bgdunks2018 Episode 05 - Speed Cubing with Will Wooden

Friday, November 10th

On this episode of BGdunks2018, we give a SHORT update on the dunking progress (short, because it's not going well) and we talk to Will Wooden! Will is a speed cuber and holds the record in the state of Missouri for the fastest blindfolded cube solve. He does walk Brady Goodman through solving a cube, but most of that is cut out to save Brady from the embarrasment. We discuss sovling rubik's cubes and striving for goals with this 14 year old wonder kid from Kansas City.

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Welcome to PG dunks Toni Tina pod cast of vows to reaching goals in the minds that you might need to do that. Our guest this week is will wouldn't Walt talked to him. He walks me through salting a room week's Q now what chill here is mis skipping most of the interview because it's him just sitting across from the console and going right side down left side in Selma to skip a bunch of that stuff just know that I did do it I'm still practicing. And it was amazing and will made one of my dreams come true that's coming up in moments real quick I do wanna say. Shout out to move my buddy true in sports spying case seat. He's doing big things for me to make this don't bad happen I have talked to Robert second. But so far it's not going great I'm supposed to be losing some weight. I haven't done that and I have not been working out like I need to have a less than eleven months it's not going well. I mean I need some words of encouragement I need some motivation. And I'm looking for that now honestly I'm struggling to find it but that's why I'm gonna continue to talk to people. That inspire me and have reached goals and many key move in forward as the clock ticks hopefully at a better papers. And of course thank you listen I steps I've come and all that stuff that you like to do. With podcasts and share your viewers that would be awesome and now I give view what will wouldn't. Speed Q rather extraordinary. Our guest today is will will welcomed. Thank you will lives in Kansas City goes to academy a Lafayette. He is a championship. Ruby excuse now well what do we call you what your official title a cure a speed Huber a cease Huber humor now. He he's got a collection of cubes with him in a bag. Can we let Taylor take one of those out mix it up and then give it to you to solve ya OK cool I'm gonna send this now the only thing I can do is mix things up. Are you still a record holder in the state of Missouri I hold the Missouri State record for the Olympic ski blindfolded. Our. Okay with a time of one minute nine seconds. Well topping it what year do you have any idea will Wight years the rule Rick's Cuba was. Released. On the it was released Iranian preacher. Sometime in the 1970s. Now and the first world championship was held in 1982. We should be your first rib XQ I feel like I got my first true that's cute sometime in Tony thirteenth when he fourteen on this was before how I knew. It's also at her and I know you set peel the stickers. Yes I told Brady just a classic case of peel the stickers and got some me because I was yeah yeah I. I don't look great now I am somebody let me ask you this because here's the deal the rubric skew and it was invented in 1974. The year I was born. That's how old I think I'm as old as the breweries Q well. That's embarrassing for me to admit I've always wanted to solve one these were big back in the day and I've never been able to so this a lifelong dream of mine. Now you've been doing it for a while how did you learn. One time we went up to Boston to see my uncle. A mile and how to solve one. And that's why got I was like the first time I gotten hooked into the remixed cute and and he taught me how to solve one I would just get nonstop for the whole trip we were there kerik now if you have a pen and paper. What is that all about well first. All one of those I'll mix it up look I got an except maybe not good enough a gala seem mix it up. I've always I've really wanted to do them some Mike Kidd knew OK wait wait now are you gonna do this with your eyes closed. Tablet. And now I'm gonna do are normally OK okay wait don't start yet I see you're looking at the Q what do. You're trying to figure out what are you doing because I see he's kinda I'm trying to inspect how much I can do before you know actually happened a look again. What it's like it's so. I try really predict stuff that's gonna happen so you work in a few steps ahead yeah okay are you ready. Yes okay and go I see you always go ahead go ahead your guys your guys and wow. OK so. He hasn't he John Q these work east. And the thing is he's well. I hardly know made me. Oh why it's less than Tony second stop it easily yeah why that's. And say OK now that doesn't look like a normal is that a trick room XTO. Now there's a lot of companies and China that mass produce like their own rig excuse and I use doesn't competition because they're usually better than the original predicts right because yeah the original ones kind of move around a lot more right did you know you're more tight. I would say yeah OK okay these are like smooth OK I data I cannot believe what I just saw and you understand American human I say this is something I've always wanted to do hopefully turn I had to grab my phone and it was known as I said it was amazing now that let's talk about the competition you Ben and you are the state record holder in Missouri yes ray are really key blindfolds and not to read execute our current three beats Q blindfold and how old theory by the late I -- fourteen OK now. I'm bullish and what about the nationals here you go on to nationals right what happens there what is that like it's. Huge experience. Under is usually around I would say 600 competitors there. Wow it's crazy OK now how did you do nationals. I did. I did some what. Good I almost made blind finals. Like the finals like which is top sixteen I didn't really do anything. I didn't do much otherwise because. I aimed I didn't make it till second round of the event three. And in and in the second and a team like tooth but really there's nothing much else will almanac how many hits you with a tough question right now you're ready for this yep. We something goes wrong. Why does go wrong. Probably because I messed up some things meaning what might have messed up like an algorithm. Our Karen I'm gonna how old I learn ran Al Gore. Allen our lawyer I know how how Al Gore read them okay so meaning you who you hurt turned when you should have twisted human right instead laughed. Yeah this is Locke is there any luck involved there is a lot. Especially with single. There's two different types of world records there's a single world record which is just one single soul and there's average. Old record occurred so single world record. It's usually based on law. Because he can get like a skit. So say I worked do you this case. I didn't have anything else on this and I just stopped the timer. And that is act act usually based on law. Okay let me ask you this you aren't you hold a record in the state of Missouri. Do you have more goals. And openness that Blake a national record in any event grilling. Okay now Dick are you practicing. Often or I or even make that goal happen practice. And you have to lake. What do you work out like actually they run to get master your fingers do you finger yoga I know it may not owning I don't know. Should be under that tree now or anger in France should look okay can you teach me until I'm nervous not only wanna ask him because this is something I've always wanted to do and if I came to read a Merlino and don't laugh and too hard not why I never seen a more owl out okay with you all I had people asking you all the time teaching now. Yes isn't annoying. I've tried to keep them and they don't listen. Well he does it lessen its. Have no realism to it again and again what is the. Ric. OK so the trick is basically algorithm OK it's already bad OK okay preparing a case so. Say I scramble up the ski and yes they act. Our first goal is to get a white crimes. Occurred so that means we have all these white pieces on the bottom. Better and this. These these second sticker edge yes it's corresponded to it senator okay okay so if I were to do that. So is there another one mixed up in their I'm afraid to miss this one other that he gave me because they don't like this again. You know it's okay Salma try to get a white cross. Okay thank you so much to get a white cross and then which other ones Emma I'm trying to match up. Alone in just you just trying you know white cross representatives wanted to get away across yeah okay so look this when. Among whites are ready on my stride Taylor okay so I have boys problems. Well you see yet still I do about it up when I get to edges that don't that aren't. And are oh so connected with their senators Sabri guarantee you he's arrogant and hasn't had connected like like that like that but then it messes up the other two are. Oh well now. So let what you usually do is you know basically what I would do it I would suggest Favre began there is to bring all the white and it just the yellow senator. Okay so that the white is facing. Just like the yellow senator occurred. And then I would just move them around you know until corresponds and I'd bring it down. So move it around bringing down. Got a every near term you're really down oh do so well oil and food so my first goal. Nominate new directors down I really am my first goal is to get a white cross yet say and then when I have this cross. I'm so this one's kind of messed up but I'm gonna one if here. Yet you mix it up I'm a terrible so I'm gonna want. All of the crosses that are on the outside. To match their sinners yes OK okay so Taylor I'm gonna try to take US's term now. Will do I need true. When I'm couldn't miss. Yeah okay do I need to room so like. Here's the start of my white cross from that edge matches that sinner and her yes okay so then what I'm gonna try to do is get. A white because the sinners don't move. Miguel why eat here with the red sinner. Yeah there are the what the red sticker read edge. Are white and red Ed it's a place like this one and it's right here artists got so. And bring out you can bring in up to the yellow senator. Okay up to the L center. That's the lights on there are OK okay hang our. Real best ring that red ends up to the yellow sun there this one. Okay and you can turn that yellow senator. All not the yellow senator but and yell turn upside. Like this one. No the face okay this one yeah yeah and turn into that rednecks just the red. OK okay and you can bring that down OK again and then OK hang on not a lingering around one down okay. So I but I need why this is so frustrating I cannot believe you do this okay like that yeah. OK okay and certain a sweat if I do this well. OK hang on so now I'm I'm trended essentially and why again do I bring it to the yellow. Because it's easier and a matching up with its corresponding Sumner. Okay it's if I bring OK so and Mike I would bring this one to the yellow yeah. I gave makes it a white is facing on the yellow usually are sliding. Life does slow William. Listen before what are you telling yourself before you go into a competition well what is your mindset what is going on in your head. Ray before you hit that police to help liking getting gets all. Yeah but are you not like focus and what I try and stay focused by a listening to music and and packed in like just warming up my hands OK why it uh oh. Finger you organ telling what type of music you like yes and I'll like Alex Solis done. A lot of times the music and parents okay probably classical feel like I was on Smart seamless after a OK so. I have this one's good and is there a certain way you hold it like do you hold solid hold it sucked up. Elephants is on top OK okay like this stuff okay now that I EC got that orange. Yeah yeah he can bring down. Larry this. But it definitely got a to. Get into the right side. I left break. From the right side up. It's I've been around me. Upside left. It's a great city. It's a tax rate sanitized and through and all of whom I give there is. Turn it turn mullah. Well well. I do. And I give it our. I still got our did you know it sounds like. I get it was so that we get so we get all of your own home my guy when he a silly right if you know sounds that we get all of your. So we get all of your hunger in London and right notation for you all night because we didn't like it completely to which I'm okay. Oh my goodness they'll lifelong dream I am not even give new. This is amazing now obviously it would have been easier will just would've stood behind him like manipulated fingers forming down but. Oh it's it's. Doesn't it feel good it feels amazing. Will I cannot thank you enough that. I know I'd seen leaving a Fagan and I am not I have always wanted to do this. And I feel like he got me Taylor set up where I kind of understand the language kind of so you're ready to you again. In other words no pay our rent is slowly start time you don't 'til it's 1018 we started in ninety fire EO. I mean like a week and have do not touch my Cuba at this point it is finished. Oh my goodness I feel like rocky just beat Yvonne Drago. Did Freeman I. Yeah the. Oh my goodness okay wealth now on a level of one to solving for a cubes blindfolded how frustrating was that. Consult and you just okay. More frustrated enough. Well I wanna thank you do you have a YouTube site are you on Twitter are you just the idea that Stalinist against OK I would love to fall you on instrument or give that out are you okay now. What does it will look. Will wooden WOODEN. As in. This famous UCLA coach yup he is my great great uncle thought this true. If there. It's there's just a Lake Success running through this bloodline I do I need some of that in my life. Will I cannot thank you enough for gonna follow you on against Graham you really have made one of my life goals come true I appreciated so much. No wind is your next competition. It's November 4 no Henry. Here in Kansas City on can I introduce they have like an old man competition like is there. If there are beginners. Everybody competes same level drew Intel I would I dare you I'd really yields 300 bodies showed up under box LA where. Like they would be mopping up the floor and I don't home. He competes yet. Like seeing if there's no old man. Okay all right well Amy thank you for letting will command well here are some milk and clear your mind new favorite kubert. A multi will this be an Olympic sport Sunday do you think. AV and what is your next test you've already conquered the Q what else do you have for goals and a life. It faster. Maybe break a record okay I tell you can well imagine I can look after you Tommy can do it I believe you can do anything. The world is your oyster body and then when you do it we're gonna cheer like this. We can't hear you know we can't we know very light and struck until I hope I didn't play my best chances and breaking employing world record which most likely. So ray tell on this Saturday. Winner like the nationals when as all that stuff happened usually happen sometime in July August I would love for you to come back and talked was before them and I will practice yeah like he can do ten blindfolded and I'll see if I could beat him one. With my eyes. Not to blindfolded and more gears to tell according 101 bullet takes me an hour. Yeah I know I am completely not I am once you once you get all of them out rooms down you're pulling in. It's okay well I like cal will stop Francisco you have a lot of things for me will thank you so much for dealing with me today you're awesome thank you for.