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Friday, October 27th

This week Brady is still at it thanks to a new program called Kinexit. Online at Brady talked to one of the founders of Kinexit about what the program does, how it's going to help him dunk, meditation and some other randomness. Brady called Chris in Sweden and didn't make a SINGLE IKEA joke, so it might be worth the listen to just hear this feat of restraint! 

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Chris Mason welcome to the pod cast my first question for you is Tellme. Your favorite success story with connects and. Hey thanks for me I'm Boris are you acting like they're Danish and story that I heard what twists one where you know as low and any female golfer her actually used to open. And they expect me it was a pretty cool calm and all intent and she said that. Before using exactly the old program she should remember meeting and they're playing well there has been and you glad you need are sixteen and only just for my machine and won't carry any jet taking. And now they're playing together and then and they look so putting more while I think actually my day at lunch. Are these kids come and. Now that's sounds amazing by it the hump we have to get over with me and my goal is seems like a lot bigger of the deal. Well you know here's your challenges and there. Now in some ways can't begin a lot. I'm I love talking about this because you ruined several people I've talked to have been so nice they don't know how to say. No you can't do it. But I like your attitude our guests down on this episode is Chris Mason I'm calling him via the Internet and he is in Sweden. Right now and we're gonna talk to him about his new app I guess it's new I don't know we're gonna find out it's called can next set. It's tailored for your sport and drool over export and spine. Connected me with that but Chris let's talk about your background I'm dying to know are you a medical background are you a technical. Nerdy kind of computer background how did you bring those two things together. A lot of good good question walking away back I turn my career as any kind of fire actually in and out want to try to play. I prefer actually got the lead could quickly when I'm when I'm when opined that blah he had me when you're looking good now sock. I need immediate ability do you can see a lot of different training so important are well let me. I got into the home personal training industry. Odd 2000 crawl study can be complex social science truly changed the way a good body all it should change how many that. Creeping Congo nine greens deep and that's where alternative content and that comment on my eight. Michael Palmer changed and yet doctrine chiropractic and another Gunner Bob was not. And are strangers started tackling this whole. Problem you didn't say that bad do you really nothing other than that patents on the uniqueness. And he had a concussion mind schools and and in Warsaw. He and a young online. Skull ask your question and I got any. My background is launching the training industry but I need big. Instrument interest and and technology and an eighteen. Now before this experience and my bet insisting case just in case fans of connects hitter Chris who just joining reserve reduced dominant. Through this podcasted episode four I have made a bad here at the radio station where I work with our promotions director she gave me one year. To be able to dunk a basketball I have till October 2 now. Our Chris I'd just true ride and it's been a long time since I've I've never dunked. Tom I used to be able to grab the rim and high school the Dow was over twenty years ago. And so I have a long way to go I recently trident haven't shared the video with anybody because it's so. Disheartening. But I I've never dealt with the or interacted with a professional physical therapist before and I've been doing it. Overly drew and Ethan and I was talking to Ethan yesterday and I feel like your story might be similar he said when I went to a physical therapist. For a sports injury it wasn't the best experience is that kind of thing was it. You have a similar experience that may be kicked off this idea or you realize that need for something like an exit. No new generic there's a lot of us out there that are professionals that are really need to. And Lily Allen cannot stand and looking into that you know what you really bad with all of frustration on the industry they literally the fact that. Yeah actually people out there that need help and wonder how that there's not announced a lot. Don't eat in my heart attack and largely more scalable and that says he won't function all the other. Now I've got to think that this becomes popular in this is probably bad to say if you know or physical therapists don't wanna hear this. But the one thing this allows his meek to take advantage of some of their knowledge. Without them. Or. Can any any any income why did what would be great and let me if I mean I'll open and now they're just that we're not there can be words. That is their breasts and then trainers and so forth where actually they're good compliment what they're doing. I mean you offer. AKA. Screening tool killed far Trainor compare this call comes in just works and it's really cool leaking deep canyon and communicate digitally. We're seeing more clients and patients considered itself. You willingly breaking a lot you mentioned being. That's a good point it's a complementary. Thing not we are competing thing that's interesting now let's talk about what it is because. I went through some of the beginning steps but I haven't really I'm logged on but I haven't dug into it. But you can find it online connect sic K I NE XIT. Dot com now omen or try to login but the walk us through the process. So I mean person walking somewhere looking at the end of the day soon I think you really cool and then talk on you don't need help thousands of people including sports daily functions. I'm and you know he admitted I don't like any trap they're trained application out there but that's what a million and I didn't mean it just wouldn't iPad. And until it is good how eventually based on need is an experience of some of the world's best experts and and how the body function. I'm one look at our hormones aren't you know your mind and this kind of why you know and limitations then and establish and after that. And automatically select in the mid life. I mean in the video tapes I'm just like drunken ex friend and you're getting your own play loose collection site. Isn't this thing where they went they plugged in all my results and all have like many avatar McConnell looks like me even. Yeah exactly. And and look at at England Q when did you precaution or be on your lunch I'm it's usually really good can actually use all of your animation and are you plugging your scores. And then hoping things start identifying and finding and locating where that body you have your different locations. So and then when you go to the when I go to the web site. It's one of those things where you have you say tailored for years sport now for me. And my vertical leap or lack thereof. We went through specific tests and I know one of them their concern about my ankle mobility. But we did specific ankle mobility tests. At the end of the day. Not me it's really really important to understand the body is as strong in this league you blink. And you know we should look at your front end and call mobility. I what are you going true you have warned you about what player and the aren't you allowed only needed gold. You know a lot of people are best in trying to find and identify exactly. What you need from improving and keep you current prime jumping. Even higher natural and and and you want it done and identified while. We give thanks and deliver source solutions hair and and it doesn't in wartime so yeah I think is important feature what we're trying to accomplish. Well yeah it was interesting because dialogue then and you guys like set out suggested workouts and those are based on not only my test results from my past work outs then I want it. Yeah gunners there Loudon you know you call it artificial intelligence what do you want all of but there are a lot of time is being done into creating these. The Cleveland if you call and got it won't be playing this sort of mini driven by a lot of different things I could cast the sport and she didn't even get to initiate quite. Can I dictate and we'll get the console I'm the actual program. Now you know and also even dictate the fact he if you go on your profile. He keeps saying you can change your priority yeah he might wanna deal they need to work out or you wanna change the time. I'm so all these aren't the only things factor and and wanna crank that's sort of experience for our leaders. Because I have this opportunity. To have view poem with me. So what I go to is I go to new select a new work out nick comes up with options and then I select my duration and what I wanna do. The red mark is suggesting energy right now. If I just do. Like the shortest duration which is fifteen minutes and flexibility. How many times through what happened by just continue to do that. Like I'm obviously not gonna have my goal right. It depends on a ball in the day you know he's not a critical goal here yeah well defined not even some people. Want to be one transactions being complain that your grandkids and you've got the other run on the inside that night you know and I think. I would. I'm talking really only got a little ones and won't try and what they're doing. And being in your case you've got to challenge pollution basically you want to gamble and possibly can. And no person is saying here are gonna require that it's only going to be a a balance between wall bullying bullying so important. What didn't you got to increase in general is basically working on a combination all your mobility and the stability. Man it's kind of cool so. Just walk him through this I pick whatever work out my duration and then it even lets me choose what equipment I might have handy here wanna use. And then it goes and has a video here. It shows me exactly how the routine you go gives me the wraps the legs and all of this and I just keep going and it law that. And then next time I login to. You'll say hey we are suggesting this time flexibility work out and I can adjust analog read through the whole thing how often should I be. Re testing myself. So it can then I would assume re calibrate what the work outs. You're absolutely correct and at the end of the day I'm. To be honest the more I play you cannot. One more calibration more actually connected into the I'll tell mom you know he we recommend one you don't promote gender would have lost hope he keeps doing it. What can you hear in other words once every quarter so pretty much. I'm Wendy have a chance if you really motivated and you have a lot of things slide when not. Working for you right now I didn't think that they're so I can add that I can train and actually you generally the only thing we can I can that'll be creative and I'm trying to bully. I was gonna ask you that like I don't like working out and I'm trying to be positive about it because that's the only way in the main disk goal. But why it led to do you have any tricks that I can force myself into having a better attitude about gone Oregon. I did question obvious in the Danish yeah actually I think led to. I mean for me along the personal one usually creating a routine. On it. I don't know about your background and of course but a lot of looks lack the ability to get a routine right now. If it's three times a week or two time do we do whatever they stick to a different to begin Monday at 5 o'clock that's when you work out. You know actually knocking it next Sunday that aren't. I'm I think getting into a routine and you're making a lot easier rather than you know sitting on planes and gold and they are so they could. And it really brought another gloomy Monday. Try not to make it an optional thing just make it like this is something I do. At these times. Let inning and then it'll do we do we question brushing her peak in opening most of luckily we got great you know hygiene now we don't think I nearly. The dark it's got to be done. Sort of eat your goals and circle it would think armed unique fifteen minutes a correction. And start getting into insert gaining a little momentum. You know. I'm playing good tactic or is going to be delivering. Our new hard work out every time you can you can you can get a promotion people who won't. Honest and you know you've been aren't they coming in for loans and no one's impressions solutions and Nissan also is it. Tell me about connects it like where it's at as far as us stage as a startup goes. It's legal background are actually there's obviously were out. We're children I can be called soccer gluten in the nation should one of the largest how. In England didn't in the Scandinavia. Sort of thinking you know chart and program and that he actually go about 590 accompanying some sort of got. Apply and war and the other top eight that had joined the program it is big contemporary. A validation for a and that front is in great Andre warning and and we're there right now. And and Channing got a little over. 4000 users I'm I'm I'm an excellent and and that yeah I wouldn't count I had a tremendous growth from the next the last months and down. No really really happy with the progress and then we'll work it and I want to come. Stomachs I just I'm obsessed with the startups and entrepreneurs. And comparing that to my goal and think about something numb trying to do very hard to talk to me about the ups and downs 'cause I got to imagine leaving gimmick even getting this far with connects it. Is not an easy task in there have been times where. You know you've considered giving not deny hear a lot about people having Brett. Some may goals happened can you talk to me about grit in relation to the startup and how you handle it or how you sum and it if you well. The end of the day I hate that person walked out of the start of industry in India will not wherever you want as it is and you have got me and unique personality EU and it definitely isn't out. If you can imagine I'm gonna do pretty well without an actual hockey club experience which is sidelined with a the end of the line in the paint you a hockey club it just goes straight up an annual AEA have forging I won't come they always look at it crush it's in gasoline up and down yeah. Until one being London for me and it's been going on and I've really 2012. Million strong indeed these are playing idea 2014. Blown up the first column and you know in the new building. Last June this Enron I'm validation in different industries like basketball different school we didn't. I'm an extended stay and I still keeping them you know find the right model Petra but I'm definitely a young. But a lock on them so long and they'll definitely. Michael when you give to those points because like you said there are ups and downs during those down times. What do you do and like I need a speech. Win a month from now my idea improvement. Just isn't what I wanted to be what am I tell myself. I think Denham and you have to build the infrastructure around it doesn't need consistent with people that. And they're seeing some corn meal and then kill. You know mr. Obama we need support job got a great pain that went I got my team and thank you luckily I can you loud and supporting Jackson's siblings are we being so important. Welcome I'm I like acting in the end okay and let these guys. I certainly wouldn't have needed power that you to push killing. Believe while we are today well I think why not expecting it in my mind and I think they're. Goldman and and really just playing and I'm informed our you know how to do gain from that day. But yeah. Why do you still have that belief is never did what and you know it isn't even have to double in the neighborhood kids they. It's a great journey and then yesterday woman. Yeah enjoy yeah trick it up. Well you you know talking about having a team people who support me everybody in the radio station is betting money against me it's so that's. I might need to surround myself with the call me even if it's a bunch yes man I need yes men Chris. I I I believe we're gonna be and then they kill again lucky dog and trying to forty happening behind and end up and yeah. Even an ER RRR or not. Are more important but I can't today and didn't get a loan or actually one of the most well. On the concrete. Contract and intelligent and guys. Can afford. Yeah you know I think you're right between connects didn't want the team over a spore and spine is helping me I mean. It is going to be all on me if I fail and lessons physically just physically impossible which I don't think it is dark. I guess we'll find out. Armed and this young girl when we're buying they're great pain odd man got a lot of good good people. I think maybe even millions and won't say Botswana while working on they're there. There aren't gonna get all out of the missionaries or maybe into the digital age. And daddy I thank you look at how I think you have to get the did candidate and like it had gotten people knocking on the course I actually really may be able to do it quickly do. When the court doors closed the rules no watching that's actually quite yet another. On I do know connects and has when I called the wife feature where if you don't login for a few days you get email reminder. Pay where you and then we'll Maggie and I mean that's never herds. I know it's a parent of flood since he got pregnant at you know who were watching your animal. The new. That's going to totally good way one more question I and then I have another question about connects it and then we'll let you go and I'll go stretch my ankles or something and do you meditate that's my other current thing that I really want to do and feel feel like a bunch of successful successful. Folks do meditation do you do it. I do not do it I I didn't have a lot of calling him an orange and demand that they knew what they do all right now again needs to be world. Aunt and they've had nice. Meditation Crimean war again actually all big gulp and I won't have any kind of hurt. They usually use medication for me it's awesome you know that and once I get a lot of my. And he believes that it could even though she won't and that's eight there were a lot of stuff going on but if that's truly excellent I'm being one of its. I love Zach congratulations. I think you're right dead to a large degree it's just about the being in the moment and a lot of times if you're really in your child in just in that moment everything else goes away that's meditation my current. I would create all you can downgrades and can't or don't get. Inland and manual and it doesn't. Can next thing you can find it online KI and EX I T dot com. Now I don't know what do you guys have a mobile app yet or not I got to imagine you're going more that way if you don't. We don't know what you're absolutely right an 888 web application all of them are from that. You can really anywhere we can net you and song right had a computer and I mean while we start off Darryl did you count me out on the vision to create eight the Obama situation yeah like on the attention like no threat like an apartment. I there is apparent dashboard so if you have kids again it'll specify these workouts. To your specifics bored and need there's a coach dashboard so maybe you can fall along if you're working with somebody else you can do it as an individual as a business you can work with the team. It's very cool I'm intuit thank you for talking to me thank you for connects it and thank you weird just you are one of my ecosystem of positive idea that really kind of has my back here Chris and I appreciated. Eight commercial time and I was a lot of fun being on call solid. Just continue cocoa helping him going and good luck in getting what it is. It won't use a lot of things that you Daschle luck didn't end and keep on how to keep on working out and end up and I'm hoping agents are here again and probably won't. Need to update soon okay Chris thanks for talk consuming. All right so that's our Chris from connect sit KIE in EXIT. Dot com and it is pretty cool in their helping me out so we appreciate that. It's episode five's I think it. Of BG dunks 2018 fall long on iTunes always taken a subscriber life in revue and you've got. You can no longer any ransom point dot com see you on the next episode. So it.