#BGdunks2018 Ep 16 Drew and Ethan from TruMove - The Two Month Mark .mp3

Tuesday, August 21st

On this episode I talk to the two guys that have been my ONLY hope in making this dunk. Drew is the owner/operator of TruMove and Ethan is a PT at TruMove.  I'm down to less than two months to pay off this bet, yikes.


#BGdunks2018 Ep 16 Drew and Ethan from TruMove - The Two Month Mark

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All right here we go with another episode I call upon force 1 because I am on location troop movements like a 105 and Metcalf this is where I'm doing Omar workouts the size of stuff like doing home. All the work outside to I work with drew who's been on the podcast a couple times. And Ethan we're gonna bring in here in a moment but the update is some about a month and a half full way. From haven't either dunk a basketball. Or pay a thousand dollars though we did some testing originally we've done some testing. Now today and done drew any thinner here to help me break it down. Drew we just its own testing. How did you think he'll win. They took while we weren't at the lineup numbers for you wouldn't do that yet but. Just their looks like you've shown some improvement and only showed a jump a little bit Ryan definitely has shown its Iron Man. I feel like I can jump through the roof freight like just walking around her sometimes you know because some weird all jump to my house and touch the stairs so I feel like I can jump a mile. But then it's not quite eight reflected here why do you think that is. I mean not that it's not resist it's all mental at home or holy jumpin when I'm really slick really feeling good about myself at home what do you think is going on I am impressed with the way that you Dylan Dylan so you've you've definitely shown more improvement and I think I thought he would at the beginning south I think I say it all the time without you and your team here I wouldn't be anywhere close and they wouldn't even be when he beat tarmac. I wanna talk to east and who will bring him in. He you've been let's start with your background first and then we'll talk about all the odd amount of time we've spent together. So. What is your order official title. Like not here to like what education do you have gimme that. Shares saw at my undergraduate degree in athletic training and I am a certified athletic trainer. On top of that my certification and certified strength and conditioning specialist now. I coach and also to stock their physical therapies don't Clinton hands so while their love athletic training mark was getting my doctorate in physical paper in San Antonio now. Up analysis what's massive program man man has also worked and went to a women's football team most on the. I'll really gas that's awesome so is your goal. You or is it a different tracks BofA is like if you wanted to work with the royals are the chiefs is that a different track. Are you on that route is out which you long term what's the ordeal like this where you're not necessarily deal worth super athletes for people more like myself. Layman if you will in my lame is that lame in Tennessee limited I'm not married thirty years in Grafton on that are so like is that something news is that a complete. And we. Different type of tracked beyond saying yes and no. It's a different track as far as a career positions go ramat now I can affect more people this way to work with not only athletes but athletes and you know our everyday right in warrior type people as well. Oh to get in professional sports a lot of it is building up by year's experience and I went into it and from the ground up when mark got to stay in it exactly right. But no way. This job in particular working in this type setting putt and it reads why miner number of people sure not be tied down no one team's exit it. Let me ask you this when you say I'm a physical therapists are you tell somebody what you do what you do for a living. What is the biggest. Misperception. Of what people think you do. You know and I mean like what do people assume. It may end up being. Wrong Austin. So I did it a lot does what athletic training and physical therapy and I LC the people young as someone to finish exercises. Policy mandated that it's it's not bad at all know. So they think your like a personal trainer from gold's gym exactly. Which you kind of bar with me even not really yet it's not just. Let's make your muscles bigger it's just the thing about which you guys have done. Because even if at my best if I was gonna try to do is dunk I would have gone and done a bunch a calf raises a would have done a bunch of squads. But it. Okay let's make it about me again even talk about what we found out about me and how that. Was different what we did then it would have been if I was just at the gym myself. Sheriff's originally when drew. Evaluated its beginning and found some limitations imposed your hip and your ankle range of motion. And without that range of motion you have decreased ability to load into your legs and actually produced enough for us in power you need. Complete this out right where burn itself. If you would have just wins are strengthening in now are on the range of motion it wouldn't onion essentially right and I'm getting a ticker rubber band but the are and it's stretched a lot of energy. So he had to work on that first and then specify that way which muscles or weaker and arrange more attention and others. It's solid base seats John that's what I would've done I would have known any of that rain. The mobility story. And I think you hit own kind of going back to the Christie asked eaten about missed misperceptions of what has got their peers I think. Historically we're looked at Tennessee. Due to UC LU gatherings have weak area and he go or done here I'm where is. I personally am biased of course feel like we have a much wider range in terms of assessing. People prior to entry. I'm figuring out what they need to do to improve the performance. I'm but also prevent entry and that's regularly did eating come in with a knee injury came in with a goal right and so we found out what's limiting you from the goal address those limitations we have the capability. And and build off of that and I think really that's where we. And could have a great disinfectant and what we have to do is teach people to be. To understand that come to us as like their primary care of movement a muscular. Rattled no you're right activists outside of knowing you the only time I would have never gone to physical therapy is if I would've had a hip replacement or blown out a knee. Rate right so. And it makes now that I've been coming here so much I did it how are where we end use specifically. Gonna change that paradigm in America right because now it's all about treating. The ill or the injured. Rape and everybody knows our should be better and I should work out summoned some people liked. I walked twice a day or I walked three times a week how. How how do you switch that. Re all aware and were working really hard and Hulu and as far as changing the name of the company that trying to address that and because it is. A huge misconception I mean I've known you for quite a few years uneven and even after all this and after going through this he gave me a call couple months ago sandy to go the I must have to remind act and it was it was must just yet it was the right muscle strain they just. Got a little over excited about I guess it's really hurt right but if you had not known you write it up in the ER Compton. No I certainly would have gone to my regular doctor and if he would've known let's just say. He would have known that it was a muscle thing really given me muscle relaxer is right maybe some painkillers and here and we know. In the worst case scenario how that can end up. That that doesn't necessarily. Delays coming to us and I didn't really the thing is the scenery and get us. The quicker we can resolve or somebody does the healing we just have to give it to rob right opportunity to heal. And going through the medications and extra isn't horizon delaying NTC special is that now your chronic pain pacing anonymous too patient it takes longer to treat. Meaning. Let's say because we don't we have a mutual friend that had his hip replaced so. Do you think that it's started gone bad just and he just waited until it was almost too late you're out to your saying Matt what needs to happen as people go all. My hip doesn't feel right when I walk upstairs in the morning. Well even before that I think we need to start haven't perspective that you need to come and give assessment of it wants while just like you wouldn't dent right at December 6 months. Not because you have cavities every six Brian you'd go and get it checked up all right and then you budget. Activities are things are supposed to do you brush your teeth influence and all that sort of stuff they used for Steve fifteenth seed don't have cabbies right wing you don't do the same thing for our technology is right for our cars or to writers are teeth in an every house and everything else is not our our physical body. The really the most important thing we don't. Either it's so true. You said it before about the car you take your car every once in while I for an oil change or the tires and sometimes. Right but you don't do that with your body right and why you why is that. Why we clickserve Ali I don't know why is that this is where where equities seemed to be more reactive RA and pro active when it's well where it's hot it's. Because he inserts and the wind experience is designed as we're taught to be reactive because they'll only pay for active and we pray that insurance disposed to pay for health care right. We'll go to the gym but that's not that's not treating things that are. Limiting you that's working around and getting things that you can't be stronger you all right focus on your strengths and not. Work on your weaknesses right. But with our cars Sweden you know have maintenance reports Tom O'Brien has today's mine yells at me if I haven't happened to that hired right in every so often slower and engine light comes on right right. What it is my body's engine light though. Like pain is Syrian tonight but by then it's even. Little T farm and we wanna try to tax but where that clears ignore pain of and we say it it's inconvenience and it will right itself until he comes limiting don't want it to. All right so let me ask you this then we your ideal scenario for the health of everybody in the and for lack of better term culture would be. Every six months like we go to the Dennis we go to some sort of physical therapist where. They would check us no good because like today we did some stretches it's just to see where I was compared to what you you're saying that. We would do that just with everybody every so often right and then I come in the next six months ago he got all all of a sudden I'm noticing you can't bend that far. Right and that's at the minimum and that's actually one of the secret things and changes we actually have the screening tool that we use. I'm now we want people and everybody for free come in every six months and give an assessment. I'm and then will produce activities for them to deal that's based off of their limitations and strengths and and every six months coming to them on speed minimum that we to deal and then. If people to comment and weekly every other week. And they get maintenance work done Wear them we are helping them work on the limitations. And that kind of depends on the person on. How well they do their homework and all right well great food do you think doctors. Would suggest the same thing but don't I mean obviously we go for a health check up every once on a physical every couple years right it's kind of the same deal. Bo Y eight. Does and it necessarily produce the same results. Well first off Le was last and he went to your physical. I mean I know I haven't I know now everybody they're not saying it's little take Harris it's an ingredients right right but doctors would suggest that ultimately. But so why doesn't that happen. And Swede got a team easily when I think about our body and and health and right and I think it's. You know he spends spends so it's time trying to save money in our house by ignoring certain things and and working so hard and and as we get old enough that it becomes a problem. And we're trying to spend all this money to try to restore our awful why don't we spend some money along the way and spend some time along the way to keep ourself awfully sorry overspending and as we get older you have fear right about not being reactive but proactive. Let everybody knows like I can go to the gym. Ray but it's different and it's not the same it's not not going to the gym is like. Is like practice here go when you go and are racing your car you know of on the race race card and speedway or some it's practiced a race the car. We're the maintenance tool we're going in Indian updating the software and rise means change not some parts and fix and some things that need to be addressed so you can perform at your best. At this ended sooner and then doing the activities that you. Variety wired do you think that you guys see a lot of injuries posts and whatever it is post injury post operation. Where do you think people. Just generally. Lack. The most health visit backs is it legs and how much because my wife teaching Joker as she talks about. The people the B and non flexible. And how many other problems that causes like. Tight hamstrings and lower back pain and how all that's connected what do you guys think just as a general. Basic. Wide brush on everybody where do you think we as Americans. Lack health. The most. Well move there early we talk about our big drivers of the body and talk about the stress expire and hits the feet and ankles in the eyes because the big bullies of the body you had a little ones that if you have a limitation in there and they're not necessarily Canon. Displaying areas of the paint. A pain now she's off to one of the other joints of most the treatments we see are shoulder pain neck pain low back pain knee pain and those are the ones that. Tend to get them did the beating from some of the bigger area so. I'm when we address things we dean areas that are limited and not areas that are painful necessarily this. Because that's where the Muslim teachers aren't my cup couldn't and so. So we talked to me about the ankle thing you're saying if it's limited in the ankle where does that reflect. Well a lot of times that's a neat if you can't I'll only come up something's gotta make a difference. And so the need tends to become more stress because it's just to transition join it is a joint the transitions force up and down. And so if the ankles or the hip is. Limiting in some way it's gonna say well I'm not gonna do it so guess what me you're gonna cry and it's not designed to do it right and so than it creates pain and we'll see. And that's where again just generally speaking if I went to a doctor with a knee pain he would look at my week. A doctors typically probably isn't gonna make that connection right yep and announcers on C Diddy to Atlanta area opinions of right and I'm not banging on doctors obviously I respect and I'm glad rehab and all that I just think you're right where. And they seem to be so overworked it's just. Let me ask you about this okay so Ethan when I made this bet October 2 of last year if I obviously made. A miss a valuation in my body brain like I don't even know why did I've always wanted to dunk but I'd made. I don't know a bad choice. Because do you think that's because people can't evaluate. Physically where they are in a realistic manner. I think that's a good assumption I think a lot of times people don't. Realize whether that physics they Wear their abilities are because if you're not testing yourself on a daily basis you're not in that elite athlete level or. Pushing yourself every day you're not gonna necessarily know granular here you man and general idea if you do you know stuff here man you'll have apple idea so. I've talked to. The Andrea moody. Who is the strength and conditioning coach for KU men's basketball. I went back and forth with the royals strengthening conditioning guy a little bit. And it sounded like they both shot my age was probably the biggest factor. Why. Mean obviously our body. Obviously it degrades over time our brain but like MI that. All around toss on you've taken care of yourself turn them on time right night it's you season. You're you started in the last year really doing the job taking care all right frank you've been able to dunk when you're younger. He really work done and maintained it in two teams the level that you are. You know it being a lot easier for you to be able to dunk right now. Is it possible. That no matter what work outs we do in no matter what happens. I was just ages too much of a hump to get over. Is that possible I think he did I think he can do it really think he got to your agent this well it's not like to walk around and walker chloride a variety is Stiller arming and inject him pretty good right and you've been able to work I mean the level nor permit that. People CU has missed significant yeah him. I think you have the capability to potentially do it now more than what I thought at beginning of the real thing I mean I really think eve eve shown. I did say in the last year because the first three months were not so impressive but after that it. I think you get yourself in gear a little bit this. Oh what have we done anything you would be able to speak better than I can about some of the stuff we've really focus on you talk about. The mobility in my ankle but if somebody happens we listen as podcasts and they wanted to dunk. Obviously the testing and let's see where we're at Howard and approve and find out what areas you need this is it Mo what do we what are some of exercises of we've really done to. Push myself up. Cherry ass so we've been working a lot on how aren't forced production through his legs are able to push yourself up off the ground so. As far as personal focus on it now mobility backs April load into the origin motion. No way that's not gonna put too much stress on other joints. But then also just working on your. The boards produced in muscles your clients are clones are cats let's talk and be ones that early and how the expletive off the ground in line single way a variety exercises. I mean your favorite fine and good. So we've done a lot of talk to me about. The boasts who ball what is that called that's the company name right. The posters saying it's the brand and what is that called just. In general if I was gonna search it is there any before you called the votes is off its stake. It's one of the support balls that you see people sitting on a work. 81 of those nerves. It is I love it yes this half of the earth so I'm like just last time I worked out I was doing one leg jumps on and off of why. Like what specifically do I gain there. So that's actually. Working on purpose sells an early in your muscles and it must mean it's true seal so that since 2000 that are going here and ranks right so right right. The muscles. Karen landing on and at very active that unstable surface. And and it's kind of using bring in your nervous system to help produce more forced those muscles that weighs in transit system help it those muscles I'm. That's what that's why that's interesting because that's what Andrea from K youth and said she's like that quick motion too it's not just about being strong. It's fabulous it's quick and having as many. Components your body and at party as possible so I need to teach. All the muscles and all the tissues to respond and all different directions to be prepared for whatever you need to do Randy and I suppose it's essentially caps let's just. Right let's was so strong right right I got a safe to man. You know the other thing about being here and tell me I'm wrong please feel free don't think to hold back true but tell me I'm wrong. The attitude as a physical therapy locations seems to be so much happier than at a hospital. When you're talking about rape because nobody or any doctor's office because again it's that reactive. You know and the game. Here they seem like their scene immediately. Re do you feel like temperatures with your patients. Mean I know it takes several times but it feels so much different than here's a prescription and let's see what happens. When you. We'll also have added benefit that. Physicians don't necessarily have or we get to know you over a long time we see more than you know once every six months where we didn't know Martin aren't. Clients are patients and whomever comes in here. On a personal level. Room and no not only their physical but kind of Connor mostly work on things and everything so yeah I tons you know you hope that the place you're going has a nice welcoming environment yeah. Because it is important and and you need to believe that you can do it. You wanna be able to do again this as much as we need to know solely to say she Brady T done it again I'm gonna go he picked Jerry cans because. I mean the mental aspect of it it's not just the physical it's mental and you need to believe that you can you can do it. But how do you balance that reverse soon we have to be realistic to write your forcefully to lose you know race it's not going to be possible problem right it's gonna be dramatic at the end ice right. But how do I balance realistic. Without. Being negative. To have a negative impact on myself but also realistic so that if it doesn't happen I'm not well we talked we just talked about this this weekend about you move. The most of them are being done this process right you've got really dug yourself. Involved and and have taken it seriously and and just what do you do it or not and you're going to be. A little sad all over with it's going to be depressing PM yes so mean. You really accomplish something we can talk and another date about a also you know have happened. Ye. Convinced yourself and even if she don't. Put him in 98. What you've done the last few ounces can be also. The benefit here but I got back to the hospital question I may hits and a testament maybe it's a testament drew to your hiring. But the attitude around here is so good so positive. That I feel like that's a big help. Not just to me but obviously there's everybody around here over the patience and that the the five is just good. And you know I mean and thinking the positive attitude in the support that I feel everybody's kind of chip burned canonize split super professional. Just write that line very well we. Ever I mean I'm anxious to treats in this urban pretty street feels the same like. The job that we have this. It pretty satisfying because you get to see people improved from the right and we get to see him over Clinton said over time that we get to get them back walking back moving back doing potentially. Dealing and we didn't see that the improvement from day today play and so it's it's pretty easy and Samsung there's plenty of medical field. You know professions that don't have that benefit we're IA you don't just think of a lot of cancer patient that's not mean. We're really I'm blessed and what we do have to listen to see that. Right so. When we started this thing I I haven't just gone through changes but we're originally I think even in the first podcaster was sport and spine now it's true move. And you have the one level. Of you know physical therapy post injury and all that now where we act because I know there are several phases. Yeah we're still working and it's a long process yeah he's accompany him and I've been done and now that the plan has been almost two years in the making entity what we're doing. And and we wanted to right now and we have you know the reactive insurance based on that word we continue to do the best best that we can under insurance world. And we're building stuff that allows what we've been talking about allows you did do what you wanted to lose the clients reach your goals and so we count. Both the proactive preventative for both individuals corporations all in all levels registering to reach and have an impact and has many peoples and costly cantor what we know movement. And that's really our goal our passion and sell lots of things to come and true world fear but credit would do it right sort taking our time. They've taken sub par athletes or maybe making me. Some barely sub par athletes at barely under so Ethan broke quick. I see a lot on FaceBook. And Stuart Graham and online true moves is teasing a one movement that you should be doing every day will use oil that's I don't have to sign up. I don't panic and you can't spot that isn't very long and most definitely if there's none movement. Attic you know we've got to practice and go out things come in and in articles to educate them and we're gonna give the wanton provide a laden so you need it to enacting new two that's and that's our goal find them online obviously found Nassau assuming aren't you know TR UMOZE. Across all social channels that's the website to rate truth Casey dot com true move TR UEMOVE. Casey RUM tonight miss spell it again EC. Her true move Casey dot com's website and all these links will be oral all over the place again I see it as much as I can. Without you guys I would have no chance and drew. And I go back Ethan and I don't. And we just started working together and he's been so gracious when his time with his knowledge with his help with he's been patient with me there's days where. I could probably give a little bit more aware I come to some of the stuff hurts animal lazy and I don't like it. Ethan has been nothing but gracious dude I just can't thank you enough so thank you. They say that's enough budgets and masa you've been a lot of fun to work Griffin and I know your you're really. This not been very cool to work with truth thank you again it's so. Look gimme odds right now so today is whatever August 8 or something like that. So we have just about to pull the call a two month mark. We just did some testing at the first it was late one and 200 yes on my it's when you get Nash. Have been 150 what do might shock the world that take a look at these things. Is going to be close race in I mean I still don't I was still probably wouldn't make the bed again if somebody who's like all right put an extra thousand on it. This gonna be dramatic don't you think. That's definitely. It's your odds have improved dramatically since the beginning. Says here's my other question. Do we do it in front of an audience. Not annoyance thing and we it's like you guys aren't but. Like do you think. The nerves. Would hurt me because of the audience or do you think the adrenaline would help what do you think Richard gets a ten. And thank you can go either delay and depends on ten year motivation. Right behind what I how I react exactly I think it knowing you and knowing how you like the show I don't have your people there of my help I. Drew innings and thank you that was the latest episode of BG dunks 118 available. On radio dot com.