Ep 13 - The Circle of Life

Monday, July 23rd

By now you may know that Iui #4 did the trick.  Here's how we found out that miracles are real.

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Well this is an episode I don't know what number once I totally forgotten or never remembered telling it saved. Oh good you can hear toilet running in the background keeps churning out by itself this is wickedly and low fat at a my name's Mike wicket in this is Lee McNabb. Fat ankles so it get and this has been our journey to to start a family knowing that we have. Some issues some some reproductive issues between the two of us. And you have mostly between the one of us yeah. It's true. I. We got Mary. Is there. We got married in the spring of 2017. And we have needed some assistance from science. And if you hadn't heard by now because FaceBook Twitter to radio shows word of mouth text and in person visits. Where prep. There it is it worked for thrill we're still excited. Mum and if you haven't heard the story then Lee you can start telling you have so those are actually is going to straddled it depressing stick with me here. So actually. It was probably. Ride on an area numbers. Is our fourth round you're entering uterine insemination. I was in Iowa with my family as my father. Adam glasses burial at stage four cancer. It and I came back to Kansas City. Did the idea what I. And then went back to the point. Where my father passed. Ash maybe five days later. Annan's. We spent their first anniversary of media. In the hospice facility so good that it was which was made a fourth. Rex and so that was a Friday the IU I happened on Monday my father passed the following Monday. So that filing Thursday. May. Tenth. Was my father's funeral. And after the funeral a couple of my three girlfriends and I enactment parents' house to and a you know chat and drink lots and lots of wine well there's back to. So went upstairs to the bathroom change my clothes acting thing and I thought I got my period so that I was really like it's my dad's funeral today. I like number four didn't work. Give me the Tito's which it. It's all of its nose. And I went downstairs and I was lamenting about it never on my house and I think my from Brooks had. We know a thing called implantation bleeding right I know there's not that stupid to fill it up. The third or fourth Tito's that right. His irises. And and not a good spot so the next and woke up and this. This period was not at all period last one drop of one day when every female that. Maybe she. Gets. At this point I've left the morning to come back to Kansas City. And just took it with a dog and we friends think you so much her friends who have been. And they miss work it out and immediately we had to get that our life kind of back in normal so I come home meanwhile at least isn't Detroit. Friday. I go toe was he got to Walgreens at some point was raped my mother's birthday today after my father's funeral. Now two days before Mother's Day rate. I think up to wandering eye ailments pregnancy test and so. Saturday morning I took one and there's just think it may be little line but like so faint but I could be loose. So. Morning I took another year for wearing ski is close to be the most concentrated that's my and that's what I hear. And so. Sunday morning. To get on and there are still a line. And I'm like well this is for the currents so I am heading back to Kansas City that. Day and I pull over act. In the times independents target. No that would make liberties are may be liberty and independence you go to the wrong way. Which wouldn't shock me there's probably seven targets between liberal arts cinema loose and I do one of the digital test because. For fees they appliance. How I yes sir no let's get on that. So. I go undeterred bathroom. And I take the digital test and it says yes. So I sit in the target bathroom and I make it could launch. All of the pictures because I've been taking pictures of the pregnancy test. And equipment phone and I don't. Upon arrival. I ate you know tightly we didn't have what we were we celebrated not that any heading problem with the Mexican restaurant eating tacos and drinking corona but. That was our anniversary and I thought I'd like to give. My wife her first anniversary present and ironically we gave each other pretty much the exact same gifts we will. Along with I fevers and embroidered toilet paper and said happy first paper anniversary were on a roll. And she didn't have mine and arrived yet. But sheets that I have. This for you and I showed him a collage of pictures I'm not sure he'd ever pregnancy test before and I took a minute ports like register. Any sort of get excited niece and it worked and I said we're not getting excited right this this. Made as of the may deal thirteenth or whatever whatever Mother's Day was not getting excited it's not happening you know we're not. It is far too early we know the struggles we know that the percentages we know the chance of things like a miscarriage. So we just week. We didn't really talk too much about it. As the weeks went by we were both keeping it. From everyone we told a select few. Parents never found out. I mean I was going every four or five days for blood tests checking leveled things at six weeks the first. Ultrasound. Saw heartbeat. Or at least we saw blood moving is what you can see and that's pretty. Your guide you never. Knew were wondering about being a dad that was pretty telling moment right there it's like oh OK but still. No we feel like no not allowed near and I let me excited here in Ireland celebrates Alex tell. We went in like eight and a half weeks for another ultra sounds. And Mary Dixie like limps yeah like they were moving around London. It was like ahead of a bunny in the legs and our bills. Idea but all that and a half weeks. If we had a a vacation plan. We're gonna go to the mowing spend time with Lee's mom and sister and we are going to tell her that I'm. In order to go to Detroit and OC my family and tell my family than the first. Video pictures taken which you may have seen on line. Thanks different actually in Zach for being some of the very few that we we would not told guest is actually was photographer right when he was a we had a picture of the baby inside believe we need real photos we think number we're doing now. So we went student mowing and told my mommy Dutton had chopped it's taken for work and want her help pick an amount and showed her and she did her usual laugh cry or laugh cry it. Odom and I'm so glad. That we show's tone that weekend because on that visit. We ended up in the ER yes we did its rights whiff have a hot migrants. So you know Hillary okay is prepared. We have Lee had about 1130 finally listened to the advice they give her twelve hours earlier on. And we went to the emergency room and side note. Probably one minute before we left we knocked on Lee's mom story go to the the name value for saying this hospital with a chip just taken her her arm her prescribed sleeping pill fifth and but needless to say by the time we got to the hospital. They couldn't tell the patient. Carol is to me and I love you Carol I just hilarious she was delirious. After about two hours in the hospital they gave you some nausea medicine and prescription for it and I went ahead it's been better than much better there. So until my sister two and she had just had a baby you expressed a simian she has blame hormones that. On the excitement. And we flew to Detroit told my family told my mom and my stepfather first my mom cried my dad tonight predicted it my sister was very excited. Our nephew Carson wanted to make sure I was carrying the baby and not wicket and I think it. If it quite excited and not concerned that he had to do that later in life. Cap down exactly. So. We are due January 20 seconds. We should I now have known the gender part of why I've been waiting to talk with you but I haven't got a phone call from the blood tests yet. So that will be part of the next podcast pressure hopefully we get that information Mara. We went in for. Some tests some some syndrome tests and it looks like that would be so far were. For good there. I did not realize. And 37 a B 38 when that the child is born and I did not realize. Every year it went up significantly at V you know likelihood of different things down to demand whenever one and 100 right now. But five for our aim. Gosh that's a mean that in this it's it's of number you know I don't see scary number because it makes it sound like it's a bad. Thing and we would have loved that child just the same but. Does anyone in some thousands and. What happens when you wake. Like we've. I've been doing so. You were due January 22. I'm reading a book Lee is finally showing you first picture you put up on FaceBook with the bump yes I think that's there. We burger place and we'll find out the sex coming up thanks to everyone for. All of that the wishes in the thank you we wanna say thank you to everybody for the congratulations and and whatnot. And a special shot out to reference Kyle and Amy in Michigan because they went through a lot of similar stuff and they are pregnant with twins as well. They went even further into this process then mom he had to its own they have success so can Kyle actually text me. A couple of weeks ago and we knew we were pregnant but he let me know and I said. First it we don't we already steal your thunder so we shout out to Kyle and to Amy and congratulations. And next week should we find out the sex by then that will be the topic of we'd better I'm hot and someone down. By the way the wives' tale is of the baby's heartbeat is above a 14845. It's a girl of it below its it's a boy we're only about 166. The last doctors point we've asked for if students and a carry high and the placenta location also girls. All right. Okay well will also tell you about our journey to get this house already four. The baby's aunt Beatrice exudes so thank you very much for listening this has been wickedly and love. I don't know episode number but I look forward to next week's BM I view.