BGdunks2018 Episode 11 Drew from TruMoveKC and the 4 month mark

Friday, February 2nd

Episode 11 of #BGdunks2018 is the 4 month mark of the dunk bet and the retrun of Drew from SportSpineKC, now TruMoveKC.

We discuss the results of my frist 4 months and the option of just quitting and giving up. We also touch on dry needling and the current and future state of healthcare.

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Harry drew let me start off and just asking do you think it's even going to be worth that lets say I. You don't. Is that feeling of dunking and even a thousand bucks going to be worth this year. But the emotional rollercoaster and sweat and tears so far no blood you know blood pressure area do you think again where I sit. I mean for me like L yet don't. Particularly where that fits him I think to yeah I think it would be worth of Korea not to just did see some familiar that's something you've never done before. Think he'd be great. I'm not thoroughly convinced yet but I wanna keep going to our if this is your your first time listening to PG dunks Tony eighteen. It's a podcast following my misadventure. My don't bet I made that October 2 with Mickey who is the promotions director at 997 point and we got a thousand dollars. She said I couldn't dunk a basketball in one year. And so that makes today if I release this on February 2 that will be for months and and that means I have three months left. Two tickets to the rim might never done before fairly tall six to see you think it's something and I should be able to do. But I've never been able to do it and I'm also kinda hold and I haven't worked out if I'm very long time. Guns so this is my first repeat guest. Drew Kissinger he is the owner. Operator. CEO or UCL CU CL owner operator. And then head man in charge over it a true move and it was sports spying Kansas City if you listen the last episode we'll talk about. Of the changes here to sports by now true move but first let's talk about drew these last. Four months of my dog bed. You we did some testing initially we did we recently did some testing here this past month and you're looking at those results what are we finding. I surprisingly actually some pretty good improvement on this kind of going through and why is it surprising and well because you cannot I cannot figure we break this whole year up in the section of pan and four sections and sexual it was more just introduction of what Jim was. Aaron yes got to have a business where it is what it means is what each of their equipment is and what it is to actually exercise and now here's the thing. Without a doubt you've set this. I don't like exercising a break I don't find it enjoyable. And that's probably you're not you'll want to say this the most difficult part of this whole thing. Is the mental part of it correct for somebody now you're dealing often. Often traditionally is a physical therapist you're dealing with somebody. The needs to do it to get back to a baseline. You re not don't necessarily yes I was out of shape. But how does somebody get in. If somebody doesn't like working out or exercising it's still super important for a healthy even a minimal healthy lifestyle right how do you get somebody in the mindset. To work out it just so. Fox yeah you got to have someone who helped motivate you find out what motivates them what they enjoyed. And it and try to work something around that. I'm for you it's it's mean poker match in the text healing you know any nagging you inning run in. Though once maybe 25 times a week that you come be sure so. So but I do have a reason because I have this bad this thousand dollars in relation let's say somebody's listening in there like I know I need to exercise more but I just hate doing yet. What's the what's the pitch. Convince me. And porch with a pitch at some point if they really don't want to isn't. When things get bad program and luckily for you you're your motivation was the money spa and and proving yourself right wrong you write so. Remind was pure ego and ego ray and that motivates you and that's what we are down so. And motivates you to. To comment and so we just have to find what motivates and unfortunately for some people it is it is when something bad happens standards that are out there. And most likely it's their health and something goes meaning like. They choose their body some snapshots down and I cannot check it out nicely now I don't. I mean I kind here's the weird thing about it is I do like the feeling. The post work out feeling. It's the up to and during thing that I hate him was like education. Like I don't like going to school I don't like all of apple and I'm Donna like error didn't finish fifth. So without a doubt so. Getting getting me in here and to do this stuff has not been easy but we do you have improvement we do have improvement you are proof that visualization. And and just the thought process. Help raise its spirit its entire privileges. Well and I also do my baseline was solo and he can have gone down. Dive into the ground. Is still married I was street I have worked out. I hadn't exercised I ran 15 K. 25 k's maybe in the last five years or so what kind of improve and are we talked and please so well let's start at the end we actually hand and Kurt. Improvement in your leg is we actually have a couple of centimeters and I'm both thighs that you showed improvement. Surprising. My guess is walking into the tournament hopes that. You hide them forcefully stayed about the same right I didn't drink didn't didn't see industry and we got another young. 89 months it right yeah I consider are getting older you yeah. As we had some improvement in both your power we had some improvement in speed literally that it's part of the testing but it's not something we're working on. Everything you vertical actually improved that we mr. Obama team is improvement. Didn't he in a four I mean period of time and that's essentially working out would you say fifteen times yet. That's pretty good craziness that is pretty crazy I was raised pretty surprised to see that now. So. You said there is an increase in my vertical how much any idea but I only president that. Two inches. Okay so me and we have a video there we have snapshot of that we don't need to share that membership around so well let's say two inches. And that was in four months if I do that three times that's only six answers on how did I want or need more than that right. Yeah yeah I mean but we're going from working you know meeting once a week so yeah is gets in here. Twice this week I mean. Now we can easily improve and it's kind of like my we have in in our office we have a trap but trapped on coach in here and I've done the last year's Kraft wants. I'm not much of a biker who does not much time and and hers if you like it on much of a time for biting so this year I'd I doubled my work out from the last year biking side put in full six full rides. All year so even my race so I doubled my work at this kind of thing you're you have one year Maliki familiarize the form erased that six tries for a race a double double workout all. So same thing for you yeah I mean I thought it's pretty easy when you started zero to improve but. What are we so do you think because tell me I'm wrong here when you're talking about working out or even recovery. There's gonna be a quick spike up dip and then leveling out and now where my dad on the spike verses the level and I know my bike down OK deadly. You're kind of walked into the hill location aren't like you really think I'd still like. If I do increase my workouts let's say for full let's say I really just yet. Crazy and start. Going hard do you think that I still have a Neiman what do you think my level how point is going to be I still. Would still be interest to deceive you yeah if you can get there you know but I I think there I think you're gonna get better at the U India closer I mean just the fact that you can prove what you did just that little amount. Tongue. Is pretty significant soon. And I'm seat. To be continued I gotta tell you this is such an emotional rollercoaster. Like one day I'll be that I can do it manner not that far can touch 109 and needs six inches I can do it it'll be healthy for me I can use the money all that. And then the next day and I. I can't do it I don't feel like quitting. And I don't know that's probably the biggest. Newton I mean that's the biggest hurdle wouldn't learn from you Brady is that you know those little to Italy Angel double on yeah. If someone. Says something do you use toll responded it's like looking back at birth is like it doubles as he can't do is oh era and the other so you can you know you have a point of view what you do Elena all came knocking the here's all right. Do I tell people I am I have a Mormon just because they'll come to the door on me like I'm buying what you guys and I am bay leaves a real I don't know about that you're right I don't know you're gonna. It's for I'm truck so I don't know how to level allow I mean I think on some level. You're right again if I continue to work out and step up the times of working out that will help. My attitude again. Ray yeah because it's that that Dell on the side or goes why even you don't wanna work out anyway you're not gonna make it are you wasting your time. That video games colonies. I'm OK before we get to true move broke quick I wanna talk about some of the stuff we've been doing yeah okay to increase my vertical first. I wanna talk about the BF far because I always tell people doing these blood flow restrictions on my legs. And I don't really understand what it is now. We talked about the sum and I re posted a picture of JJ watt whose use in this via farm machine via now PFR stands for blood flow restrictions and I get that it goes around my thigh. It's kind of like. When you go when your kid and get your blood pressure tested at the grocery store. Braid it's like that taiba let things get the blood pressure OK I don't know what is it. Actually doing. It basically breaks on muscle what you would it worked out just pastors actually inhibits blood flow to the areas that your muscles your tissue gets in kind of a lactic acids and state. Which is part of working out faster would be doing less and so the brain says hey he's worked out pretty hard you know we know you're so I'm not. And so that's why I'm better stimulate this guy get bigger legs apparently can handle list yeah starts it was purchased were tricking an error system basically and then into this make you work hard at work suing yeah it's it does show results but also decreases stress of you're late well those cycle. And can't handle some heavy work outs we can create a work out that's less stress on your joy but still work in the muscles real good bats. Why that's where the advantage comes right because I am I won't I did. Was it 75 perhaps spread of squads but you're saying if somebody has. Just out of a knee surgery. They can do less but it's like. Tripling the number it is that cigarette I don't know exactly how do whatever it live comparison would be very yeah that's making them. Or give them to work ally Hearn and working those tissues without putting the stress on the joint of the repetition in numbers and you so we are doing the blood flow restrictions witching which involves. Put that thing on my timing and attack eight men me doing a bunch of squads what else have we been doing that you feel like. Like sometimes you just out here making up stuff to all your child do all the time miss more generic I don't know what I need right in the final answer you earlier said I don't know real life let's play on this box and have him a Jumbo but clap above his via the what are you what are we doing that you think is gonna help my vertical because all go online to YouTube ago. How my vertical leap and every videos different so rebels say get a box and jump on it some people say get a box. Don't jump on it jump off of it our export so what are you doing that you think I'm benefiting from the mall. Here's the thing about those videos this of the got a template here about each individuals and individual right each body is different so we need to figure out what's. Who are you all right what do you eat what's your weakness that we measured the first time there are new that we have some ankle. Mobility issues of our member and so have been kind of working on Matt. But each individual's. As their own way of doing things has their way of responding and so to have something that's wrong message that online and there's no complaint to write a note template to this we have to figure out. What you need and Craig worked out this that's how important do you obviously the mobility more mobility hits worker mobility ankles. I'm working on stimulate your muscles in your nervous system so. Everything is responding when it means respondent and do sports specific stuff for you and Jim specifics yet so yeah kind of mixing up enough to make an interesting week you know you don't wanna do the same thing overran sword being creative so yeah I kind of is he coming here it's based on what I feel we need him. What I feel like watching you do. Well we'll. Well but I mean Iraq eight that. That's an interesting point because I just go search hack my vertical leap on YouTube they don't know if the problem is in my calves from my eyes RF. Rain. Talk to me real quick you have some fun toys besides the VFR the vibe broke playing to what is I played yet I play my generation played together and it's it's. So what it is what it sounds like him to play it to vibrate it's gonna ask you stimulate an hour yes we can do squats with into planks we couldn't jump to whatever route one on its we actually employment has a cage oversee construction everything but it's why stimulate the nervous system. Give his. Very even surface to exercise on and very mean and the result is that kind of similar to I like to tell I don't know her. Think I heard this somewhere. So I'm just repeating it sound Smart but the reason people like kettle bells is because it takes extra muscle control. Because it's not like on a bar on a machine then there's the vibe played panel like that so it's not just doing calf raises but it's also stimulate your nervous system no difference so I'm silence Yasser about it actually increases the weight that your put into the ground a little bit so it really now. So it's it's it's a great tool use it for stretching too because it automatically makes this book can be a static stretching to a dynamic star experts on the movement in America needs or I don't closets and but you win a way over my head so all right let's talk real quick about so last time you're on the podcast I forget what episode. It was put down your back and it. They were yeah okay that's so two and now we're back here. And you're no longer sports find your true move you're in the same place same people I see you operate more still doing the same stuff but why the change what happened. It's six had been in the process frost and knew about it when we're talking near news and Hannity and always have them back in my mind it's been a long price. This detained but who health care exchange in turn around and it's it's. Becoming less of what. What the patient needs are what the individual means I'm. And as we needed a change when it and we didn't we wanna give you we want to give our clients that when they need it so we can focus on them and unfortunately the system the way it is doesn't allow that. We're more in any sit here kind of tied Brian environment our. You get injured and we try to fix you there we wanna be in health care type system. More word. Working helped you maximize its you and prevent yourself from rap coming injured and then and keeping yourself. At keeping yourself healthy and understanding you know I always say this whenever a Moran. Maybe after some Scott Turow. Pharmaceuticals. Are just trying to treat people they're not six and any thing the last disease that anybody cared was polio. Right in the fifties or is that true well. It's not I mean it it is it's the insurance will pay fur and they'd rather pay for the surgery than for the things you need to prevented him from having the surgery why do you think that this. I mean this on this level on some level it's just. And inertia situation right it's just that's the way it is the system is so big there's so many kind of the humbling it's his comrades tumble effect with a good intention at the top of memorize something went wrong along the way and it's it's. It's not an easy thing to fit but it's not just it's not just those fronts it's the perspective that we see now we expect insurance to be free with spirit that. This is the way it is and it's my honor and bragged he can actually do better. I'm and we can help you get better and it's it's about are the relationship and so that's what we're trying to we felt that sport respond. Was limiting us sport and spineless in the insurance world news only. And it wasn't going where we wanna go. Amen and we wanna start developing a better relations for the community and her client so that we can get to know you and help you before more. It becomes that books that. All right and so you're what you're saying as you you wanna work with people before it becomes. Post surgery. Only yeah we wanted to and we still do post surgery or stuff we still do the post injury stuff but our goal it. Always has been is trying to help you. Prevent that from coming on and it just it just wasn't possible and in under an Nieminen role that we weren't so we've we've changed we've actually developed a separate companies to actually to address the separate needs of each. Each group so we're super side there's a lot to come you are you aware you had now I know. Just because we poured some on the side I know there are several facets. Where at what stage are you at this point. But we know how hard that the truth so physical therapy set Iran and its its sport is finally converted so we still and still the air and there's insurance there's lament the limits of serves that were Dion went by that we will give the best that we can under those rules and insurance has allowed. Worked growing renowned buildings. Primary care part witches is physical therapy without limits its past space only allow sixties all our tools and strengths is physical therapist meaning ice just you and me it's just thus focusing on you or needs. Lake so let's just say so my shoulder hurts lately read our profits for me staring at my phone or plan too much pub G or what it is great. But is this a situation where then on a cash basis I would do is come and go Heyman some thrown my shoulder will you help me is that what it would be it's cost you more because I know a lot of times people do this and don't just progressively get worse and eventually go to that. General doctor and they're like oh man you gotta slipped discord you need so. Right yeah that's not trying to prevent that where we're trying to for an answer you get to the point that you understand that hey you know my shoulders army it's been a day or two it doesn't Cindy worked its way out hey let's give drew a call on c'mon man. How many even more so than now we want actually connect with you India believed because the problem is individuals tend to wait you're tough yeah I don't yeah well I don't like doctors. Yeah yeah. We wanna get so we know you well enough so you feel Koppel signature this might be dumb. Yeah and I've had a solar prom for the last few days what's the idea all right and we can figure out whether it's. It's over the phone over that you know or if we need to get to hear gets in here and work and have them before becomes like hey I've had this for two months not having injections and I'm Harare and nothing's happened. Won't look but why even hearing new and even this scenario. Those that Angel on my shoulder says that's a great idea everybody should work ahead this will be great the devils like. For some reason I don't mind going in for regular car. Oil changer some the maintenance on my car but I won't do the same for my body what is in my. Pat I mean it's the way that we have been taught it's the guys who has been taught and and that's a perfect comparison I mean. That the thing night you know I got a new car and allies who last year inside and drove for ten years it's hard 200000 dollars and barely you know barely knocked on the road. At this new car eleven and we're driving in the car also and all these things start going off my experiences called maintenance system and and I haven't eaten a thing on my my dashboard there and it's it wants me to go and we you know what's wrong in his rotated RI. Like I. To drive this thing forever yeah I first watch night society should ignore it no it won't let me teach to every time I give cards as drew union to call it in it's rotating tires right at the same thing with our bond we don't treat Arab by the way we treat our computers or cars or Ryan everything else we should. Right and so we're we're trying to re create that mindset by teaching teaching our community that that's not how we needed to be all right you to treat yourself proactively. By a how many missile system and having support system which is right maternity. Well and you're right it's one of those things where men you know when you talk about the cost it five let whatever a lower back problem go until I need surgery. Wolf how much more expensive is that he's gonna fight come forts and physical therapy and some work out a few title insurance is not helping me and he lives are at risk in the danger. Right and you're gonna live without most likely gonna live without. And trust your idea. Bid and end it deductibles are getting worse and oppression that has a 101000 dollar to our half that's again. That's ridiculous but it it is a matter of communicating and like for you instance just coming in for this jump thing yeah how many times to I have to ten movies humidity right right right and this I hadn't actually would you become right now all right Bret well. And without you guys even the minimal times I've come in. I won't know Obama I saw all right. Ray but I know like same thing with my so okay so my children might. Did it hurts I would like what I don't have any idea right I can't we don't know where I'd you know and I mean what I'm not going to my general. For this I don't know what that would cost than what's he can do give me some pills aren't he's great don't you mean I'm not criticizing him as an hour position. I'm just saying there's no. Outside of you suggesting this I don't know where anybody's gonna go to this close to you we've made that air. In the past and how we need to teach you that you we are your primary care must still stealth building I should feel comfortable coming NASA's the first win that warning light comes on your body comes on it and we have been no entry is part of a doctorate in physical therapy. Kids coming out of school these days are taught when it's something that we can't treat you if you do comedies in my shoulder and is something that's outsider scope and we say OK now you need to go Steve but most of the stuff that we can be weakened trees it's Moscow Moscow also. Are you guys there yet you're not there yet are you aren't some of that now Laura carried in the primary and our priority here website and all the information comes along with that so it's not all structured but we we have done this numerous boards finally did it but it didn't grow enough because. It's no. Not recognized and bride like an insurance world then and people just didn't it is in Dublin it and it is it's so weird because like. I think I just talked about it I don't wanna exercise slow loan goes sees some sort of a and it just makes no sense but you're right that's just the way the system's been set up. So weird deal also not only do you have that would you got a bunch of stuff coming down the road right so again we don't you go on huge totally gotten an employer solutions or try to do the same thing for the Angel that we're and we're trying to take it into an a for companies that switch I like a little bit more I know some about this but I like it. Because benefits and the office it's like coming to me I don't have to do my set imagine if the oil change guy was coming in my job. Right here's my keys coaching role while on you know I mean yeah that's why like divided rotation one of my clinical rotations in school is in Mississippi in the best thing about that doesn't Gulfport Mississippi. The best thing is it every week. These two kids to come by and ask if we do want they to wash our cars now again they media they come doesn't cross our cars at those like the cool yeah sort of where commentary content. Company and hoping he'll. It helps you it makes you happier healthier more perform better right man for the the company they're saving and you're not going to hamper workman's comp you're not bragging and having productivity issues and and your peers you're more productive and we're saving them. On insurance costs especially if their self insured. Well and I admit I do see how when you're talking about morale would give me that feeling like okay these people on one level I go they just wanna keep me healthy so I can work but also say they kind of care. Right because maybe their motivation is to keep me healthy and happy he's back to the computer and car dealers yeah re not only. Companies will say your mind what most important asset yeah but you're treating your computer proactively you're treating your cars for the company and I wanted to acknowledge you have an IT guys don't have a team and yeah that's also dozens where's my MIT guy rise. Ray you wait until I break down. And then I don't varieties and I've lost time and you have to cost you money and it's this lawyer says that it kept talking to know that I do my job that I don't get a lot of ordinary comps. And radio but I hear pitchers and I dig it. Is it what's your website again I should now true move Casey dot com TR TR UMOVETC. Dot com. True move TRU as same location if you've been here before and I. I will say everybody around here super cool I do appreciate Ethan is one of the guys here helps me out. I wanna ask you just grow quicker couple weird things and if you wanna say I'm not a doctor or I don't know anything about that fine. You guys do some then. Apparently called a weird so I don't mean that bad. But it seems weird to me because another needles. Dry needling Bryant is that. Acupuncture. It's non acupuncture as those so there isn't there's a difference there acupuncture uses meridian so its energy flow and and ancient Chinese medicine at that document over thousands of years. I'm it's different different philosophies different methods were using no muscular system so we know though hordes insertion of muscles we know. I'm how they're inner invaded we know referral patterns we know what happens when they're restricted in what is the limitations that caused the problems that that causes. And so we're using the needles to go and I'm breakup trigger points that allows you to move for a year allows you allude to break up this trigger points that create lactic acid and decrease oxygen into the muscle. And so word. Breaking that up Savannah to heal properly and treat treat it probably it is an amazing technique we've been doing it here now be five years. I'm remain young became enamored him and sportsmen with a first in Kansas City to bring it to you here on our teaching others how to do it and it is really changed our practice of men massively benefit and many of her patients. How much does that hurt to get done. In the you know pink is subjective it's everybody history you might be antenna at 1011%. And ten but we all mental animated that I Toby looked. It it's still legal it's fairly small it's not like an injection needle it's oh and you also super smooth secret and it's you know and relieved and I am yes yes OK but the pain depends on the dysfunction you are your body is if it's really beat up and it's a -- trigger once it's gonna hurt more but so does the pain that you're going to go because Larry okay so would you rather just take some ticket in clear idea so your. Less pain in the future re. I'm. And then it's subjective from person purse and where you're treating the back is power as much as like your PM yeah great. Through different OK it's how how many how is that a big thing in Kansas City now. It is it's growing you guys had a full like the whole place was packed just taught forty. Therapists. In the area and it actually some from around the country but we taught forty as their officer just this week and had a huge class and was amazing and why do you know why do you have to put. To meet the word dry in front and needling makes it worse why do you have to say dry while so. There stud anyway so well yes so it was from JFK had a lot of background yes because he was. He's in the war any and he was on a boat exploded and had a flaw in the ocean for yeah. Yeah and so it's yet constant back problems so his doctor to Val doctor about. Who it was a cardiologists would actually treat him with injections and and would you steroid injections okay in his back and that helped him but you can only use steroids like three times a year it's a stern RI. Yes I keep asking or steroids of the are injected steroids are okay but because it breaks down tissue nice to have more caused by an instant travelers and our president. And so she would move to. Trigger point would like as sit with a saline solution. And that doesn't trigger point without thing chemicals that not seem to work but it didn't seem to have any difference between the steroids that she start to question. And then she starred it would just in a needle free injection needle and that was the same result of the steroids or she is she went and realize that mean it's not the steer it and it's not fluently it's just the disturbance in the system that's changing the tissue through the needle. Hence dry needling because of not knowing that fluid being injected right and then they got. Then they got Smart about instead of using a big old needle that now the jets fluid and they just use the film and you don't just to get to that point birdies out argument about muscle to respond now if if so is she credited for inventing she's not mean it was there before oh yeah the woman that's. Because shoes and such prominent guys and Susan prominent you know kind of the face behind the palace so long ago how come you've how come it's taken so long it has some it is it's taken forever and it really is being in the last five years there's been this huge massive Paul Ford and change and we've been fighting as therapists around attempts because there's people fighting against us and doesn't want you don't all and it does it feel like we're stepping on their feeder whenever I mean is completely within the scope what we do. I'm no one has better. Understanding of movement and muscle it is you know muscle tissue and everything them than therapist yeah and so we want to deal of pride east of the community and so we're we've got a meeting. I don't know the exact number of it somewhere in the mid thirties of this states in the country. Her arm and go knowing Kansas lose two years ago now we got the we got it in our practice act in word teaching people like crazy and what it once and for earn so use ms. sue. He said you're Eric Kennedy a president Kennedy was given an on his lower back but what does it is it for. Well I come joints is a firm muscles as a store for this for tissue it's very remote has a muscle tissue sorry I have knots yeah actually our our trigger points knocks her trigger points but then. The mosque the muscles and tendons are tasks of the joint switch will create restrictions if it should appoint and that rubber band which is your muscle doesn't expand and it doesn't on the joint military it's more stress in the joint which creates more inflammation was creates more problems so dry needling aka. Cool I dig it. Okay and I lied to more questions one is so I ask you this before you're still not enemies trying to find steroids. And they I think we wanna see how far it goes for a organize that I saw an automatic sound editor decent person you're not if you're really not I am not you Faneca Moochie. Now it's such oil oh yeah otherwise until we're both the co chair solo yacht. So not Sarah now announced that's gone on because that's fine the last question is stem cells I don't know who else ask. Even say that I would get it but it sounds like this the cool thing I don't think it's gonna help you jumping isn't not resign now I think that's more furry. I have no idea Marbury he if he's I would I would ask your doctor about that's not going to be something that you'll want for your jump so it's happened some joint replacement issues so did there 34 years before you need to replace caused hundreds of years some. So amendment and. Talked him are you so do you do you Wii news talk about stem cells do you fine like that's more of the pharmaceutical. Solution or now because I was listening to. What's his name Mel Gibson never Daly he's a huge fan of stem cells and he goes down a Panama all the time. And he sent his dad down there to allow Jews he essentially Mel Gibson on Joseph Rogan podcast is like my dad. Was on death's doorstep and he got stem cell and now he is an athlete I was wrong it. Mel Gibson. Yeah I know this isn't writing you simply go on injected every single doing your Buddy Bell is stem is all these Mel Gibson. I'm sorry world he was the Pashtun and I definitely audit every road and he. It I don't even think he wrote that story I think about. So I was of the bye yeah I think guys a little bit older over the book is not a good sign if you're right it is not that that's good to go rim. So all of them go larger effort by. The team or not. Cell have you are you stay in amongst themselves sounds like it's it's brewing bin. Because in the states it's only legal to do run in the early exits a growing thing there were a lot of the doctors are coming in talking to us about it then and I can't say I have a huge opinion aren't I don't know you generations that have good success on our own content and for different reasons and so I'm I'm. Eight hey let's keep learning about another lieutenant nick sitter Kurt even though gives Owens and got us a three minutes now so supposedly. If there in Panama they're talking about use in stem cells from an umbilical cords so it's not some of the controversial stem cells or target values and adults themselves which yeah I think there's some of the controversy out of an hour's hot dog yet there's a lot going on the point is true I'm looking for a short cut. Can I get one. I mean now yeah I kind of feel well bless him is that so kind of count and okay so. Do we have a body dull moment you can find well did she can't have I had double game here and there you go from a different time AJ lie that I AJ we are adding everything I think we should post that in Hamlin Hamlin and send it to him we'll have a vote and which ones JJ watt we want -- goodness they circled the difference circle is different so okay so what's my goals so you know I did dried January didn't drink a drop in January that's great for this bet. On what I would've thought there was a reason season. I look at them very sad without much fear. So what how often should I work out in February what's my next I would suggest we introduced you yes or no time to actually get in there and start or consult. Where Burton we're gonna. Start take soon didn't you and your targets a couple times a week and then and you seem to be started to learned is that you're doing some stuff at home great word has not drinking the drops all right we can drop drop some way to elicit little girls coming up so I don't know how long this street. India day one Super Bowl and he made a few times here. Two times at home all week. And as my goal yeah we will do what only SS president. After another quarter. Two and a half months through every test and drew I appreciate you eat well and everybody here everybody super cool true move T are you move Casey dot com the website and find out about led number. You guys have been super helpful and I'm sure. I'm probably semi annoying to some of the people nervous I can't help it but everybody here super cool and I'd do. I will say that about this place is the attitude really you and I haven't. I have to imagine that helps if somebody's deal where does the post and you know and injure yourself right. That's got to be at the atmosphere there is a huge mental part to injuries and so yes the fun fun environment so people are very friendly lots of smiles I do like that I think. You know that has self on some level. Thank you for your time things always help if he continues that I hope our I feel so. With the board TV are you move Casey dot com is the website true move Casey that's drew. And this is PG dunks pointing eighteen.