understand we're here to talk about some things no one talks about yeah. And a lot of it is technical terms that I am not mature enough sorry I was gonna go ahead might. Spunk assessed. Cheese. So if you're a guy. You'd you'd think that like and that maybe there's something different at a sperm donor joint as opposed to a hospital where they take they're just they're they'd. They want it assess that they can tell you you know you're swimming counties and you know everything. So I envisioned in my head like walking in to a big lavish room that's. Like Dyer room. Polygamy okay yeah like withers and T be on the wall there's like dvds. And oh early in the days like some mini muffins well maybe something like some coffee yourself like that you know. And I thought it was going to be like. You know in your head like some hot nurse walk you back it is like out here. It wasn't that and there were two ways to do this one I could've taken care of business here which. I what I would have put it. Our very minimal life savings on the fact that he would have chosen to adhere kept it warm against his body and riveted to the lab and dropped it on I just ask you discuss. Man Campion public. I don't like to. IA decided it was gonna go to the facility and do it in case like let's say for whatever reason. I got pulled over and I've got this couple of mean look at that currently couple of me. So anyway I I get to the hospital here but me. And you know that's it's very quiet they're very professional. Wanna get the information that your doctor sent over in and they walked back to the room. And they say all right you go just follies instructions able laminated card that's laminated. They've eliminated are off and there's a cup critics telling you how to do this he doubled every day since you were set hold on hold on. This is right tell the story so hard for me no so art survey so IA they have this laminated card and on top. I'm sure underneath the laminated card. There are five different magazines Playboy. Posse yeah. 1970s. Yet felt like. Were they. New addition I mean they were new horror they were like I mean how many sponsored and spunky I don't know I didn't ask did you look. Brad well read it to be looked well Rhett. You see there's a cop women there's a seal on the cup when you crack open cup there's some instructions wash your hands with soap and water drinking completely no lubricants. Did you bring you know I know these are going to be the worst questions but I I don't I asked him any of these quelled it we have been saving this. Or this podcast this is all about my trip to have my steam and let us remember rumored to have my spoke assess ago. So and she says give me questions and I said no the only thing in this room picture like a small dentist's office like a very small that his office that and the only thing in is the sync with the small counter space for the laminated card and that soccer. Huge. And then on the left side there is a recliner it's a leather recliner with a pats on day with a stop the next topic right now. And a pat on it let out another lazy boy yeah I would never clients with like. Well you might Italy yourself but we got an ecological Blake Hewitt put on the ground for a dog. Makes wrong. And then the other thing in there is a preacher from like 1998. It's so gigantic it takes up the rest of the counter space and the entire quarter. And there and there's a window with the blinds closed. So did you print anything by it I'd have print off a few Amazon receipts. I made copies of those magazines. You want a life sized version of 1982 family Anderson. Who doesn't. So do you went did you sell why Sheryl I couldn't because it was too far against the wall so I had to pull the cheer outsold and reclined and now he's French were you in and then the room. Took care of business. Cooking I'm not gonna let Panetta described you don't hear is now. It appears. That this is ludicrous and it might wind pats just. So oh. Compared to like when your home. This is okay all right and it was it like. Did you track it was faster is urged trend and yeah overly it was faster to take longer because it was a weird play. Us faster to try to get it over with an act yet and and your you have to get as much in the coffee. Like politically let's say it would a ketchup bottle you have to get as much you up at he possibly can. And you're exposed to get any on beside us was to touch the inside rim of the cup war of the the lit so take your business. Put the lid back on you set it back on the counter wash your hands. And that's it. That literally took all of and minutes from the time I walked in the building atomic bing you it's funny that you brought up. Not wanting to do it here and carry with you to the facility is yet calling it because as he left that facility you. Got pulled over got pulled over by one of Prairie Village is fact find it sort of the local police department here. So yeah up to the Dallas and I had expired tags that and taking care of which reminds me of paid that ticket. But I haven't taken care of now so I needed to ask me where you come and really nice cop I do it he's here Peyton yeah coverage so. He didn't ask where I was driving for a look at so then yeah and the plan was before we got the last. Week's podcast we were gonna wait. It's to get my results in about five days of my life you yeah you're anti and we we you you've got part of the results but I. Literally don't know the results I just played at least okay this is from the doctor. His liked right hand now. Yeah usually it's usually it's the right here not if it. So we'll just play what's that is not well. Bleep out. For me yeah anything I'll probably shoot at so you're hearing all of this mostly live. Other than stuff that we need to take out expecting it to protect is that this is from Lee's phone. You can't expect to hear this and yes street pick a pregnant outskirts. And within the recall are pretty got our. And it happened today it's mostly normal. The count was 55 million normal over is seen maturity that the Q percent normal over 40%. Our state with a little bit low super abnormal but at least 4% normal. Well probably my last year. Well we're Ari recommended that we get that generally seen anything that we there's technically not a party out and talk about later. That it clearly can't help a candidate left and upset. And pocket and I. If only she knew how okay Alicia left a message that she left the messages he's going to put on a podcast that's on iTunes dish yeah what I'm envisioning like one. Me and like one died. Things. Swimming in circles like running into walls like everything is pretty normal so arm you know as much damage as I've done to my body in my 36 years on this planet remember everything's pretty normal accounts good everything's good are you proud of me I did yeah oh I am proud as I'm actually very proud of those results. Though the best friends after he's got pregnant the first ai had these junior high. So really it this way here. Well it well when it comes to the testing yes and once possessed. Can you give us a tease of what you what's worth about next week when it comes to you yeah so the prescription that she was referring to in that voicemail was progesterone which is a hormone. That we mean it generally make on their own obviously minds lackluster. That make them have cycled its welcome so until I had to accept that to get the U Bloomington to rotary teetering right. And I can't do that until that cycle begins so we're kind of on hold until. So we're trying to induce yes there were trying to do it so you have a problem with me saying. Semen analysis and not a problem by saying induce your period I NC period you have been all week. Do you. And I myself met your listeners at home we go we don't do that here so next week we'll find out how that's going. Yeah so it thus far I cast three we've. Out of an uplifting us at an uplifting hopefully next week we don't continue and it's another uplifting so thanks everybody for. Awesome comments we appreciate everybody and all your support this is one of those things that I like you said last week during the podcast I didn't realize. What it meant that it was just you and I filling our own egos but it really has spent very cool to hear how many people. Are are hearing. Have gone through what we're going through as we continue our journey so we'll do it again next week. Were obviously trying to find humor in every part of it we can ask any part of this is a little over the top well yep my favorite part of the whole thing. It's telling you that I love you and WTO.