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Friday, July 20th

This week we chat with Amber Reed, fitness instructor and entrepenaur. We talk fitness goals, meditation and dunking (or TRYING to).

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Happy to welcome back our return guest for this week she is a fitness on the new earth a yoga instructor she does corporate gig she does one on one training she does group classes. And she's in awesome fall all on and Seagram amber underscore read 123. Confine her online as well read it. Dot fit. Amber read welcome back to BG dunks 28 team needs you it's good to be back so excited to have you because I think a lot about the phrase we discussed on and off we stole it last time or you came up with it or what but I think about it a lot. Is what is short sacrifice yet and it's teachers actor prize issues your sacrifice which I've been thinking a lot about. Over these last ten months while I try to don't explain what that means. So that actually comes from a book the subtle art of not giving up oh yeah. Then okay radio edit version honestly baggage. But they talk about just sacrificing link was it actor pressure are you willing to live when Blake what pain name willing to live with it is. Basically they gain what you want it so. Is just choosing your sacrifice so for example for you lake. You re just talking earlier about how many days every day for you don't. And you have to change attackers and you really don't like training your links they OK you can sacrifice missing link Dave play. Right hacker price lake yeah I actually training day that you are one and they lasts. Right ready for this dawn I guess say that I am probably my biggest sacrifices farmers and has been booze yes over the last year. I mean I really have. Cut way back to the point where I keep thinking if I lose this thousand dollar bet if I can't dunk. Then I've probably saved more than a thousand dollars and booze you and I really so it sure I mean I tell you baseball game and all drop a C note in on enemy had and that's for like. Three Beers ten dollars just here yeah yeah. That's been the big sacrifice I choose you work out. Professionally. For a living essentially what is your sacrifice mean you seem to give up. My sacrifices like. Besides sleep I sleep through shared you know when I first started training I making any of those podcast about go go go go go lake. No sleep late lawyers hospital being Johnny got I love grind that they love it but you have to have balance with it. And you have to really do you burn out now Ari do you burn out later whenever you reach that big break so I'd huge trying to make sure that I do get. I had some ideas and honestly at least 19 week right and sleep is something I'm not willing to sacrifice a time when. But I will still go down to like five hours of sleep I have to lake six tires that I make sure I'm not doing that consistently. My biggest sacrifice is probably just personal social timely. I is it and I'm OK without them because flake. My whole like I'll have that later after and then building him tired or platform all of that I'll have it later it'll be okay. You've seen her on fox for a TV and I love which you do on Nancy Durham. On a song wanted to ask you because you do one on one training using you do group classes. And it's a weird thing because I know from experience as a guy that wasn't in very good should I was pretty sedentary. Ten months ago you know I mean gas ten years before that outside it chasing kids around. I wasn't exercising much right went on a stretch where I did 99 days of yoga in a row. Yes iron to talk to sole aim is that one you can give me yeah. Yeah. OK and so on but it. So I guess my question here is like what do you think. Is an easy sacrifice. The people can and to rule. To get that ball rolling because for some reason it seems overwhelming. Because it's such a big goal I'm gonna do. Shape he's dead right it's also it's a huge goal but it's also fairly ambiguous. Yeah. When you set like a specific weight loss goal right if you like I'm just gonna be in shape. There's no real goal not a tangible up front measurable bright ray right yeah so what but if somebody's like I'm gonna get shake. What's the sacrifice that you think may be there is the most benefit or his seems to be the most. It seems to be easiest for people to sacrifice. I think that. There's no easy sacrifice is done. Sacrifices hard that's why that's why about their I backer and I think that's what this is that something you don't wanna do you don't wanna give turned on so there's no easy sacrifice but I think it all comes down to just chairman your mental game later mentality. Which actually just parked on clocks forward this week about meditation oh yeah there are so many I was doing a little bit of action or research forehead just further news segment self. It is incredible. The benefits you have from just meditation and most people think they. You're gonna only an hour and in have Blake your monitor is it's not it's literally just taking time for yourself to be a quiet space. To write your brain to do what it once it helped her and your mind so the sacrifices really it comes from mental first because you're in that position. Her reason and you want to get out of it for a reason and not usually comes on your mental sound like if you wanna get in shape most likely you're managing 'cause mentally you're not. Sacrificing. What you're choosing to eat your choosing to do with your time it's usually whatever you're spending the most of his what you need to spend. Maybe half that time doing an opening night somewhere else. That's an interesting. Thing because specially with meditation which I really would like to do and I know I showed I just don't. That's the thinking just like exercising you don't want to I know there are benefits but for some reason I can't push myself to meditate I don't know why because. I don't not like you don't have a reason to push you there and play a variety why why do I need you don't see the pennant very nice you don't feel the benefit its tally just think you said earlier like ten months ago. You know having a until they what you felt like compared to now that you are working out consistently for ten months Ryan you wouldn't know on the wait till now you would have done it ten years ago 100%. So it's really just about like where in this world where it's consonant like one in my gaining out of it and I got every word immediately because her. Pushed to go go go everything's and sent but. And so you probably don't would Bennett with meditation realize the benefit until you're past the point of you would pray oh wait this amazing I've been at ten months. Exactly and I got it from yoga because you know it's ever ready stereo postures Chirac and I doubt every lay at the end for three minutes that's meditation right there. I EMI wife Thai yoga and she's in the area she said. Yoga is. An inch reduction and yet as the pathway to meditate yes yes you focus on and whatever your position your doing. For an hour and it's a lot of physical and then at the end. You're almost so wiped out that you can't help the man. Yeah this and it it literally it helps you figure out how to manage it it's so hard to just have. Right middle is OK I gotta go so don't have a mother left a five minute yes. But I do read like this other thing about meditation is there's so many what it's so. Flexible or malleable. To who you are what you'd like to be what you want meditation to do because. I read. Who's the guy that started run DMC Russell Simmons the end of meditation book. And it's called success through stillness and head. Thing is just sit for twenty minutes yes had twenty minutes just sit and do it every day on the regular book for me. That that's that was a tough way to go so yeah I started looking in and some people are like. Do it for two minutes. Two I tell people tend dress rock all interest in breast just sit there so I'm. Are you practiced were a quick set up top. This is going to be whoever is listening to this that you're in an iron if your artwork whatever where every year every night you could say that ten breaths about Madonna lower rugged ten Brad singular goal right now for those ten breast we'll just due to press at your goal is to have your acts healthy is monitor and how OK so when UNL you argue the account now so I can help your nose report. 321. Accept your mouth for four. Victory 21. And just like that a Kendry than for four. 321. Readout for 43. Q. One man ten times. So I actually lake if you pre so for second at eight seconds per track you and times and time noon at the net. Yet so all the holt and this is why meditation and I struggled with thick as the whole time on liked and I wonder what my personal side. I want to let this microphone I was gonna snow like I'm like yeah I think I have bloggers in my nose when I breathe then. Did you do that and once you get to that ten Brad do it that goes the way. And I like to tell people to lake huge breath as late your imagination your imagery that you're treating for yourself so lake during my classes I'll say something as long as. Breathe and strength love courage. I tell let go of doubt clutter so you say those words kind of like yeah. Pick up four on either side yeah how gorgeous directory. To recognize our your eyes are shut down when your reading something and read and what that is that you want to bring into your life and Niger breeding out see what's not serving you leave Kaiser exhaling. It's so funny because I've views this with my kids sometimes you know our kids are they struggled to get to sleep sometimes I said all right here's what you do. You breathe in through your nose out of your mouth count to ten and whenever you think of something besides your breath start over. And so that's like my trick to get them out. Because and they have to start over and it's really tough to do it right and I don't think they do it bit down. I'm an extreme hearing young lion and she did beat clues Kidd averaged she needs Aaron Chelsea's. She doesn't stop dancing. I'm home my hero he's an entertainer. She's she's amazing well it's my middle child who lately has been talking about. The thoughts in her head and not be able to slow him down OK they're going to. So fat I hate. Those sad and that's it that comes back to like our world like we're told to let go go go go right now. The first agreed to a five minutes of my yoga class is literally. When I used it with you on just getting people to clear her mind forget about the traffic jam and again it succumb in there and their to do list what they're not doing enough moment instead of exercising. Rise because words like that's Howard trained we're not focus on what's in the present moment where constantly thinking about what am I gonna do next I'm guilty of it too yeah. He's kind of certification. Well and as I'm getting that certification I'm like OK what's the next timing it I'm just that nobody. Sit here do this Linda can you miss Salma. Well you do one thing it would it kind of alarmed me when my six year old said was asking about her thoughts and a half and but it also I thought. Was good news because we all do it. You're not alone and yeah and now let's take that and try to do you know and I was big cannon and what thoughts are you talking about because as weird. I might have been thirty when I came to the realization that. You know my mind is running wild gray. And there's like who is my mind talking to you and I say oh good the lights are on in this kitchen brain was sick who's listening iTunes you're. It's a weird thing so I really think and that's why go back to. Meditation Meehan malleable for people because kids it's great for kids C study after study that says schools that are doing it. Or really seen benefits. Oh my god ash and they're doing it for her I'm I'm sure every sees no herpes but there's a certain things you know worries eastern articles and always a but there's one about. Like for detention. In LA copying the dictionary their meditating you're doing yoga. Well you're probably seeing different stuff on FaceBook and I am yeah I did not you like anything and I have. A good actress and yadda you know I've I've done. The sensory deprivation tank yet which is essentially forced meditation kind of yes because you just have to sit there and eventually eventually your minds can quit thinking craziness yeah yeah because there's nothing else to focus on your daughters your body temperature so you can't feel it. It's like whatever it is a thousand pounds of several hundred pounds of salt water sea your boy yet. There's no sound there's no light nothing fans are so amazing it's ends. It's so scary for like the first it's like an hour hour and a half it's scary for like the first fifteen minutes. First twenty minutes are you not how do you keep track time you do all. I mean but I think I might of fallen asleep but eventually your mind quits going like. It's my phone and what lights not know what they do today and what are wrong and eventually you get to. And I was so weird junior high yeah. And you're like oh yeah they screw that up and then eventually you mind's sake. Well I guess there's nothing new here that's why does go relax yeah you should track I do but it's he had but instead of like working my way fare through meditation I just instantly like that was the first time I went way overboard yes that you should try IA acting do you have any tools that you use now with the two with a technique you just showed. Was amazing yeah but I know their apps out there are some people like guided meta. Happens when he guided limitations really awesome derby primaries because. They really don't know what they're doing and they feel like we're now operate but at the same time it's so funny that people feel that way whenever most of time your meditating mayor southeast still feel weird there nobody's around for a and good and nobody around right you have to. Get through that like yeah OK okay now on it's he wanted to ankle and it's okay what did I just here. Did somebody open a door if you pray go through all of this. And you have to just like. OK let it go by RA and then go back and because when you say focus on nothing. You focus on everything right you focus on everything and that's because. And the meditation it's trending. And it's not necessary training but it's a necessity it's just and a training man Bahrain now. And it's because we are we're moving too much or not taking that time. So whenever where force would sit in words we're forced to sit and face things that we're pushing away. And are not making time fours that are not comes society gets. Further and further away is an ecosystem if you will from that state of meditate yet it's you know and I mean yeah it's. Like the more stuff everybody has on her played more connectivity in the more. Access we have to everything in them so much going on the further we RB I imagine like 200 years ago amber when you're right across the plains. On on an ox or whatever has covered you you you would meditate is there wouldn't be the TV on all the yes I'm wife. She doesn't listen so prison. She walks around with the real house wives on her phone in jokes fall asleep with it. On our own and it bothers me is it just because I can't quite hear that I can hear it in the head and the music's I Don Don Don I. It's just constant. And I'm like. Oh. Quit with yeah negativity. Random like just shut it down we're constantly being influence right denying. 9% of very day right I try really really hard I've kinda gotten out of this habit and I can notice the difference with justly or my mind as a make clear idea that I have. On as soon as I wake up. I think and scrolling her and staggering and they try to read my devotion link and the daily devotion to diary on. It really just spinning that first hour and silent. Not looking at anything that can influence me and my guess and I've been guilty of not doing that as much lately because flake today I was up at 440 and I'm not gonna wake up an hour early for that but. Right thumb gist leg but. The way that I sacrificed diet because I can't I don't have time for an hour I'm not gonna choose to wake up an hour early to do that angry black learning. So our drive and silence. To where I'm going up it's back early in the morning. And their race like oh it's violence well we need that here we need it because whenever we're looking out her focus on her being influenced I can't let there. We're taking and receiving it or not think there's something that our brain is hopping to either receiver I right so there's no great. Variety there's no break and like I love that that drive time in silence as it is me time to think about those thoughts. You don't have time to think about during the day to where. Once I do want to sit and meditate for three to five minutes or whatever the time is that I choose. The spots are a lot easier to push away you and really just let my brain in my mind go where months ago. I think other thing people think to his late when humanity like nuclear mines and money its a its own normal for you to have things popping your head lake. Recognize non. Absorb on two on I'm a little bit and then excel away. Let me ask you this. What has been you or I don't know how else to ask this what is been your most. Enlightened a moment if you will I have what is that because it's not gonna happen ring rarely maybe I don't what do I know that do it enough but. I'd the threads seems to be you don't sit down meta fit meditate your first time and your and titan rain. Takes work people go on the month long silent retreats right by it. What has been your most. Again for lack of a better term what is been your most enlightened moment whether it was a feeling or what biggest benefit have you received. Interest to have like anything they get any any decision month on my name any any person I mean I. You'll people for living yeah all sorts of people here and my. The my biggest enlightening moment was actually. One time where I was having a conversation with somebody and it was like one of those late debated they. Heated things and it was literally where are they actually called me on Centre right. You're just yours seem like I see you taking deep horizon lining now and like I wanna know what your thinking on what you're saying him. I written that was the moment I realized how much yoga was starting to pay off. And how much meditating is paying off to Wear my party was actually taking those cleansing breath in now. To keep me for reacting. How long did it taker Howland has been six months. Bloody that was six months after so I had been doing yoga for six months of car. And it's. I was it was somebody I had dinner on alive and then wasn't around and and we got a hot moment and you older and they relate so they are used to seeing tree. Yoga Friday air very many educated Embraer. The inquiry that had been doing yoga can sizzling that was my biggest aha moment apparently I can physically CU Blake. Taking not her that's in an out and so yacht that was enlightening moment is just my reaction so. What some. I have an app called 10% happier. Okay do you have any other tools that you wanna share what I meditation. Honestly I use Spotify Oka and my Spotify username people can actually follow me on not because I Sony playlist. It's aides are reed RE ED two to the number eight married when he too. And I. It's actually her first one and number one core restore. Occurred and then there's another one that I love called com meditation on Spotify occurred and I want to play back music. A lie and and sent. Alleys in my instance from sprouts OK that's where I shop for nurseries. I'm not Al literally and I find I can't play the exact names among but they say like Conning relaxing uplifting transforming theirs are different and sent mountains now. For a do you think. Let me ask you this part of part of people's hesitation. Is it seems to hippie DOT yeah you start talk on the hunt yeah I read on here be all that all the time I mean that it doesn't have. Have to be that ridge and pray pray it doesn't like there's it's the same as you burning candle right. How many people burned candles in her opera let essential oils a very it's just it's it's hippie because it's connect team backed only your group. Our. What we're supposed to be doing what I hit and then I know and they're called extremes. I think the biggest thing is back and I've talked about the summit social media ally Alan. And color and a I see him run or not follow their face on this I don't remember guys felt very I did this work out. And collar rat out in I tried something different that I haven't tried in the second I picked up kind of nonsense acute merit on this but I am just click OK and we'll try it now. I totally eat it but I mean I recovered really well what end though point to that was James Blake. Don't judge yourself I think the biggest thing is we judge ourselves sell minds because they are looking at the outside world when. So it's the same thing with the hippie like only Nash and Amy hippy nobody has to know. I mean I'm a bride I'm trying to profession to where I have no problem sharing it. But nobody yes and that you do that. Bulls say law you're talking about minster Graham though is an interesting one because. You are focused on mindful illustrate meditation and health let's you know an hour of silence but also. Instead Graham and the connectivity is a big part of your lifestyle yes right it can it gets a little weird when ANSYS somebody saying it's like the anti capitalist yeah if and there are iPad and iPhone be hidden regularly ever feel like you're caught up between two worlds. Oh my gosh every day I took every day I always I have the biggest of pay if it weren't for my business I would amen on social media here honestly yeah. I am. Firm need another sacrifice I choose because my mental. Clarity is ten times more important. Than anything else and there's times our I won't. Spend a lot of time on and two payments much demonstration Grumman following right because I want my mental clarity more than I wanna have more followers and more business because of I don't have that I have all the followers and on the business from a I'm not gonna be myself I'm not kidding that rate I'm constantly looking at what everybody else is doing because I'm constantly on and Graham yeah. And not you lose yourself well you know goes back to balance. Yeah for sure ray so I have a huge love hate wished social media I love the marketing aspect of it I love the creativity that I get to add behind it. But I hate that I and then it spends and how much you have to literally make. Try to keep up with down 100%. Com mail outlook let me talk about this dunk he had I am so you're. I just have to say like at any rate they need to go back in the entire original pod cast is your mental transformation is incredible. It's been a good journey it's been interesting and I said this one's. I may be the last podcasters. On and I am I said you know doing some thing. That seems physically impossible. Has been something amazing. To try even if it even if I don't get there and hang. And do something that's right at the tip of them possible. It may not be impossible in May be I don't know because I talked to injury hoodie she's the strength coach yes. That's me you know right and she essentially said I just may be too old. Break it may not be a workout thing I just may be tools so yeah October 2 I made a bet with somebody or work with that I could dunk about basketball inside a year. A thousand dollars to pay off I don't know if you heard but she said if I didn't want. Pair thousand bucks I can get my nipple pierced I denying that grass on match. As on that I'll tell you that right now it's going to be a thousand bucks if I can't do it let let me ask you this because you do work with a lot of people just starting to work out. You do that group classes and they seem. Very un welcoming and it seemed often icu and I think it's cool occasion doing a class may be in a nontraditional placed with what doesn't look like what typical gym goers would look like and I love that right and it seems to be kinda your threat yeah I think I am so wind somebody's going into. Starting to work out or something like that. How do you suggest. We set goals because again we'd go back to. We don't want to look at specifically. Towns ray because that's not always the right answer the threat muscle weighs more and that sort of spray. But how do you have somebody. Seriously. Rationally. And realistically. Set. Physical goals. That's the really good question OK go and changes with every percent rate. Com and I like the beauty behind what I do it is got its. They usually are coming in because they want something measurable late losing ten parents they it's something aesthetically pleasing that they want it. Yes and then I am very big Iraq it's a lifestyle Inger in two Q ten years to. Feel this way and saying I'm gonna commit it's gonna take Q. It's not gonna happen in thirty days here it's not. And the biggest thing is just commitment I tell them I tell every single client if you're committed I'm committed I'll be as committed as you are because I can't when it more than they do. And when ever they realize it's a commitment then got how to set them up with realistic goals. Now. The biggest thing is obviously lake depending on what their goal is I'm gonna give them my professional prices and earth like you need some more time or not. And I'm a really a big believer in June. Like within perimeters of numerous. They quit everything your mind to you can accomplish. So the way I set amount is kind of starting small lake it's. It's little changes first overtime you don't want in like a perfect example I have a clarion how she wants to do attained. Occurred and she runs about thirty minutes. Three times a week. And she's not really measuring her miles or anything ailing she just started weightlifting. From that first time so I told her keep doing your three times a week of thirty minutes of your jog. And we're gonna add these weeks and for two weeks we're not gonna change your running time and our because I don't point your party to going to too much are we wanna gradually made this change her so that right there. She's already doing. Three times a week McCarty oh and our dining in weight training and that's something new are ready that grading and so after two weeks of that being consistent. Then I'm gonna circling around parenting her and her mileage time. But during her weight training I'm gonna also addled little bit of things and there about and I hope her with that journeyman on the she's doing every week. Let's now it's just it's really is starting small. With little changes that are gonna get you to where you lightly even have a big goal but let's look at the plan and earnings mile an hour and a gently you're telling me you're doing thirty your appetite for our extra security. Yeah not enough ago no at all three they would have told you say your red lake. All yeah I yeah yeah and you don't yeah and they said that like I could have started out yeah where I am now. Because I would have been I just wasn't physically ready for that. In late mentally to remedy if you weren't told to jump minds when he for a spot and brides take months ago yeah I even my idea why it. So it's it all comes back here mental knowing. Well OK so two things with a ten K its interest and I love that because she has a goal and it's just run a ten today. Rick yet just run into in case there's federal air matter time race she just wants to do it and then after that then she wants to focus on time right now. Right after that first went back the other thing I like about that and my bet is. Days and times like how many commit to three days a week yes. Three days a week this is not a question I'm gonna do that then there's not really physical goals break let's not wait saying it's not a whatever it's just I'm gonna do. Three times twenty minutes a week and see where that goes for a month. And then move our whatever you know whatever your. Ask this beak its stock in my Buddy Ryan and we were talking. Let's see who can run a faster mine yeah I have no idea. Like I have no idea what I could run right now and I have no idea. What is this like because certainly amber I'm not gonna be able to run for minimize. We're physically no matter how much I train rate I don't big time yes you. No fat. Yes you know or imitation yes you also are now like here you have an ideally you'll figure your base just by going out and doing it yeah you just have to do it. Chairman and our client like. You ever read us Airways your music I feel about it feel bad I feel bad I'm like OK well how what are you doing action mine is to change. What are you doing action myself for youths like you know and I can you farm and a mile that's right this rally but that's because you're connected with your body. Mentally you're connected with your body. I have no idea what time I could rate do that you had to take action right by the initial just running a mile rise in sea always do it in ten minutes. Yeah ten minutes so in any year how fast are on a mile but the one factor that is age rate and genetics like there is yeah. Might peak. Best absolute training and full commitment I can only run. Whatever would be EI and actually were talking about trying to break a six minute mile. I have no idea if that's toolbar I don't know if dunking is really doable I don't know if it'll be doable October 2 and certainly always look back and go manic and worked out ten more times yeah. And that's going to be the bomber. Yeah and I saw I don't know what to do so. I think something like that really you don't have to an all time or you don't have to round anxious are you doing something every day to make yourself better. Are you doing something to. To get better at that great and then when she reached. You know what you're town like. On people talk about like when there. Finding love in the occasion on that when you know I mean I can't explain it when your with that right person thank you key and you have certain things and people see it they see it early birthday. That's the couple of that is who I look up too late they have it together laborer it's the same thing with your body knowing you can talk about our measure of right you guys it's an unknowable absolutely and I'm not putting in those variable that end it. It makes you perform so much better because you're not always putting an expectation on yourself we're always been expectations on herself helpers of growth. But sometimes. We needed just would be just do it and then like you disconnected yourself so much better I always say. Your biggest failures become your biggest success and no. I you know what that's so true I was actually think and this sounds like a poster. Junior high girl would have been weighing in like a kitten and it says. You know reach for the stars because even if you don't hit them you'll still land on the moon or whatever yeah I know it's all corny it then harassing. I should lights men cents. The focus on that it's so weird I had to buy like. No matter what. October 2 comes and goes yet I will spill. As if I don't do it will be obviously LB disappointed but the benefits. In so many different ways will have been amazed yes pray I'll never. After that October 3 I won't be able to wake up and go you know what. I never really tried to don't mask while in my life I can go I'd try it man I should've tried sooner I didn't have tried a little bit harder but. You grew from it and I own my guy and I may. I really if you guys they listen in this please go listen to that other podcast is you'll hear Brady I specifically remember growing near lake. I'm rating give up Blake Wood that I do think this is terrible I'm gonna be such a full and Brenda everybody say oh yeah it's viewers so Blake. I say they are not gonna. Yes then Aaron Aaron Blake. But look where you are ready and the Korea and they literally you're saying to yourself yeah they used to be that you feel it. So all that's candlelight. People that he mistakes that happen leg of this wouldn't happen to did you doubt wolf that would and it happened UN and discovered what your spouse Hideo I. You know the other thing I'm starting to think about now much bigger concern and maybe this is where the running bet came from where it's not an official bank yeah we just thought about it but. I'm really already. Sad. About October 3 win this go. Because we've put so many expectations on herself out once we meet it. The athlete's Villa especially very successful athletes are you look at professional athletes that kitten so much trouble right they'd just like they get caught up after they retire. Don't elected to write that they literally spend iron armor I was a college athlete. End. IA with a college athlete for two years by thirty year Scott Barry first season I was in getting ready for too early days when I was working some eight to five job I was so. Sad because I was like what am I doing. When in my working towards now so that's where it's okay to eliminate that expectations and just do something to make yourself better guys. It's going to be like the thing is the thousand dollars the dunking was my motivation and I hope. I wake up October 3 and go you know what I still wanna work out yeah I. I still wanted you know because I do feel so many benefits ice. You know and and the other thing I might still do is if I can't dunk October 2 I might give myself another three months yeah. Another six months and it's I feel like I'm getting close but Andrea from Katie she said maybe I'm just too old. I don't know yes I mean I'm only so tall I'm only rain you know my leg that my legs unfortunately you know I mean or fortunately bit. EI either way you did something that evening and believe you can write. And I really gave it a shot in hand and your motivated to keep working toward that let you you mean never ever duet but I work towards it and then funding that brings you. Some joy way and something that you enjoy doing and working towards and I is. All that matters and I like the little kids that. You say I'm actually you know I just thought of you know chain name thing he plays straight Denver Broncos. OK he is amnesia. I actually care gap so his mom she even choose like nobody ever expected chain to. Playing college let alone be. Starting linebacker for the general Denver Broncos. She's like but he wanted to play and I was like yes do it that's fine he was the last one picked. Super Todd got total long lanky kid like this is this or that I've heard from aren't so great though because. Her son wanted to do something and she never once and you can't do it and then he ended up. Having this life and being so successful on this career that nobody would have ever guessed right a and it's just a matter of like whatever you wanted to do who cares what anybody's. Inflate through it doesn't. Matter right it's true I mean I will not. Ever like I said October 3 and beyond I will never. When I'm sixty. Never looked back and go man I think I can be done to phone a try yeah pleasure and I did you know man I gave it a shot who knows I mean. And it's been a lot of it's so cute and with the court meanest but it's really has been. The journey and I mean because early on the whole motivation was mineral beef feel great at it a thousand dollars in that feeling to Dong will be amazing. But I gotta think those feelings won't certainly a thousand bucks wouldn't of lasted as long as this. Feeling bad about you know a I wanna call it it's too much to say a lifestyle for me but it's getting to be that you know I I feel I have. Finally that guy where I'm like and have worked out for two days from Phelan and yet. As needed and like if something weird happens here I have a bad show or something I really now have switched over to you know what. I'm gonna go swing the kettle bell around for 1520 minutes and that will help relieve stress. And it's making you live longer yeah. Go to your and I did so well saying on if you live in just say they carry technically they gear public figure in people's eyes and who knows. Whose lives here and acting just are you showing up to work every single day you're able to do that one day longer despite choosing not verses. Going out and drinking and Sunni Jeanne good effort which is a what a lot of people do from nine to five gets easy that's what they can deal. And I think it's good for my kids to see yes yes yes yes the example I yet saying yet get you know. And I just comes right back around to it like when people come to meet to train its current anesthetic look. But and what I love so much about my job is like what you just talked about is it's a lifestyle and it's something not you can't. Tell them enough about they just have to experience with the way that they change more question about meditation. Yeah and let's hear how much. Meditation and maybe this doesn't apply necessarily to what you do but. When I think about meditation and I also think about. Visualizing. The dunking a basketball. Rape are those two things that go together and do you do that and if so do you feel benefit from. Yes and Tia okay era yes times a thousand absolutely. Yeah. You have to believe it. You know not only way to do it is have literally they see it write it down manifest it. It's so crazy or he's just talking to somebody the other day about how hotly vision boards and so they are now I know it sounds so cheesy yeah just like. But what's crazy is if you have a vision borderless assailants I remember a couple of years ago when I first got into the fitness. World with getting my train lines in my goal. And they twelve schools. Wrote a marked down on the run I was to think these are gonna be weighing a long shot one of homeless. Eat hot. Be featured and kinsey fitness magazine when I was going on OK and I dinning it featured and that I'm on the cover of a car action. Magazine really clarion and things Sunday I'm playing I don't like you're like how do you do that out and guy and a bit. I'm ready now and I wrote it down in solely that's just a part of manifestation. Is they give its name and comes into your head think it's there for her reason. Just are listening into the boat as how many recommended called big magic Owens and it's. All about they match I mean big match on some level when you say how'd you get on the cover of that magazine it was you. Doing your thing I hate don't you sing god which gives a big get. Big idea guy hits like that you writing down a goal and he steps towards that yes you know I mean yeah imagine yeah. Let me see audiobook. Creative living beyond fear Elizabeth Gilbert yes. Interest. Elizabeth what else are you reading right now what LC in two. I know endless you know me I'm trying to finish. Crushing. Okay yeah Gary VU. And the ten inexorable. Annex it I grant card own CA RDO any. The ten packs rule and it's the cancer is early quotes. From what I'm taking from and it's basically taking accountability for everything so that they. Just this last chapter is listening to the T get into a fender Bender some interior and TO Nia love Hewitt the last five minutes or really her. Then maybe you an amendment that situation as just kind of accepting. Is taking accountability it's accepting and taking responsibility for whatever happens happens. And knowing link you'll always have some peace about whether you were in the right or wrong. Added to my wish list are ready I hit it big magic about the our planet army and I'm really bad about not finishing books and starting another line in the but I'm trying to force myself. I have like two hours left of game vis book. I like to do a lot listening whenever I'm choosing. Hello Carrie then you know and that's the other yeah schedule another hour on the beat Clinton you know diet I mean yeah. Which is hole it is there's so much that the writer got help they get Brian Gay and Roger mentality. Your mood you're up by a homeless than be ahead of error holding in Powell and it's a site. People are changing their genetics based off and then it now. You get really into some weird stuff where people do and like. On eagle and play yes you used at the retirement or. Oh yeah and you hear about I heard this on I'm podcasts and I think this torture and Merrick on her honor crop. I think it was another country but she. Are really really sick and she needed a transplant. That's something. Of some sore and she was gaining on his weight doing the exact same thing that she always did. And was gaining weight her party was changing lake it was her Barney more it was from the transplant she got the loan from the other person. Mess yes. Oh no you I mean I guess I don't know why I mean I just think it's. Incredible yeah people are doing it I ordered over the first person to duel was like brain hey yeah let's try yeah that's what John. And how man would try this new Knoll yeah. But I mean I yeah I'm with you did the diet things a whole build bridges dropped from blues has been big for me dial wise I mean yes. It's just a small thing right there yeah with my sects. Good answer it's OK so Blake Phil intelligent have that I think we're human and don't I have. The ballots balances something I didn't have yeah. I I'm teaching army classes this month on balance with the intention of that and it's the biggest thing is. Balances and constant. It's always changing its temporary so therefore you create your own balance persist finding your talents interest seat. And I didn't do and the guys over a true move. I've been working with that have been training me. Been working a lot on balance. Bulls and that ankle mobility and jedi so it's not just like. If we're four for them out of just gone to the gym and done a bunch of squats yeah but does so much more about ankle mobility so all do a bunch of work out. Exercise just on one ankle. But single leg jumps. I'll do the on the ropes standing on one leg to strengthen and then and now let's is a big deal yeah now. Let's remind everybody one more time what else you got going on anything else success at lake what else you want people to know what have we forgotten this been so great I feel like I. Veered off too much in this instance world. And that instance I do it all you do not one stuff you do group classes for the public to duke. Corporate gigs U do public speaking yeah I have a couple of events coming up with city jams and just be sure to tune in LA and scam because that's where Iowa announced. Let's mention now more time amber underscore read to ease AM BER underscore RE ED 123. Amber read fitness is a good way to finder view Google as well as has the website. Read it. Dot fed. It's always great talking to you used to us I'm so happy for you guys here's early in the year charity donations very well and I am feeling a little pressure you know like. Because I know people you know you're following my journey and a yeah. I feel that I wanna do it now wanna be successful reign of the people who supported me along the app and and I also wanted to have some haters meaning not at leaders like at haters betrayal like there's no way exactly and loved it to a concern. The expectations because you're doing it for you just grind yet and the people are calling you link where as we blink we love what you're doing and we don't care what the result gonna be we just love seeing you change and link. We're toward something. Now thank you get about them without a valid you're an inspiration because I see you out there on it and doing that to them and telling your very impressive. And an awesome fall on in Stuart Graham. Amber read from Kansas City yoga instructor and fitness nutrition specialist who just all around cool person. Thank you for joining us on this episode each dunks when he. Thinking so much.