Ep 10 - The Definition of INSANITY

Sunday, February 18th

This process is insanity in the literal and figurative sense.  Mentally the insanity continues but what can we change?  TIME TO TRY NEW THINGS! 

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Check line to move there. Barrett. And. And let's the end. Episode. Me eleven. Eleven wickedly and love that's. Lee kind. Wicket and this is our podcast about dealing with. Fertility issues and we got married in the spring of Tony seventeen. We knew that having kids was going to be tough and this is our latest episode we've got a bit of a delay there's been a lot of stuff going on in this. So sorry for the delay but here we are. Quick recap. Of round two I liked it not work we're starting around three. And we'll Philly went on that and a later episode but I thought. Last time was so we see you crank let's do something a little more fun. And thus. You know I pre night let me preface this I appreciate. Fall of the suggestions and at that people have been sending us things we can do to help with fertility things that worked for them. But I want to bring up a few of them it's really entertaining some of them probably will help. But some of them are. Kind of funny I wanna start this might actually I don't know any of days well. This one can do any of these apply to me out this first and right aren't as I walked in the house and heat was gone. Well I turned it down it was we we just got back from Iowa. We turned and there was no one here and the dog one dog came at dusk Wednesday with the vet. We turn the heat off it was colder than it's ever been and that's good for your. It's okay. First of hall that's what you're trying to just recent study. So I guess from Times of India because the Middle Eastern culture. Lots of suggestions or fertility. And tens of India's says that yes. Studies reveal that would men switch to cold showers and pass their sperm production spiked to five time. You should avoid hot water and never but it laptop on your laugh who who I'm gonna keep at it. Risk 64. Here who sent this one to be. This is her not to tell who sent boat okay but what infertility girl I'd like to know who sent the one that I'm supposed to stay cold. And take cold showers in cinema quick thing you tax in this article by the way yet. And most of these suggestions are right on and things that we have been doing doing. But twenty. It's increased fertility women who are hard working and indulge in house cleaning. Are more likely to get pregnant. I mean I am more likely to get pregnant right I began electric. Means. You'd need to switch it up and start doing some house cleaning up. Yeah I love this odds I'd like that persons in premier players article sent them a text to the. In the article a sex but not taking painkillers and not drinking copy me and you know I don't know I tobacco and alcohol those are pretty much given an and you know these suggestions. I was talking with a friend who. Is a Middle Eastern descent actually has a family member who. Advises on this for her job. And a lot of the things she advises include changing the color of your bedding changing the place of your bed in your room why. Lots of things should wait kind of things. So remain to reject it. VDs so far. These suggestions have been good news bad news actually been a bad news good news bad news I'd like to know who sent these to you. In suggested that we have to read decorated neither here there. At a gas we have. Friends. Who the is going your fertility as well as part of her fertility treatments is doing acupuncture. And so she sent me. The Chinese medicine and acupuncture guidelines that she has been given acupuncture arrests carried. And it's. The house student body heat on my end for example. When I started reading the article all. The first thing in the article was. Don't drink cold beverages. And I was drinking iced coffee and a minute reading your article yeah. Oh by the way I've found. So acupuncture on Groupon. Just now is picked up my phone right now and I tried acupuncture once and you went needling me and a giant she bruises his fusion. Pop like just comes naturally I'm giving trot back. 29 bucks in downtown Kansas City while the last time you've got me Groupon was firm signs that a man that'll be on another. Episode that does not need to be on this episode. So I was reading the Chinese medicine and acupuncture. You know. Tips and suggestions. Such men ought to come to the microphones necessary or nothing so I am. Reading. Reading things so the first thing is I'm sipping my next populous Daldry. Iced drinks called Eckert items. That's great. And a lot of things about oh you're supposed to wrap my stomach like an hour and a half everyday that is not happening. Michael an hour and a pattern CU cut. How badly you want I I don't see you outside of work for an hour and a half left and get real awkward in any of the issues and how it really weird. Can't make Brady do that matters of us. We urge oh gearing or something. And those are all people on my radio stations app and none of them need to be massaging my stomach what is would yield of tailored that you're getting weirder. That's weirder speaking out however she's also going through some of these things Taylor right where you guys could rub each other's stomach as a well there's a book actually in the bag next to you yet. That she had given me to read it. And you take a little quit the infertility here right ancient Chinese wellness program for getting pregnant and having healthy baby sit him yes you are. And those papers. So there's a quiz you take at the beginning of this one. And as you. It's Yasser note on these questions and then you find out what kinds of food should be eating a questions had to do with the shape. And coating on my tongue out. Which I just thought it was kind of weird. Who. Yeah apron hot flashes sheringham do you bruise easily yeah. Do you have a poor appetite not. That anyway so then have to take this quiz you go through and according to this I have a spleen deficiencies. This is a book. I liver deficiency this is not from your doctor and heart of the auditions this is from a book an excess heat issue don't. And a key need efficiency and damn business. And a voice minutes. It and taking it it anyway bingo you're NEC all the things that you should or shouldn't eat these deficiencies this action. And it's what are gathered so far is that I can't have yams. Or sweet potatoes is that's that's that's something that the Stanley specializes in so. But now you tell me I can't have a bullet that really wants you crack me. So anyway we're going into round three at IUI and yeah the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. And so this time we feel we should come at this and a little bit differently him and employs some of these things not all these crazy no yams and you're only am rubbing your stomach for four wrap my stomach. But you know. The last two times we've done this we just went about our daily lives as it's not nothing has changed really mean Wright who wanted to gossip and had dinner class wine. And if we wanted to go out to a concert and be out till 1 in the morning we did that. And this round I think we're going to hit command a bit differently at least I Ammon and you and I talked about you being supported it and joining in. The fight. So. I'm not gonna drink this time I'm gonna try to do low sugar a lot of poly cystic ovarian syndrome research that I've done talks about how that. Is in your body similar to diabetes and so on management to usher Marvin diabetic diet. Get lots of sleep. Weird. Looser clothing was one of them I mean I can't help them answers titled time. And does he bring resign now to Wear more dresses. Well you know but gussy up mar right so I think. You know for the next few weeks and I hunkered down. And I say this because I feel like. Now that we've put all this out in the world yet have any time we go some at some and reduce something and I don't have a beverage to automatically assume I'm pregnant tellem were trying to mean you can still. Have a glass all the time I you know just that's one of the many things that could be switching up about my diet. Daily routine right. You know I don't need it it's not doing anything good forming right now so just know in the next month. If and when we go out and I don't have a beverage. Don't have to get one. Now you don't have to moderates and even that it's just. Don't speculate. Because I'm gonna let you down completely but we think. You know I know we put all this out there and then it's you know people ask anyone interested in. Yeah it's just. I'm I'm I'm going low key on the party this month then work and a. Well I mean it's a good month it's you know today is the eighteenth of February. March Madness coming openers all about that. Is is really well looked out yet but I'm aware. And then and then the end of the month and the end of this like I knew I it will now. Before we go to Napa right so I'm boozing it up if NAFTA does happen if it's now happening drink and much sorrow as a way. No that's the right answer thanks. Any other suggestions and other things that works for you but you've heard that where we would love to your ams and the way. Like social media's. You know I'm really game trying. Then the next I'm next month's podcast or next time will let you know about an illegal things will chip now. The thinks everybody love you you know. It does take care when it's time.