#BGdunks2018 Ep 14 - Andrea Hudy - Sports Performance Coach for the Kansas Jayhawks and author of Power Positions.mp3

Monday, July 16th

Brady chats with Andrea Hudy is the nationally acclaimed Sports Performance Coach for the NCAA Champion Kansas Jayhawks and author of Power Positions. Spoiler alert: Andrea does NOT like Brady's chances. 

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My guest today is. Kind of a big deal she's spent nine and a half years of the University of Connecticut where she worked closely with the Huskies national championship. The men's and women's basketball teams. She was part of eight national championship teams while Connecticut she is currently the assistant athletics director for sports performance. KU. Is since toward 2004. Since her arrival at KU she is handled the strength and conditioning responsibilities. For the men's basketball team we know how successful they've been. Since 2004 and previously she oversees C Anderson strength and conditioning complex for all of KU sports. Into when he thirteen she was named national college strength and conditioning coach of the year by the national strength and conditioning association for her dedication to improving. Athletic performance was safe and effective science based programs and that's why we are top consumer. Her book is called power positions Andrea moody. Thank you so much for joining us on this episode BT dunks 28 team. And I looked up your book power positions on Amazon and why would it cost me 997. Dollars and nine cents. Golden but how did last 500 dollars. A matter of fact 510 dollars for another copy. I had a little issue it what my publisher. I they're we're. It bathcasting. Van horn really. Okay that's a story I feel like I want to go in but we shouldn't you can certainly get the Kindle edition. 479. 339. Talk to us about. I would argue and one of the most technologically only there's a couple facilities in the world and nothing that we. I found out depending on. Positioning playing a sport it's not for the Pacific edition with that steak equivalent to bite size. But a lot of different things that come into play when the breaking up different programs further predict and he also. The power positions this kind of broke the position down in the three positions well they're generally very either a lot more depending on where they are there in general. Pre conditions exist in almost every corner. Blake you have there was hurt his schalken the latter react with outplay the other patient operate vehicle Rainier out. Wait a reboot people exist on football team soccer team volleyball scene. Just pretend gun dealer. How much. Of sports training should be specific to exactly what you're doing meaning if a guy coming off the couch and I wanna run a five K. How much of it should I'd just be run then. And how much of it should I be doing mortar ancillary things that people might not think of course strained. Mobility in my legs that sort of stuff. They want it depends on who you are your body I'm not gonna change you are bit down. We can pay I don't want got primary bank to keep people healthy but weren't quite happily little hurtful to somebody who's hurt. So I think health is really important for formal world or will hopefully move. You know I can't go without saying it won't I won't let it. Quote people who get really good at running a straight line they tend to get really bad people become become really efficient had a but if you're not better angle straight finally have to do you create that they eat it become efficient home and then once we created then you need. We've been kind of what we do to stop the ball players here because there's so they have what they do that and sometimes we need to undo it can create help. Tell me more what do you mean I give me examples. Get the best it can't quite yet been leading on that people can picture is a football player who's. You know muscle bound but they don't move very well other strong. But they don't move very well they're environments and they're playing at a school where their bodies are out of their control they're not all different ways. On contact so all we need to do is create movement. Wolf been enjoying it and in mobility. And in and Coleman couldn't must hope so bad. A big hand be willing coop otherwise think they have played well I would do is therefore. That the sanctions bringing the car is happy. You know and it's what are that the sanctions really I need all the well he's great at action. Burton that would be fine which formal but the environment. Well. I was always do that body I think what art I. Let me ask you about this you've worked with I mean the University of Connecticut certainly the women's team the men's team to a dominant basketball programs and somehow you found may be a more dominant one I don't know. But a very impressive one. I NKU athletics. When you talk about and when we're watching. A super athlete or a team of super athletes on the court. To get there. How much of that is mental and how much of it is pure or just they were born less. I don't. Like interleague games for example if you ate at the mom look up 400 meters springer world class then got an NBA players so I was fighting there. We had the really good genes growing up. Although it partly the reason I think it and playing in the working on you know basketball being quote it is felt that quoted that I'll fall on I think. I don't think there all along the way they took the unborn baby to develop more vehemently. There's a big debate with parents at what point do you start specializing. Or make sure they're playing all the sports what's your take on that. I think. People need to play different sports for sure especially if athletes. What we bwic can't has been playing the same or over and over and over again is that they don't operate a port anymore back I think it that's. Score they're so injured from being so good and it's forward. That they haven't done anything else I'll that it actually play. Just because you're a sports car. Any go to a 150 miles an hour doesn't need driver 850 miles an hour every week you know you know. I think they need to be a healthy balance and term letting it play because you know I think I put it together now and say hey. How about eight days separated risking their and play doc well they have no clue what I'm talking about. I have the org guy that's Foreman and I have the talent I was gala. I hate it though the weird thing as a parent and I agree with you 'cause I was horrible at several sports is a kid but I love to play in a mall. But you get kind of in a weird situation where. So my ten year old she has friends that are specializing. So they're playing with better players than they seem to get the better coaches and better training and as a parent I worry that she might end up getting behind. Yeah I even mention behind our lesson lesson behind now. I think what you I'll let me go in the future of what's going on later is it he lied over and her authentic if they get burned out and quit. You have to. Let me talk to you. Real quick about my bad. So all a year ago I bet somebody here in the office that I could dunk a basketball inside of a year. Now I've never dunked a basketball in my life. I'm not exactly sure why I made this bet although I will say now the men's side three months to pay in an off. To do some thing and to take on a gold that seems impossible. Has been an amazing journey. And I've certainly benefited in many ways. To Andrea I am. I'm a long shot and that's kind of why I asked the middle question because it's been a mental roller coaster and emotional rollercoaster for me. And I don't know I guess my first question pertaining to my bet is. When it comes to the human physical limitations. Well I don't know what they are. Like I might have just bitten off more than I can chew right it might have just been physically impossible for me to ever dunk a basketball. Yeah. I mean. Some people never get there different. Yeah I think there's a lot of things that they'll and so it age strain. You know it could you do it before. There's so many factors that it target Spain which one either their mental block here. I think there's a mental block that's doing me no favors because on some level it's like okay be positive you can do it picture yourself doing it. Political I really can't do it. I mean that's going to be problematic right because the the positive thinking isn't gonna get needed don't. No trauma you know let it be known baseball PayPal. But it typically your limit right. You know. Again and how that the most important being. An and I can't say that jumping is the most healthiest thing that we do achievement. What do you mean by jumping isn't the most healthy thing we do. Breaking again round basketball is not a very healthy for her feet he's hit bad you know anything that called the impact back. And even football the contacting impact or impact how they. Oh. Greek bull look I don't do a ton of jumping onto imply a Metrix and a lot of lunges and that sort of stuff. But AJ is a concern for me I'm I'm 72 years old so yeah I'm a long shot here. I'm just can not simply too although sometimes I feel like it. Like I can touch the rim but I still need a good form let's say six. What can I do do you have any suggestions forming. Well they're. There's nothing but you're being your age right BP's PE limiting factor be it but and I don't. All background either. One of it easiest ways to. Chat people jumped higher in the increase to recap Force Protection and increase the strength. I though. I would say maybe squatting with me he's giving heart plunging but also doing I metric. Not for a finally put more vertically but then that mature about it compromise. I have now that will be here in the district is well on it they're hearing. You would have been great to talk to you nine months ago or. Thousand dollars ago but I can't quit at this point right unlike two and a half months away. A lot they had great bit about it much. It is a lot isn't it. Yeah I was afraid of that what do you think's doable and two and a half months. I depend on your industry give you know I. If art in general I thought you know Larry at the outlet. Yeah untapped now. Mentally and sat down may be the mayor read it at all oh. Well all of that's not exactly what I was hoping to hear from me but I think you may but I guess I will say. If somebody would have said look give me a thousand dollars and nine months from now you'll be in the best shape of your life. You will be considerably healthier than you've ever been you'll certainly be able to jump higher I think it's been worth it. But it's been interesting again like I said did try something that is probably impossible it's been quite a journey. My next goal is to run a mile under four minutes what should I do you Landry that I just kidding just kidding I'm just I'm. It is getter. Still I'm a long shot what you just. Okay let me ask you about beyond the weird shoes remember we used to Wear those back in the ninety's people would bear where the issues that had the big platform. On the front. Are are those legit or now. I would say that the good lord of the jumping programs let me back lit bit. Then the shoot themselves. I'm so does the work out. Not the issues necessarily but if you did both you got all these shoes must work. Oh OK will you give me what is your favorite. Increase your vertical jump to work out. Or just work like just exercise. Then again I don't want everybody got out there and I don't know why it good health Aaliyah. It is okay I'm very healthy for my age. And my and helping us. I bet don't worry you step off the Bob. Hit the ground that they're at it and dump up another buck or count but I think there. I've been doing that I've been doing that I've also been working with BF fart machines. Which evidently is a good thing I don't know it's super painful what are blood flow restriction. IEF yeah you know. I don't know I'm trying and I'm trying and when you when people find out last question. Because some kind of broken. The last question when people find out you work for K you basketball. I'm sure they ask you one thing over and over and over and over again why it is the most common question you get past. They do they go. That's something I was gonna bring up what is your response. Oh. Eight. People I eat so you know I hate it or golf based organization clearly huge movement. And that we futures all different type that people and I think athletics the one of the most papers played the better. Is getting bad. I have a resume at that with. People will look out and nuclear agency itself I I don't know I. I was in the mail for it's gone outside I never looked at male female I would say yeah actually you know coached period so there. The response to be why wouldn't today. Yeah let's get down to give me 55 pushups and not. A closer look at what date. Hmmm let's send it was so nice to talk to you power positions is the book. You can find it on Amazon. And where else can we did I got to imagine there's better places to get it done. I have yet you can email me at 88 should be quiet day here that even good. How perfect. Also you're great follow on Twitter I don't know if you're on instant Graham but a underscore. HUDY. On Twitter and you can see some of these guys inaction and and it's quite impressive your impressive your resume is impressive. For KU fans that happened to listen thank you for what you do and for me personally. Thank you for joining me today thank you so much.