BGdunks2018 EP02

Friday, October 13th

Episode 2 of BGdunks2018, we talk to several imporatnt people in Brady's life (Leigh, boyhood Friend Ryan, co-worker Jubben, radio show caller Kim from Belton) about their thoughts on his very, VERY, bad bet. Can in Dunk by Oct 2nd, 2018? The countdown is on!

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This is episode two of bee gee dunks 2018. I've made 8000 dollar bad. That I can dunk a basketball inside of the year the actual end date of this met the payoff they would be October 2. I did some testing this past week my friend drew. Is a physical therapist he owns a place called sport spying Casey here in time went over there and they ran me through some crazy test. You concede kind of an explainer video on the points FaceBook page if you like on my FaceBook page as well. FaceBook dot com slash Brady Goodman radio I seriously don't know what I have done. And if you can't hear the panic in my voice know that it is there. I'm my wife has been pretty cool about this I just need to start saving a thousand dollars I've never done to my life. We're gonna go through bunches some of bringing actually drew in here. And we're gonna talk about that now on the looking for in future episodes somebody that. Can do vision boards may be hypnotist. Because I'm definitely gonna Ed use all I can't hour some of those magical oils. That seemed to be a thing maybe or rub them on my calves. I don't know I'm I'm taking any and all help that you can give me I'm on Twitter at Brady Goodman has tagged BG dunks eighteen. This episode is sort of vague this is your life. Episode and I'm gonna call some friends and some associates and get their take on this misadventure. But I've stepped into. So first domino bring on the program director co worker I feel weird sail boss because even though you. Are these go between between me and upper management. Doesn't feel like that sort of thing. He just doesn't want to admit that I can Boston or counts that as well Lee welcome all good morning good afternoon good evening so we're talking and I don't bet with promotions director Nikki. A thousand dollars October 2 can I dunk a basketball your initial reaction well this is what's funny you rob this that to mean. Much a month or two ago yes and I'm likes. I don't make in a major Tenet Miami Marlins show remind that. I'm not taken his bat. You let alone talked in big stuff freight so then we are new promotions are actors like it'll. Done and instantly she said and you'll start to our panel did earth. All well we're gonna need to put them grammar errors on the mouth send to mom and I need a check the birth of my time muscle and I got to see how many days I can do. Half freezes in the shower her and I was like pretty you just gave me so much crap. Rapper like a month and then I find someone who was still ahead and then you really glued panic I know when I hear and. It's a huge mistake I feel like dire and but look let's look on the positive side. Let's say I try and I really given a good effort I've worked out for a year. Yeah I mean that's different than every other year I've known him so I watch you know all that's great and I set a goal I go for it. I think though I was gonna say you got nothing to lose however India thousand dollars who's. I. Like putting away like ten dollars a week now or do you thing. What do you think nothing that I don't have faith in you know minus do you think it's unlikely. It'll likely I can admit it's unlike it's it's unlikely. How much do you think you spend a year on Starbucks. Just on myself for and you need both felt I thought what do you spend. On Starbucks a year what do you think thousands of dollars right yeah I mean for real thought I mean I probably drink. I mean at least three times. Yeah and quite often when I go get them for you are grab some four. Whoever Fiat says so video link thirty dollars a week. More than that more than that yeah thirty dollars a week. Would be 15100 dollars a year. Yeah more than that for sure I mean I think I've got to be in the 2000. At leak wow all because. I often get my diet reduced fat Turkey beat him breakfast sandwich I wore earth via the damage that Iraq so they have the pro team boxes there is no doubt like. A big boy lunch Ribble. Currently my joints and also little miracle headlights do Neal leg things. We're okay well I did go get all the tests done. And I'm waiting on the results back from the scientists. I had different. It's the role that you can employees cyan stained the jump now we need an arbitrator we need to go through arbitration ten point but. Just just give me your best pieces of advice should I'd really try to get out of the spat which she let me out from under box right now. I don't think so really I mean she just she's she's in it to win that thug life I mean ski or real hash tag. That right there yeah. So what should I do what if you were me gap and you made this horrible mistake where bright what would you do. The you know Brady poses a question like this to me at least once a week and that's how often you make sort of mistakes. Pricey one now it is. Yeah this is worse than that you know. Talking yourself out of a 3-D printer that your life so you bought those here's the thing I can't decide if Coleman to be more bombed. If I really go for it and can't do it. You know or if I go on I just didn't even try to take you know because that's up. If you don't even try it. Then next year it's it's not a thing like you know people who look. And it is Enos at any sort of goal and then don't really put any effort into it or don't have any faith and race. All I've that I haven't lost any way to earn well I haven't lava bubble blocked. If you've already Debbie down heard your self he's nothing to lose like internally right. What do bombers that badly at least try but if I give it my best effort. If I do cab phrases in the shower but that's exactly is gonna do by the way to consumers it's a really weird thing it is a weird you do right. Just I seem like it's best for everybody had a great cast I'm great talent so but if I really go for it night work out nice try and I eat better and I do all this and I still can't dunk. I have to live the rest of my life knowing I'm a non don't care. Yeah but you'll probably have tighter labs better cat. Can't don't feel like. I don't know. I'm gonna try I really am. I think so if you saw the video I post on FaceBook. We ran through the tests we didn't get the whole work out plan back yet but I ask drew the physical therapist know what he thought my odds were always saying. A hundred to one. That's good or bad I feel like it's bad like. Ninth a bad way yes now 101 that I couldn't do it but I think his biggest concerns me is that I won't commit to the work outs. Which I can understand why do you think that do you think that's the biggest concern. My biggest concern my biggest concern is the fact you're gonna get so into this genocide drinking I think yeah as well yeah. I know I was thinking and when you get all healthy it's annoying to me understand when you don't get on your special diets it's annoying to mean help people who are not fun people not not all right I don't know one. Healthy fun person right. Right. Now put this so don't get boring I would really love to dock that would be certainly a bucket list like one of the things I would love to do in my life there are few. That I would put above dunking a Basque what do you make a sub bad CS for 500. That you can do a really fancy one off of the trampling. Pollan plays like like a mascot yet I could go forward flipped yeah some ten. Maybe I'm just oblivious but I feel like if I really put the effort and I can do listen what a reseller kids everyday and by that I mean you're the only one in the sermons and what do you didn't do or be anything in. You wanna be. You can do anything you wanted to just put your mind you with aloha call is always say that and here's what kind of a jerk I was assigned lol really if I go outside and flap my arms and I really want to well I fly. And we used to image your thinking at all and now I've turned my attitude around and I agree with you if I put my mind to it I think McCain and I think I can't. Lakes let's go make a vision board together colonial lake and Greg Photoshop my head on Michael Jordan's body and I'm gonna finish up my head on every single model that just marked the Victoria's Secret fashion and we've done it. So the better I any final words of parting advice please good luck you're gonna need it. A hundred to one break you week. Yeah. When I'm asked on a website for security questions and they say who is your best friend this is the name I use. That we lived 63. Steps from each other through junior high and high school. I believe this is all correct you'll probably correct me. Brian archer welcome to my podcast aren't sure what it was I correct 63 steps we live from my front. Or your racket in three steps in what I would not OK okay will you remember it is probably true. The man has the sharpest memory of anybody and now also you've been saying about an important purchaser the right right right frivolous say. Recruiter for our all right but the frivolous stuff if you are always wanted to. So here's my best that I made with Mickey our promotions director here at the station and I know you've gone this embarrassing every time I say it why I'm doing a podcast about it I don't know why I've made this bet I don't know maybe you can help me get out of it. I've got a thousand dollars. But I can dunk a basketball and one year. I. Thought at first. We got through without an assist from a trampoline. Slow at this point worse here in a future of the settlement or bring in I'm gonna bring in an arbitrator we're gonna deal with all that but without. It now but I don't. I know it's a long shot I remember one time we were sophomores. I think in. High school and we're a basketball practice and David Fletcher who could dunk at the time in high school. Was standing in front of us and I think it was either me in you or JD and I. And we were talking about that nice and acting come and be able to Don perform a senior. And Fletcher heard it turned around and just started. Boston might come holdings over that statement at the head obviously I've never been able the bulk. Now here's my thought right this is something I've always wanted to do oh I've never really had that motivation. Bright light just one think is back in high school yeah we would practice and work out a little bit I didn't work out very hard. And I always focused on you know doing all of the drills and everything now. Our long odds bright it's unlikely that I'll be able to Dutch bank. Are more tired yet I would say I would say law not a temporary release her Harry it's not going to be easy there's no doubt. Because I mean you're married and neither know right now and he also saw yeah is not homicide I've never been able to dunk. Back in the day I could touch the rim. Yeah yeah I didn't I guess it went OK you're a Yorker from their orbits its gold to record our. Don't know what they are actually Hoosier regulated as far as to include goals but he obviously it is to rim. So if you're in my position on what's my move from this point do I try to get out of the bat. Do I go for it what do you think I should do. Well you're. Trying to murder in order or behavior you're chuckling. Jill I'll let others does so we're just into Italy and. No that's a good question so oh mine. Is a physical therapist and he owns a physical therapy. Outfit it's called sport and spine here in sports spine here and sound. And it is I mean it's a physical therapy. Office that's what they do so on women there the other day and they did a bunch of tests vertical people. They were doing how flexible my ankles are they measured the girth of my legs. On both of them are. I don't. I know by now and very get a bunch of tests and then there's this new. Apple or this program. On animal to talk to the creator of that but what they do is they put all this stuff and you tell them what you need to work on now most of the time I'm guessing this is for. I don't know the full thing but I'm guessing it's form. A physical therapy C you'd say all my left knee needs rehab and then you put in all these statistics and it. Creates work out specifically for what you need to improve so I've done the test Bryan I am so sore I had to throw medicine balls around. It the last two days I had to roll out of bed because I couldn't set up. My stomach hurts so bad. All of all equity markets here I mean she's currently opinion I don't cabaret night it's our problem is that the ordered I ordered the professionals say is fired it at Arco. They can have the sort react to me well they have the same reaction you had they laughed. But that's a good character Kirk Kirk appreciate. It sort of do you picture you have to make term from now I'll turn them. It definitely. Or database beautiful. Yes so. I think my friend drew who's the actual physical therapist I think his issue is he doesn't think all be able to make the commitment necessary. I don't think he believes it's. Outside the realm of possibility. But because it is such an achievement considering my current status. And you know my history and all that he thinks that I won't be able to commit to the necessary work outs. Well yeah okay so. He may not know there's an answer going to be a key piece of preparation is. The thousand dollar bet right go to a thousand dollars that you have stupid hey yeah this adult. Yes. Okay so. Burst. You can't measure motivation that's all I play. I'm not or 4000 dollars that's caught up around the collars bright girl you're so I don't think you try to coach you report argues that. Corporations here are. Well not only that Ryan -- look yes it's a 2000 dollar swing parade there's a difference between. Paying out a thousand dollars in winning a thousand dollars that's a 2000 dollar difference plus so you know of probably anybody may be. Outside of my wife you know better than anybody that. I love doing things when I'm told I shouldn't or can't. Where we are so bright so I agree that plus 2000 dollars. Right which now in agreement to return to record. Now here's the here's a couple things so we know it's unlikely. In my history is not great with athletics all the sort of thing. What's the move should I really try to get out of this bad or should I go for. Well I think he still more forward you know as far as did you have enough. Information that a rare one of the bigger longer worked out rabbit hole if you break right agreed to. People aren't on it it's probably appreciate your vertical jump so whatever your vertical jump that he is now and based upon what. Exercises and things you can do your sit and people spirit of heart garlic figure below the year that. Here's your here's your height and your long armed and are prepared to your six I wouldn't stand that's pretty law arch. So that I would think that would. Be helpful you're not like you're Smart or aren't there on the ground in Germany and yeah and there's your BR figure out there. Don't it's not some sort I'm not trying to set the world record or you're not you're not going to be there are a lot to talk. Golf. Right. To do one thing I just need to increase my vertical. And I mean every doctor I mean it's my deregulation there are soccer ball under detailed look inside the ball there that have to be. Some kind of. Or are exactly. There are 200 we talk Erica has ball. You know well I think it said basketball. But can I use a women's basketball or one of those ones he'd tell used to give out back in the day. I'm gonna feel pretty good or the women's side basketball you know there are a much smaller fuel. You gotta figure that's like an extra it just three inches ray. Renewed. I mean so that's soon less inches that I would have to jail here's the other thing she would saying. I mean I should be able to travel to right I shouldn't this is and I should NAFTA dribble. Yeah you should be your run out there and yet he shouldn't have to worry about track. Rate your take as many steps as I want. I don't know man I don't know why am I done this to myself Brian. And what are you we just. Your 400 K now. Off all look like. You know what value be easier because I wouldn't have to hold the ball. Yet continued you don't get caught up off the backboard underdog it now yeah I don't know that Robert be easier than they could Michael Jordan white school. Right no you're right I don't I don't know what I've done here man I feel like I've made a big mistake. But I gotta go for it right 80 yeah I think you are now. Actually got to go where it. Okay in the let me find an arbiter. Great. Aunt do to help you now do they still sell those moon shoes that I always wanted you know where you just are are bigger our Arctic. And implement it. Almost. All whoa where they don't know what order well I just never had anybody offering me you know. 2000 dollars to 200 dollars per hour or what I care about other things. OK so I'm gonna go for it thank you for talking me through this I felt like. You know you're one of those people that I can always get it. Honesty from I know it's a long show yeah I know it's a long shot I gave myself a year and I gave myself some motivation. And I think your career could achieve boy in the vote. Yeah go back Kroger are at school days and you know go go out with slack off on top in the war. Saw because I think. I think that might LPGA or you won't see launched at the. Go back to the flat top remember those brushes we have only had flat top mall and you know. Hey listen if I get exact closed the dog is my view it on the anatomy but I muzzle starred on out by a mall now there's nobody here to do it. Buddy good to talk to you thank you for chat with me about this follow follow me on line this is going to be a year worth what do Biden myself. Yeah sure you knew there and do your October 2 when he dean has tagged BG dunks thanks Ryan good grief. Next guest on episode two it's a guy I've known for herb. I don't know 67 years almost at this point Tom we worked together it is different job. We were against each other in a cubicle and have become pretty pretty friendly and tight over the last few years. The deer can be brutally honest. And I think any he has a unique relationship. With money and mind gambling habits so we're gonna bring him on. Job then. Welcome to episode two of my bad bet podcast. Wrote how is that intro there would create your critic thought I'm OK thank you so here's the thing I made a bet. I wanna get your reaction. Among the need your employed on whether or not I should get out of bed or if I can make it happen. And any call fires might try to put in on the requirements of a spat okay. One year. I dunk a basketball. Oh man employee you're the star athlete. Well now here's the interesting twists so. I didn't play basketball my senior year in high school I did all the way up to there are played. Football my senior year and how did ankle injury without the made me miss a few games. How did you thing the movie Wittman catch up. I have I don't like stereotypes. That help okay so. Thousand dollar bet and I've been talk and this podcast it's essentially a 2000 dollar bet because it's a 2000 dollar swing. Ray either rent out a thousand dollars or I'm plus a thousand dollars it's essentially a thousand dollar bet but so my question you won is. Should I try to get out of this bet. Because you don't think there's any way I can do it. No it's just so mellow than waiting would try to put on the battle like us. I mean maybe if that's the amount of money you need to be motivated to actually work and it. Yes that's why put a bit like 500 Boe I mean. Yeah I ate I gambled too much right won't. And but this one rarely do I get into the four digit bats crew and I try to give myself a year. You know why why you're not a millionaire. Should let the Olympic and the people that make forwarded it best right and people would gambling problem. Apparently you. Sell fewer me in this business. You would try to get out of her shirt okay how how much can we can improve your order could happen here if I can get one inch a month. We gonna go here and air trying to trap of combat and training. Melt here is so here's what I did do and they're gonna be future guests I get my buddy drew runs a physical therapy office. And I wind at a bunch of testing the other day. And they ran me through a bunch of tests now. He's connected me to this app did is just invaded testing and it's coming out of Europe where they put in all these statistics about your body your way. We did all these tests about flexibility of my legs my ankles we measured the girth of my legs. He anchored. Yeah some are all the format out OK I think if and you're the first one to do it so props again to you on Matt. So they did all these tests and they put it in this app and then. They design work out specifically from what you want to improve now I'm gonna talk to the creator the app that I would think. Because it's connected to physical therapy if you have a bum knee they can do. You know work out specifically for your knees so I assume that will be able to say. I want only increased my vertical leap bile I'm not worried about anything else agility speed I'm not worried about endurance I need purely. Purely. Vertical leap and they're gonna create work outs for me that I have to do so often and you news. Oh well. That's another good question well not the goal I have to do a ten foot goal but can I use a child's basketball. Where I'm gonna bring an arbitrator in here. And we're gonna work all this out. Have you ever done in the past. I got to bring up the old stuff do you don't try to look forward. I'm I'm just democratic get some data point here you know I as nod I mean without a doubt I would say no don't do that because it's a thousand dollar set right. But where can you match. Actually winning a thousand dollars and dunking a basketball imagine how all the would feel imagine how good that would feel that would be amazing. Yes. That's probably will happen. Yeah but on the other side imagine. Missing a dunk. Pro wide body and you and then having to write a check for thousand dollars wall. Should how should I pay her in pennies if I lose. The other question isn't yeah. But let me ask you that's what. Let me ask you this that should I say I should be able to dunk any time up to a year right. I don't have to do it on that day. I think you should capitalize Memphis Islamic illustrated. Yeah I don't know it depends on if I can dunk. What if you made it and events. And earned a thousand dollars either way. Right so like I make it an event if I make a 1001 dollars that's profits son. Right. And if you happen to dunk then there's even more. Okay let me ask you vests. What should I put in their what sort of stipulations do you think I should ask for in regards to injuries. Well laden could it's okay if they can mean. Lower leg injury that would prevent you from doing so because this place. Like what if I was scared if I blow up an ankle. The blood and Angola dislike. I would say to defend them I didn't make it is working out in blunt okay bogeys I think the fact car. It either. It's and I think that's part of the reasons she made the bad because I'm old and she's like well he might hurt himself and then now he definitely won't be able to pay it off. Yeah I mean I would if I mean look like at I wouldn't do it if I was going to feel. I would say I say if I didn't get that stop let. Maybe shouldn't be done through that anymore. Right OK I'm gonna bring an arbitrator in here are eight. The bad is essentially on and thus we can't figured out an arbitration. What would be your words of advice going forward. Good luck this path I mean not like I figured if I save like. I don't know Ivan completely done the math but I don't you know save. Few bucks a day tournament piggy bank. Wall you you have been completely encouraging I'll say that. I mean that I don't I'm not sure what you expect out of this is exactly what I expected and that's why codes new dude thank you. Us here in the office here pretty. Very. My final guest on this episode the BT dunks podcasting is so what is called the radio station quite a bit she's becoming a friend she's very inspiring she's fun to talk duke. And she has heck of a story kill us from both ends. Welcome to my podcast thank you for calling will you tell me will you share your story of becoming a long distance runner and an atypical late. Alps and lower his pilot is just remember that eat or make it might for Eric I was pregnant but at geeky. Go harder at me and probably should have been branding had surgery elect thank very sick at all. I am back I hate just you know I guess. Figured I could go ahead and you know I started with the IK app form now like ten K a couple of app Merritt Island and relay that maybe I kid you mean I'm me and Adam you know the Catholic six hour making monastic our need he crack at a enter puberty are proud of my Haley hearing in the baby and I had the incredible accomplishment. Aaron and sings Campbell is your age how old were you oh I need to. Do and I know please app Mika I am. It. The consonants are. I think that he'd kill. Marathon piper merit I yet NET two I look at it I. There is only. That's amassing OK so. So if you haven't heard about this bad I made a that was somebody here in the office that I could dunk a basketball. Inside the year I've never dawn to before so it's probably a long shot and this. Difficult task. Not only somebody of my athletic ability but also somebody you know for my hide my age and all that. That please give me some words of wisdom to power me through to may get through these workouts I did a bunch of tests yesterday. I had Emma buddy druze sport and spine they do physical rehab physical therapy that they did a bunch of test forming. My stomach hurts so bad I had to roll out of bed because I couldn't sit up today. So well words of wisdom do you have the power army threw away. My words of wisdom Morgan enough just give. Okay yeah. Yeah I I'm old I'm the least likely person in the world should have completed my current mayor aren't. I am I correct I play the violin and I never ran track well they wanted me I'm like are you wanna eat at an ear and here I am. And I had never never Ilie I I don't think I even ran harder from my pocket when you get adding Jim craft I would lock and in my gym teacher which Amy. And you know I am the least likely person to have ever and it and I call on nearly every American Idol but the thing is that. I think that the important thing is that I've seen them all all. Not not you you can't collect toward the bank if electorate all of the things that happen before that. I am and you can't set attainable goal and then when you get a need to preach and enact blanket break apart slowly. Yeah I'm like right Andy Andy email and then like me you're gonna hit your call. OK so can you really think he can do this if he sets. Goals. I think I think you can get it if he set all and no more important than whether or not he can do that I think you should I. Meaning OK let me go back to the goal thing you're talking about setting intermittent goals a play at. Yeah the first month I wanna work out and and you know start my program and work out twice a week and then I can. And then the next month I do OK I need to work out. Three times a week inner Mitt goals that interest income is there's a book. By and LaMont somebody gave me one time called bird by bird. I wrote and it opens up to this story about a dad and his son waited waited waited on a project in his son's describing says look. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do a twenty page paper about twenty to from birds I'm never gonna make it I can't do it I'm a failure in the dad says look. Don't think about twenty birds ticket bird by bird. Take it has to won a bird. And you know an actual act. They can pay state senate are you in America I'm. And Nina Heidi eat at Alex and is one byte at that I'm. I ate genius. I knew Tim would inspire me I'm hurting today. I'm sore I knew talking to you you would have some good advice because again and Taylor actually said this she goes what's the worst case scenario that happens you work out for a year and you're in great shape. I tell people that I was encouraged oh. Oh I mean I canceled after a year. I marry you while an island Allen Eddie. You know everything it is I think I think it's really important you relate for the first eight weeks are going to be our. I'm an actor that you're gonna wanna do that and barely have to do that Kristi got urged safely back you know I swore I would never do a marathon and you know I I can't rent at the end of my block and batted really hard hit hard and not be successful and tap the start Okur or have the start any angle. But I am happy with the the north and I mean it has been at work and I I think per unit that bad you look I'm out on the end batter no matter what happens. So you just ran the Chicago marathon and you plan on continuing your next marathon will be what number. At four while all that's do you know where it's going to be here you don't know. I am I minute didn't name in the lottery forensic. Chicago again and again if I don't get into the (%expletive) either merit I'm next you're out it badly are they eat and chick I got. Me and hopefully the weather is a little cooler for holing out and I can't wait you wait. If you Kim. Good talking to you we love pitchers such a good friend of the show. Thank you for your own words of encouragement irate at the right after it. Why I didn't call this podcast I gotten myself into is beyond me. It's hash tag BG dung eighteen. You can fall long in 997 point dot com you should be able to subscribe to your favorite podcast aggregators on an upcoming episode we're gonna have my body through any of physical therapist we did a bunch of tests. It was like five days ago why I'm still very very very. Dairy soared we're gonna talk about the results of those tests and what he thinks my prospects are and what we're gonna. Going forward should try to get above the break hey things through and be sure to find me online Twitter. And Brady Goodman snapped Chad Brigham and Casey for. Of course apple many 97.