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Friday, August 31st

This week, our guest is the OG of the old man dunk universy, Raytown's own, Andy Nicholson! He went on a dunk journey a few years back and it has taken him far beyond his expectations. 

Check out his doc online and his dunk camp! A great guy and a great chat!

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I. It. So that's audio from a video that you can see at V don't camps dot com. I just over the past couple weeks IA was just it's. You know being an obsessive about this donkey and found a guy online goes buys the over there held to bunker. And he runs a thing called that don't can't. And so this is the guy that I focused on and gotten a weird way to visit the guy who's been taking up a bunch of my mental time recently. His name's Andy Nicholson and Obama to bring him on the phone we're gonna talk to him on this episode of BG dunks 2018. Andy welcome and thank you for taken your time to join us on this episode. Absolutely asked. If we're excited talk here is very fun. So anyway let's start with you local connection. And where you grew up before we get into your journey. Born in grade not to for a lay there and recounts class in 1990 played out well there every ounce out pretty. Well now legendary eight. How critical basketball. Program. Sufferer but late grip and my community actually went undefeated on the state championship and last year we got back into the mr. hall of fame. I race wrote president cardinals MI right yeah out partner got it. That's awesome okay so we love great sound already out of the gate worries because obviously you're not quite the basketball player and high school. Well I of course I thought I would. But I I was an incredible scene and we had me at Q. He made that we're recreate side pretty much every school in the country. And raided you know very highly combat high school. I'm being honest I was much more of a role player put an actress. It's there. Dude I couldn't make it. The varsity. On a team. In high school and I had 34 people my graduating class that's how bad I was. I'm often OK now I love the game of basketball but that's how bad now. Now I was quarterback of the football team in this tiny tiny school but. So I'm not a complete failure yet not a complete non athlete but I am pretty close which you don't in high school. And that's that the an argument he's my teammate. Have talked about the kids. I was it lake. Strata courses over and over and over again and I backed and it net net net net net it like out I announcement. So we admit that I Graham. Knew then what I knew now I would have. That I think would have made. I don't get high school but in villages. Dunk. That happened and I'm glad. I thought I'd love like guys beware look at my first thought we says it's wrong I'm. Word. On the wonder then that GM. And you know and I'm looking back in there and everybody down gone. Because I think it was probably a couple of do. I don't go well I'm not gonna measure utter secrets safely and we will yeah I would hit and put. Now I don't figure out 40. Some that I of didn't ask but I think I should is how tall are you. Without you know final. OK okay what kind of shoes do you prefer the donkey and that's a big question for me. You and my neighbors are the Jordan between nine. Yeah and you might feel really get around those that are two years old now that. I've tried a lot of difference you mostly and I keep yeah. You know. My fears that I've done and it was definitely enjoy and try panel. Also director Kirby nines and lower and then more recently. I'd like the ninety Packard down blows. From between seventeen as well. And those that are around for the mining. Can't camped on the ground in particular still online for. A hundred bucks and then. I've heard meg kind of look like the hardens. My Google researchers said the hardens are pretty good Dong Kim. How much of a factor though really is your shoe. At the hope you know. Like I think my best serving days it's now happening in George Conant than. I thought oh Yonkers. And there's a pretty strong consensus that's favored among a lot of doctors at George. It into the pump and a little bit there as I can get there. He got from the freedom on its. Brand knickers in here. Okay now hang on though I am putting them in my Amazon cart as we speak on government ahead and I'm OK I want to talk now about your journey to donkey didn't do it in high school. There is so like a thirty minute documentary that you made. Or had made about your journey to dunk. Please take us through the story of your documentary you don't have to spoil it though if you don't want to but tell us about your journey. So lots and you'll enjoy it that the the term that basically is you know I got a few. Basketball. It can still play. All the time now 46 foot. We announced it about 839 and it is now. Huge fear of turning forty teacher getting old and still play our basketball. Yeah and transcended my crisis saying I'm thinking. Right now I don't wanna get old and and that it is by the time when you few instances. Seven years ago but I'm cute they're really getting popular there and there's viral video of this guy here he's followed dunking Petrino he didn't Jacob Hacker. Kind of an unknown college player but yet it don't do video by the little idea. Played a small B three schools and send them on the line. And you really can't tell you better this win certainly create I saw that video. And that became my bank okay I'm 39. I wonder package stopped before it turns forty. Yeah and down started there. And buried searched like crazy. Trying to find the right program that is under them online and I found on that might put that on the deal and so. I think you know. But my credit card numbers and ordered the programming. And it went crazy and about Google and the traitor I don't. Eleven weeks. Of ordinary that dealt well. I've been working on this. Eleven months in. Now I I will say I have been not dunked yet I have been. Officially tried because I'm worried I'm gonna try. And not be close and it's gonna crush mean mentally. But the have you been practicing on lower ran. My trouble. Remember we're never even thought about it sucking his skill. In good morning good to very Ugandan side here a lot of guys in this car in the high school. In your hockey when you're really good because you know me you've written and answers. You know stop a law. Some of that. Course the higher you get the year here. The little ball didn't go when you get down to like. You know in an inch or so where you did app like everything looked perfect it goes double for the group. Yeah if you will get better at it realizes the actual skill dunk the ball. You know not losing the ball. You know I mean it correctly and so on. You're success rate in ago hired yeah I'm talking pro darker. Days they'd crack even today these guys that can. Do every county in anger on conceded to practice on programs. Or common technique just on the turn on your dog joke I would either command even on like at nine for a man. If this skill. You'll get better dribbling shooting got to practice and and dumped in different skills so. That's who want to consider the I think. Apparently let's go back to your documentary and you it's a thirty minute doc but essentially you follow yourself over those eleven weeks. Well enough happening like day every angle of you know the dog you know on the eleven weeks. And then I can get past that I can get this until very basic one handed dunk. And my goal at that beginning really that really hard without you can't. And I did that kind of putt one in the dark and kept trying to program over and over again. And it's not real natural for me it's like when I stopped trying to break. Avert their starter Trent again. Go up and down up and down up and down. And I would go to net kind about the level like you know one and a dark outfit. And so there's parts years down into the process. We did before I even start the document that. A cut to the point whereas like. The week of school docking. Now that came out of it at that little kid watching. Michael Jordan Dominique Wilkins and Butler had nineteen fire slam dunk contest. I know what you're being I don't contests. And so it more. Penetrated turned on as forty. This is probably even crazier. What about during an my first song contest on another. Restart goal. So that became. I'd be in the news though I'm as he can be had our contests and that they had only done it ample time now on. And I'm like 4344. You know it's kind of a third sitting at their goal and having. A big deadline like you do like your ballot which you gotta hurt. It is yeah yeah navigate. On when you know you have there. They're reach that goal it provides content on the motivation and so. I found out about don't cost that was coming out that was about. Because it's time and I am really started out at me the six month away. He and dance for you outward as it's that lack of a looming. And it's a that are that Goldman you know of the you don't wanna change in the okay but does that. Data coming factory provide that extra motivation be better. Here it's summer training. That for the document follows from my journey from stocking up forty and then and then beyond the China. Breach that floor. Perhaps you'd create your goals being in the dunk contest as an age 44. It's amazing ire really makes me regret not being better about filming this journey I mean I've done the podcast but it's not quite the same it's easy to find just Google. Over the hill don't Kirk. It even shows up on IA MD BC you have your own I am DB page we can do the math on how close you are to Kevin Bacon exit six that's a last. But started I AMD beat. And so. After the documentary after the dunk you turn this thing into a hole can't talk to us about that don't can't. Brady might feel like you know your kind of gone in this country be pursued and yet there are there for awhile but you start chain. Knowing your dreams we have like that. They're they're a lot of people out there. News. That ticket we want it done. And so of course that certain of success with. But they had declared you know like treaty forward and says yeah you do it or objection and I can. Which is really mind actually I'll provide a lot more motivation because. Are almost became like I couldn't stop it here people kept coming at me saying hey we don't mean injury here. And inspired me in and so that that a pardon me keep going and and I you know without social media without YouTube without Amsterdam. I don't know pilots that kept going but it kind of turned into the snowball that kept. Well now on the mound getting bigger bigger anyway it. I got the point where eyesight and picking me. Years. There needs to learn all the things I learned about jumping in banking and it actually. It would do it in and then you think. Packets and now aren't you sharing. Lots of little things in Atlanta the kindness of improvements. That are from a lot of other anchors and and I had to you know and stop this from about soccer in the world spent several days or an army lieutenant governor George until can't handle it. Being meaning you can activate in their soccer though there's. Many orphanage or until and it also in my document name. We'll post that it. He's the guy that amount in the all star game a year ago on the jeans and and dumped so where guys called in gave players it would create yet but it will fire up some people noncombat. It would expense silent and and now lyric forward aid. Nonstop talking and asking questions and talking with all the so we dockers. And we have people travel industry in Florida I totally firm I mean you can't have a could have afforded it could be different offense. I could have gone all the the basketball can't come on out like it can't. So what's the learn itself fine if you're you know you're really into it like I am. I don't cantor makes sense mr. Clinton donors are organizing and and some of that the first country in the world some of us trainers. That I now from center of focus on this area of athletic development. That's where they don't cancel on them we had a couple months ago in its and that the athletes come from seven different countries. And toward guys getting their first dunk on ten feet. Oh in their life. Camp it was just epic yeah I was. Imagine having your very first dog in a handful of dockers some of them are the best soccer in the world it was celebrate that. We hear and interpret reality is like. The so rewarding to be part of that he had one guy who really broke out Cirque crying meant so much and best. He yeah its first sounds as if I had a big passion for it and and so on its you know obviously I'd rather than non keep. Building and hopefully no more I wish you could have come. There are under armed. I'm so bummed I miss that now is this an annual thing. It is in I hope I actually view on it you're more up and it. You know having grown up in Kansas City had a lot of connections there the oh world that incident could be. On our next locations it to bring to camp for a they're listening are there other local the Kansas City in my mind he's. Don't camp coming man can't count for anything officially yet but it. That would be of course one of my neck look at some sort of thing EU. And we are amazing I see on your website. The dunk champ dot com June 24 through 27 and highland you talk you can already signed up pot. Yeah we had such. Strong response to the first on the glass he won the next linemen. Because we have less travel for so far away and the I got from China. Cut from Chile. Four guys from Mexico Lou all the world community cancer wanted to give people. A lot of notice for action is camp's theory we did announce it. And there really good people train and you know wanna get ready prepared for it because. There's a dump contest there. There's not sure that review dance. Some people you know are you know really trying to make that jump on the ovals dunking and it's kinda way to do that then there are guys that never done before. About 40% of our attendees last year. Actually the shared the first camp couldn't dunk. When McCain that can't ask. Nuggets forward guys that can carry on and are now trying to you know if you reach sixty feet on. Shirt now I'm here. Did it at her dunking yeah which I'm telling you. I've said this several times and that's why watching that video that I played to start this up to set off for the guy which I assume is his first don't ever. I tell people if I do this I think it'll be the greatest accomplishment in my life. And and I have three kids. It. Didn't have a well I I I actually think about the people that you know maybe. It's here where. I don't if you have a passion for it and it is some term really special though about. Itself fairly good flammable and the group that is something very. Find radical and I wanna keep doing it from a contact. While you have in the scheme of things you know being a father and other countries it's. It sounds silly but I get it you know. I mean but it's a physical it's a physical thing. That not a lot of people can do and it's one marked it's like it's not oh I dropped my if my five K time by 10%. This is that either you can dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim more you can. You know let me ask you couple more things now I do want to mention in what one thing I love about the don't campus when you register for a you do get like a twelve week training program. Is this the same one that you originally worked on or you've adjusted or you've come up with your own because that's part of signing up for the done camp. The guys lemon and party have matching programs years I can that's fine and others. Yours looking toward something here or watching things that are rated at starting out they have no idea. How to go about training. You know that little it definitely need you know. Eager you know again. For a trainer. Bottom don't like really specialize. On. Stood jump higher and in your view overall. Strain their you know. Agility and and think it's more general type programming for the there's more specific set. Opinion on tree here you're jumping. Just to be quicker for dunking so yeah that is part of it and in some athletes they candidate and then you know some are at a program out there relax they're pretty mixed the first camps and guys that have been training for a long time. And what do you learn entry price certainty this is. Only change. Normally get to know your body and how it works and what works best for you. And so will. I've been up programs now entering on an app now where you know idle. I wanted to use them Jeanette generic or general program. Larry I have a great idea war it helped me get the best result in. Are they go to different. So we don't and its give everybody like the same exact program. It'll work for some people on homework for because it. Attacked about that you are ancient and weaknesses and inflict on. Okay what if I'm all weaknesses. Can we adjust. Now so listen I have three more big questions I wanna ask. One. I found it quite interesting on your website with some your videos. Is the mental aspect of it and I was kind of excited to see you guys. Kind of bush set to the forefront as being very important talk to me about the mental aspect of daunting. And I think it's huge. Especially when you're really close. Indeed reaping a particular realistic bullet now like you can get criticized saying. Or something and retirement. Between the lakes. You know you can't even count yet. But. That the middle Carter. Visualization and acting Helm me personally in ignored agreement and into the camp and I think we. Thank you. Not an interpreter regret what I mean. We underestimate ourselves alive. And I excelled at that time at camp. Because. We tested our athletes on they want. Infected in the get on base for. And you know honestly giving them out of that matters about asking that quote together because Ford aides. Is like nothing. In terms of trying to see improvement in her job right it typically take. Weeks months even years. To see progress. On year on vertical job. 83%. Are actually. Truth on that note that jumped. Look at the not so vertical with a beautiful approach. 80% of true dominant. And he percent approve on the full approach. Which is it on a victory because. Not a lot has changed enough like they got stronger. There is tired now because we've been talking jumped in my country for four days. But let me change. Very that mindset. They've now been exposed to go around guys to hurt his. Phenomenon happily. Hand I think these days that demanded it may have put on themselves coming into the camp among what possible. It is when. He's he's. Your guy is China that are and they for the first time in here Agilent is at a program. It can change you know you and here these guys probably never seen them until that time person yeah. Believing what possible. And then using visualization. And yourself. You know be successful in doing it. Yeah we we brought in here in the book where it's coming and ticket through. A couple of last session and then I. I can you believe like I mentioned before we have four guys but never down on anti before they are pretty close coming at camp you know he. A couple of inches or so way they've never done before. Do you think that amendment coaching that we did. Summer of it and it is well but the mental training. The visualization. Helps them. It goes first. You know you've got to believe that there it goes see yourself doing it. You know it's funny because. The trainers and I'm working whereas here in town my buddies drew and Ethan. They Ethan says look don't over think it picture your goal in your mind and your body. We'll do all it can sometimes I over think it and I end up stutter stepping his eye approach. He's like dude you're over thinking it. Just picture in your mind what you want to do when your body. Will do it ruined yeah you know so I love that and I also noticed on your done camp regimental looks like to do with a lot of yoga. They have good recovery. The you know up in here with your demotion of flexibility we finish each sailor. With some yoga and president I think part of it is Lanka which cater body. And I recovery processes is probably as important and training you know increase. Well I'm happy who really good job. Breaking their body down. Betraying. That maybe don't do it in the job. Very countryside. Yeah I know it's true okay my next question is I'd been watching it again and it's a little weird how much I've been watching your video or in your stuff lately handy but. I wanna ask about the technique it seems like fuel. Austin and a lot of these may be will call on novice dockers. Are doing either the balance to themselves or having someone so lack of a better term value to it now is that. Because. They can't home the basketball or is it easier. To just jump without the ball in your hand why. And is that some that I should try. Yeah I can talk a lot about that actually that the there's nothing without the ball in your hands for sure he can get a little. The reason for that is your arms swinging. Can PP bureau at your arms and can actually make a pretty big difference are you jumped. Intrigued you're going in on your approach. Do you have a lot from that awful arms mean benefit you get your journal opera itself sounds off the backboard. You know it's a juggling and that killer talking up the drivel is much much harder. Today. Ducking off around here. Or a lob or off the backboard you can. Can you loosen up on excellent. Now is that when you're talking about practicing even on a lower rim. Is that what I should be doing should do you would you suggest. Off the backboard or the bounce to myself because technically for this thousand dollar bet I don't know that anybody can lob that Toomey. You get up yourself ready to it now for finished. Shooting her really really I shot area. But about from your time. On the Syrian government don't get. That's probably if you if you can't have to learn all that you get done by far I was there. Is it sometimes is in Brent Carter. And it cost the ball underhanded. The match prospered it would give the ball is a little bit of other hand. And needs time they're dying as president will be either through. You get it to get the top because. I don't really have to know you get past there. In neither of these really good at that ninety out yet if someone can can can yeah I get top need to be just above her hand on the timing at signature right. But you can now the other day it I'm if you could probably only be as low as. Three or four inches. Over their hands full docket. Friday. Let us that's going to be your year. Okay that's what I've kind of been thinking just because I've been watching yours so laughed and I think all that must be the way to go away. I'm now in this bet I can dunk a WNBA ball. If I Wear a dress. But still which might help with the calming of the ball so I wouldn't necessarily have to. Dribble. Yeah and yes for guys say yes you can actually call the ball. And then not and also I don't have amateurs and across a month if you can call the ball where it says that he will be able to actually comment. Yeah then. But I don't think it's issued fans as well because it's kind of the same principle if you can get it that also look at other hand you can Fletcher has found them you can. Probably get it. It's been 334 engines and other. Okay on now here's a weird twist I wanted to talk to you about this may be more medical but I feel like you'd be a good person asks oath. Back in high school. I injured my left ankle and didn't properly rehab that now I'm right handed so typically if I were gonna do a layup parade dunked naturally. I would jump off my left play great dislike if I was gonna do a lay up. Right now would run and go off my left leg now because I never rehab that I have limited mobility in my left ankle. Making my right leg a whole lot stronger. So I'm kind of stock because. Among a lot better off. Jumping with my right leg but it's unnatural. To do that you know because I've always because I'm right handed. What's the solution and indeed now. Well today you have jumped today. Which which form you know get tired after your. Well you know that which you've always done earlier right for a. Re now normally what I've been doing like when we're doing testing at the gym I go tour the facility I go to I'm going off both feet. Why don't get. You're you're you're going to be at your foot jumper Fredricka yeah. I I think I passed in Africa and are you doing hey left right or wrong order right left. OK this is weird I'm in the studio here on and I have to and have to practice although I think go left. Right. Well. So like your fire going towards around on the go left right John. Towards my right side. It's your last heave that. In cricket big step with his left foot and they're isolated. Comment and a in it we need to go out to pasture. And yeah yeah I would highly recommend. Practicing. You know on an elementary school where you have a group or deductibles. On them where you can start practicing. If the skill. Dunking him and down. I mean yeah I didn't think if you get way about their program settlements now all the time is thicker than it's not very good at that actual guilt. Tickets for grandy and it's going to be easier it's not as you can make it out to be so you want to practice your skill. And dunking the ball really working on footwork. Because like your your friends said you wanted to Vienna float stage. One man on October 2 your army thinking about. Okay. The worship which cannot learn for the de. La all of the years that. And done it in serie a goal that started ninth he maybe he'd have to order out. And salaries. And in an example of the higher than October 2. And count probably never. It can be hide maybe you're in the crowd there that you plan. Yeah it is you can get a couple inches probably stay. I don't know even have to practice tolerated and but if you haven't cracked and just making dunk. But your body don't feel like him make it dunk. Even a bit dollar program. You years you're making it harder than it. Let me tell you this now I haven't over the last few months but Indy when I was a kid look. I'm bow your age and so I was all about I had the original Jordan's. Our reward Jordan's. To prom and graduation in high school in my backyard. I had like eight foot full court now it was on grass and dirt. But I had to we wheeled my buddies. My Buddy Ryan he lived next door and he had an adjustable rim so we wheeled him over we're playing on grass and we would have. Dunk contest. We would done jump off stuff I have some weird pictures of me. In high is black like junior high I'll say junior high Don King on an eight foot rim because we would take pictures from like low to make it look like early dunking. So while I have they're like Q I've been obsessed with this my whole life. And I just I didn't could never do it and I never really had like. You know a thousand dollars to go or old age to go look dude this. You know Mike you said you gotta get there man you gotta work out today you've got to go in a certainly. Now you know I have these guys that are professional might doctors in there. Physical therapist helping me because if I if a war for them I noted just gone and Ben do and a bunch of school Watson. And calf phrases but they're working on my ankle mobility. Come on do I gotta say if you can't tell by my ranting and raving I'm feeling the pressure. A yeah but you can do it that's the thing is it's not something that's impossible for me team in creating it out there bird. I can't say this term plan experience and I'm not like. Genetic freak. But I can do it a lot of other guys in the balance everybody can do it because. But if seeing. Not everybody could dunk you eat and think they're. That it's not like people. Not everybody can can do but I think if you trainer it. Yours recently. Reasonable Lafley like you know it's in Eritrea are LeBron James here appear in an outer definitely you know and put in the work. Absolutely believe you can do and I think probably. Describe here you know better than they have in the U. Appeared to train Craig correctly. I'm coughing could hear them. Dude I gotta say thank you you'll hero I'm so glad I found you on line you're an inspiration. And here's the thing I've said this to several people so this doesn't go just for dunking. But goal on a journey. A physical journey that seems impossible it is an amazing experience a mare. Oh my gosh I can go off are you on and on about. So many. Dreams have come through for me the facts are that you're earning about seven years ago I had no idea. You know I dreamed of being in Sports Illustrated for example of the kid article about the ball where. And it never happened so he would accountants or toaster because of the treaty journey. I was in Bleacher Report. I've created on campus because I decided to go for that this treaty during that that's kids yeah I I couldn't agree more. Here you are inspiring so whether or not somebody wants to dunk I hope when they hear this is often in these episodes. I talk about fulfilling goals. And your mindset and chasing stuff that seems ridiculous so. You're journey is inspiring beyond. Us non don't Kurds. But it's it's really inspiring your attitude is amazing I love just just you know from talking to you for this last half hour or so and and I'm just. If you're positive attitude. Emanates on line and I appreciate that and and I really do thank you so much. I'm gonna here's amen to do Ullman a goat I found. A place here in Johnson County ill concealed house they're gonna let me go and lower the rim on Friday. I'm gonna find you on Twitter and send you some video Sify king gimme some much critiques on my technique my first real trial for the last year correct. Yep and so there definitely. Can give you a few poignant thing culture. Seniors and there's the term little nuances that ultimately help you. You're himself except. Thank you thank you thank you Andy Nicholson you confine him all over the web. The over it isn't over or the overweight do and it's just over the hill doctor ordered Jackie got net V two it. Over the hill Dong Kyrgyz Google that you'll find him. That dunk can't. The dunk can't dot com it's all on Twitter it's all on FaceBook it's all on hints to grant to watch his documentary find him on nine MVP. And could see some of these videos it's inspiring. And beat Mickelson from great town represented the cardinals of 1990 the couple. Think she its undefeated but thank you so much it was truly an honor thank you for joining me on this episode of the PG dunks 28 C. And collector out of their important got on October 2.