BGdunks2018 Ep 13 Midpoint update with my work wives and my real wife - Leigh McNabb - Taylor Mckay and Marjie.mp3

Monday, April 16th

We are just past the midpoint of my one-year-to-dunk bet. Spoiler alert, it's not going great. But I'm not giving up...yet. The bet has been updated, we have a new twist! Hear what the update is and hear the reaction of my two work wives and my real wirfe on this latest episode of #BGdunks2018!

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OK so now. I'm bringing in tailored and leave our work with the obviously of radio station hero have you guys heard the be more excited about it. Did you mark excited about it well and a little bit. Enron. And in. Coalition didn't bomb because I'm talking about the dunk that I go into this weird emotional state. So a week ahead. Oil painting catatonic have you heard the update on the bet they quit. No I heard three or last week that there's bed nets and alternative offer yet at least one suggests there outfit. Okay because it just happened yesterday and let me say Nikki who I have the bandwidth is an evil genius I mean she ends and I love this so much. This is. This puts her on a pedestal for me this is so Smart and so Jeanne you mean to him. Well yeah. Ahead as a gambler. And as somebody that's willing to do a thousand dollar dunk bet for her to add this twist and it's a twists I have to Kelly okay to study the halfway point is genius you're ready yeah she calls me into her office yesterday she goes look. I know a thousand dollars is a lot of money if you end up not being able to dunk. I have an alternative to paying me a thousand dollars she said you can post you can pierce both here and Apple's. Easy done oh yeah I told her I thought he'd pay. Does tossing money around like cabala. And he's so scared of needles and things piercing his body won't even go to the doctor I think people take his tee shirt off at the pool nobody's ever gonna see them except you not even your wife because she although I'm not sure I want that on videos show wanna be there. It'll be part of the payoff. So actually. It be on video on the Internet to its and that are we wouldn't mind if you have times around my nibbles are fine you've seen only. My levels are you seeing them break you. I haven't. You saw I'm in very sure you saw mine Apple's after your wedding yeah yeah yeah. Wedding weekend. You know our number because they're just there's and it's it's normal levels nondescript notes right. But it. It's not even that it's the needle I couldn't do I couldn't do it I like honestly. You have to we gave me a lot of what is it that they thousand dollars well that's the only twins can I take a bunch of like. They're gonna keep this legal pills put I don't know kind muscle. I was gonna say most electric bill like pain pills before they do it. Not much you can drink at a time because of lead well. Painful to give up a thousand dollars I listen if you like right now all do you view. 5000 dollars to Peter should know I don't think I can do it do for a hundred no easy out looking leaving at a 180 I am hey I mean I do about a 125 body I'm gonna paint. I'm like highlight piercings and tattoos and things she didn't even have to she said I don't even have to keep the men. She that she was thinking about your nipple hard not to panic and pierce you or Naples tell that's not a genius offer ago. Tell me it's not genius I you're gonna go with the money I'm gonna I will pay a thousand dollars all day and but we should be saying is you're gonna win singing on I'm worried about it at dawn this defeatist attitude yeah I now. That's my problem it's my attitude. Because I haven't jumped on to Brady sighed and now I support you 100% I I think he can do it happened you don't know I just felt like I boost they are there any known group. Do it pre don't you think taking. It is I don't you've got a day where it. I don't think I can I should just paid a thousand bucks right now be done let's work on some sort of spring issue I know shall never know now a bit and then we could sell the issue afterwards and get rich chi Le ha aha you why that order. Yeah I would buy in order multiple piercings that don't hurt. Magnetic yes I am Brit she's got to be their season helps you get your nipple. They're very small to know how I would give him broke out. The whole thing I can they literally get tell you but you guys. Freedom flick it it feel like a beautifully like that reveal a conflict commonly come prepared and donated. Not only will involve us and it's a podcast that we get to be a little acts era. Uneasiness and don't care so what do you mean frankly still just don't. Well as down right Taylor same copy what do you think my wife will say. Feel about this she doesn't I was gonna add color and ask her what she's gonna tell you tune. You do the next ball. Really keep the cash here's the other thing I'm thinking about my daughter's. Carolina on my daughter's only in their dad happens this miracle of you and you have quite a few friends have kids that haven't Apple's Q I don't know it. That's true name what they write yeah one why rhymes with you on. John. I don't know it occurred on. Mood and Tom Allen. My older though he okay. I'm not saying it's bad. I don't Q I considered it long ago. When I got my eyebrow pierced at one point yeah GA I had my eyebrow pierced and listen worse I was golfer is I did and Mexico. I got my Al hybrid appears to Mexico and then like a week later I was golfing it was hot and I went to wipe my nominees and ripped it out can you not see. I. Am planning. A hole I wrote a it was bloody and it was on the golf course and weird all we need to happen is have a land lot PC guy coming year are you cool guys to ease of susteren and then it happened and show his Pearson animals which I don't know does. The break he'll be let. I'm gonna do. It's Gramm's you know or unions agree Andrew a little. Low. I am here. I I don't think I can do it I don't I do with that attitude. It's and it's not even that I have problem the openers and I just don't think. But he glanced in the right guys yeah. It. It. Parent Margie. War okay have an update on the dunk that real quick I am recording your phone calls for possible air. Or broadcast is that OK Erica optical you can. OK okay so we have an update on the dunk that. What we have an update on the dunk that. I'm okay. And so April 2 will be the six month halfway point. Okay Nicky approached me with a possible alternatives. If I can't dunk. I don't care what they're okay she said instead of here. She said instead of paying her a thousand dollars I could that. Did both the mine Apple's pierced. Bad poker. It maybe I may be worth saving about not an. Island me other Cuba written a book she's didn't. OK I still have to clarify. But didn't back up. I think you can do you should do it. It can ripple serious are these. I am hello we have three children and three girls. Would go to college didn't need to get on May be married when they don't need him back. I'm I don't know what a lot of money. Yeah I really would. And I thought you would say to my about the thing when I want my kids. But I. Need I stepped out of listening and is that they know narrow it and OK well. That's. It was maybe that you and me let's. And you can quote me the option if you get on to do it. You would be my excuse I would I was gonna go all my rough life would really be against that so I'll just pay you the thousand bucks. It doesn't sound like a weird merit or weird midlife crisis and effect. I mean and why would she want to see me in you know how much I hate needles. Praying yeah and I. When we were little pink quote. Well. But here do you mean when I know but I. OK. Well then. I heard art. That was not the I don't think it's a hundred bucks would have been enough to my you know how much I've been working now. Artists church every kind yesterday I I guess your work on behalf of really got a hundred you don't wanna get more appropriate. Or pay a thousand bucks race. No rules he stopped but today it was good to talk to you have and how you can do and being empathetic but I don't. I expected something different. Yeah I mean honestly my purse. My first reaction was cool row. It. I get to you'll have to pay the consequences of your. And in my life it's. Like the fact I bullet went back to. You kind of put your kids you have to. I take something.