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Thursday, October 5th

Has Brady made the biggst mistake of his life? A $1,000 dollar bet on wether or not he can or can't dunk a basketball in one year. Meet his arch nemisis, hear Taylor's thoughts on the bet. Listen to Brady try to back out while also being over confident. This is episode 1 of BGdunks2018. Subscribe for weekly updates. And hear Brady Goodman every workday morning on 997 the Point, Kansas City!



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I believe I've made was I might call the biggest mistake of my life. I'm gonna blame it on rob Thomas. And Miller Lite. What I have is a bet. Inside a year to duck him to dunk a basketball. And now we have the nemesis. In this scenario. And Nikki. Hello hi and thank you for joining us. I'm so excited to be here today and it now first off. Why. Well okay. Number one today's my birthday yes happy and I in one year I'm now happy Steve last year and I know he's not excited because one year from now. I would like to win a thousand dollars on my birthday but you would how would you feel if you lose a thousand dollars. I guess I'll feel like. I've done something good for you because you'll have spent a year. You know in training right I mean you're going to be training. That you had done yet so I will have helped you either way yeah you'll be better. A year from now so that's a win win win for you and it's a lose lose lose for. Getting help. Here. Yeah I don't wanna I don't yes that your. Okay now here's what I think we need we needed arbitrator. Ray yeah us yes. Let's real quick go through similar things. And here comes Lee we were talking about my dad. Where they were talking about my bet would you like to get in on this is for the after show and the after party here yeah we don't. Wait so this giant calorie filled beverage that age is brought you probably isn't gonna help your cause I love the Brady during Stratford Sina. Actually now. Look I didn't know whip on my own behalf not because he asks Laura because he worries about calories but he does not gonna down baby up up. Don't look so I said this and not many times in my life I remember people saying you can't do that. UK you always hear people. The become you can do anything you want our tails nobody's ever really said no you can't do our white man yes and now area that Harry. And. Yeah varying the eighteen story were I Yahoo! you can dunk you know we can't listen why. Why do you think they ask Woody Harrelson and now he can do it either why do you frankly. Because. Whenever Nicky says goes Mickey why do I. You know I don't watch many sports balls. Apparently. Okay group lead on the right is hard for even pro athletes to done and you know it's not O. But big plus they're six foot denying because they're athletes always been able pop console video news and 66. Two yours it's a cat show on a good day yeah like at my peak in high school I and they got a good 86 and and and highs. I'll end in high heels I think they I think I've drunk a little bit since high school now. Right now as you know it Nikki. On your birthday. What do you what do you recall the bat being laid out there. The event is. Next year on October 2 year going to attempt to dunk he had children. You can dribble all you can only take two steps because there isn't up the ruled. It has to be what would be can opener eagle a little dunk and about as hard as it now harder. 1000. I thought it was 500. Just wasn't even you know you don't blow my skirt a brick and call it real. Yeah I mean I can appreciate that. Okay now. I think we need an arbitrator. Do you agree on some of the rules and stipulations. Sir I mean someone should keep track of baton. And kind of decide what's there I think we need to have some point of negotiations. And bright. Because I think if I could go out and dawn tomorrow. I should win. Or if I can go out and dunk a month before your birthday I should win. Why you have to be on that date. I think that it's important that I mean that's part of the reason only the bad is because that's like you're put on the spot yeah right now done OK maybe you could have. Three or four tries three or four tries I don't know I guess talking. So do we have to get a ploy year. No arbitration I'd we agreed we Muller reasonable man oh now I only did he works too closely with you open and it's as I need apply it fairly. But here on this I need somebody. Completely impartially and India like Taylor certainly would be about option you admit that you're not gonna do it. They're gonna fail. No it's almost certain really you're gonna me. So I'm taking steroids. Are not really I'm gonna you're really going noon yeah even in war era and Floyd reached the that's the thing with steroids like how do you get them. Yeah I got a match up your doctor if you can. How are you gotta probably knows somebody that works out. Oh I was asking my buddy Arizona where he did steroids and he says that Ollie the Monday retire again. He's territory like that says go to the gym look for the you know the thickest student and come up with a phrase if you're gonna go to a gym. And try to get steroids what would your phrase be. Got the rule it's brutal if it's too I do all the and he is melee requirements and enhancing. All Ph.D. No matter for me eight PE DE that he got up and. So okay so your point one point of negotiation here Nicki is saying is it has to be on October 2. One year from the date of this recording Taylor what do you feel about that I think that's perfect YOK. What about this what do five blowout and ACL. There's always excuses. What are you ready this place. I don't know do we like they sit back. Well for any amount at pioneer out is one Izzy take her tear doctor's appointment Lilly. Hello Atlanta Seattle that's I like it see you find dean like some scanner online Indian local and you. Rule and then so. Here's Brady I don't think steroids can help you I am at dunk calculator dot com period according to this goalposts listing. Etsy goal post ten feet yes your height six feet. Two inches yes we're standing reach we did this earlier about eight feet yeah it's about eight feet here and eat it at that now. And then your weight 185 correct yeah. I think has last month excellent. Benefit that with pre. I've travertine Joba do you need a 24 inch vertical leap to touch the rim. But it's not just act because the basketball as one yea high so I'll actually need a thirty inch leaked his you don't. Don't say dunk a basketball. Home I could hit. She didn't say. You're gonna do with this year all right yeah you do need we need someone I'm really are united in our narrator Ollie act. Or unity just touched the brand now and done a golf ball an NBA an NBA sized them. And I Campbell leave then it. I'm telling you I know him we've been working together finally nearly an hour I used to excuses. Let me tell you story it's a fun story to gambling story. So this professional golfer. Who's going to play golf with a professional gambler and a card player. And before they go home. He says okay. Wall play shot for shot but it. On each hole I get to pick up the ball and throw it once I get one throw her hole and beyond. The professional golfer says okay that's fine. So they both tee off they're both OK. The golfer. Gets his next shot right up to the hole. The professional gambler goes into the in the sand trap. Before the golfer goes up to putt for the win the golfer the professional gambler grows hang on 12 my take my throat now. Walks up to the golfer's ball picks it up and throws it in the water and says. You're hitting four on the other side of the drink. C.s that's why it's very important when you make a bet. Did you lay it all out there I just didn't realize what kind of personal deal and it does put it down and write you wonder if what if I could've done. Michael if I can done now he can't trust me I don't mean you just don't seem like a guy that done. Yeah. Out in the hall I. Don't see why you guys jumped up and he came back. Only now I am so tired and needs her. Only it's true it's true it was that even on my best day and guys like remembered I mean honestly. You're over forty right the only authority is that's not about me and the kicker in okay. Now let's let me ask you guys if you're gonna have to Dong within a year. What would you do. I would back every kernel and Sony thinks it's. I. You've already need to go to the gym every guy I ain't right right regardless of whether I'm gonna done in line year. And though maybe that the mere commodities and no I listen. I will say if I don't it's basketball this may be the greatest accomplishment in my life yeah because having kids. I'm pretty is that right right well. Thank you all didn't let it cool people can't done. Most people most people I don't that's true I would put me and a and note and it's very small you get it done you know swagger mirror at least. Okay air so into a plaque it's gonna laugh here's and here's the other thing. If I do dumb I'm gonna need to be paid with a comically huge check. I would just like I mean I. I don't want like a little check. Like a normal I would just guess and Nadia I well not well I did so that I can walk around town with a hold above my head. Might almost is so excited about this bad Obama being that. They found the biggest sucker at their light and wonder of Brady would pay me 500 dollars to train him. I've thought about that I could spend 900 dollars on a personal trainer he and then still win the bad. And then take a hundred dollar win Kazaa and that's we had done. I mean not locked up CEO and today. Brady ID can dunk this personal goal of Peoria. No it's true and I really when I say it because I've been offering people this met for awhile and nobody's taken it which has been my excuse. Because I wouldn't go. All I wanna don't Nolan take game. What I need motivation like this to get cheated on why haven't even working Thomas or thirty years and no I don't think ever ever cared enough. But now I do a thousand dollars whole Lotta market. I do love your passion but it's not gonna happen again sorry have you heard I've read a book once called the men looked at 100000 dollar brass. He wore implants for a year for a 100000 dollars. I've never heard about it's a good book rusher with you. Are their photos yeah he was on like Johnny Carson or whatever Dave Letterman news. I wanna be that type of guy and now I am thanks to use so it's already a win. For a year can I do it now. Can't it has to be indoors. And I didn't even think in and out audience. Too many variables and my thing my trip on Iraq I mean there's all oral fine parameters liquidity. In the wind caused me a problem you belong to a gym. When you say belong to have a jam Amber's. You know listening into gyms and no. I drive by Jim I haven't jams that we can do you know them. Via. A are you today here. We're gonna need to do when not a lot of people are round. No I invite every inning come and where it's going to be on a Tampa based the live we're gonna get TV stations here there we can all agree that this is probably a huge mistake on my behalf I really have no idea of the fact that no one's taking you up on this that scares Neil doesn't OK you're like the easiest thing I -- -- like. Obviously I'll take that bad all day I might make more money. Well. I only think about putting in a grand down or at least 500 dollar I mean I'm like really only thirty inches here to gain thirty inch for it can. It wouldn't you take pictures. People jumping in the air you know you hardly move okay. Went this. Way you do this if I am able to dunk. Will you let me don't go on your head the second go round way like I stand under yeah and then I don't do we make a poster out of it. If I can ensure your haven't you heard of the term poster sized yup closer rise and now you haven't heard it. Near hang on let it remain any amount of somebody and I mean I ever and I. Let's see. Like wind story gets poster I don't actually physically have to look at lake that. Low all recruit and re create that he'll agree to let you do anything actually done because I don't. Okay. Don't lie you have to OK look I might get by. I. I can just measure rain a lot like a seven by twelve sheet of paper but here's the thing you'll understand that I already have some amount of vertical yeah French right and also you're not counting like. Might tip toes in there which is another good. Two inches right you jump right off your tip to hunt. You're going to be dribbling and two steps. To stems from our I know it's I can't really able. But I I can night like the I can I can. As does is it looks like a legal NBA don't write you mad men but now that I know that you have this bowl. Nobody said it was a basketball so now I have to say like no step latter's no hay bale right well I don't believe that we get a little trampoline. Right I want you to jump right here let's let's show your product is unbelievable. You're never. You didn't media I felt him jump based on Taylor's here we go here. I'm gonna that is why you signing I'm worried that a moment like jumping and landing honor right. Paying him now. Hang on. Have wrapped up rabbit you know as he hit me yeah you know say I would hate you. Pitino. Who like him who. Phone lines and does that make you a little there is a little nervous. But you use Steve now. I mean. All of your focus was on it John your hands learned doing any thing there are a lot of more and you know I mean it's not about adjusted jumping contents you have to get the ball in. Cash. I don't so bad. The other basketball hoop by your house no sitting there wow. Blouse and you do not have a gym membership I'd Unita gym membership and I do agree they are asking. Like with other adults. Current or and in if you are can now. Before I moved I had a basketball hoop. And how we Jews. Listen I would dunk on my seven year old daughter really all the time on a like eight foot tall rim. All the time you're so already then you are so. So so one here October 2 is the plan. And we're gonna bring on the next episode. When it name for this I was thinking about mayor Goodman. Nor is he I can't do it BG. Or how about that puts another name BG dunks things. PG. CRT cell lung X 2018. OK so on our next the sort of monitor. So one we're gonna take and I have a I have a friend that has like a GM it's not really jam. It's a place for people go to rehab and raid after injuries they do some yoga classes stuff or is that the other temporary court and that's probably where I'll end up. The understood you understand train like a ten Beers yesterday. Who yummy though did you. So. I guess once you note that. I know I may very valid citing I mean I feel good about that part of you do have a decent article right now and did not count on. But yeah I mean who knows that this year's gonna throw out I don't know. I'm really worried about blowing out in the years and and now lose and then you know because as he gets. Closer. Each practice or each workout becomes more dangerous. And risk of injury early becomes a problem now. We did open up the phone lines earlier on the show and they said they thought I should go for wow yeah. Now what we're gonna do here's are gonna do here's my plan right half of a more brain dead in what you're a tough one of. What are these upcoming episodes because this is gonna live on a podcasts. Break because I'm going to be able to deal with on the air. Because that will hurt may go too much but. It'll be a pod cast and the series of videos now we're gonna go and do three. Test and see really how high can jump right now on C were kind of shape command. And then you'll update with the videos every so often we're gonna bring in an arbitrator. Great and somebody that can deal with that owner bring in some it's good vision boards and Blake Oprah style I don't make a vision board. Second picture myself dunking in my head. I'm gonna bring in some way it's a personal trainer. Your. Name getting nervous and you're gonna cost you aren't just you know it. Q about their services for free greedy you're 185000 dollars to learn thousand dollar wasn't. We be worth the win I'm starting to think like an expense that thousand dollars for motivating Brady create content. Like I can get the company's underlying it all out we both fixed period ended up seriously and then who also my gonna bring in well I'm definitely an aim to bring in a trainer how many to bring in health alert cheerleaders. Cheerleader as she loses and I I need to find out about using steroids. And and I because I think that's a move that's should be it's not illegal. As part of the bad it is I mean is illegal in real life yeah that's from Syrian here's a thing as it has been illegal. I don't know I think it's a scale race analysts keep talking about it and if it is looking diagonal so Taylor if you come up with any ideas on us say Nikki. Happy birthday first off thank you for this bet and I look forward to our next episode in May. The person. Who shares and checking account with me win rate ran so Margie went again you know and trust and it Taylor York. Bots. The blood. I am so excited here's a thing I'm all about birdie people on the I love that you know every chase you think I'm all about that putts with something like this where you are over the age of forty yes you. We practiced your copying and that's not the greatest I really. As a as I really don't think you can do that I'm sorry if I do do regular beer tummy some of the goods or zero to something. Writing yes there it is that's episode one of BG dunks to when he eighteen. More updates to come stay. Of today with the podcast and on our blog at 997 point com.