BGdunks2018 Ep 12 Amber Reed - Amber Reed Fitness

Friday, February 9th

Are you in to fitness? How about "fitn'ess" latest episode into your ears?! This week, the dunk bet moves on with some words of wisdom and a bunch of "workout" talk with Amber Reed, a Kansas City personal fitness expert. 

My favorite quote from this episode? "Choose your sacrifice." Find Amber online at and on all your favorite social media outlets...



We had a great chat, enjoy and thanks for listening!


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For camera my first question out of the gate. Our fitness goals on achievable there are some goals that are on achievable you'll would hurt you'll agree rain yes thank okay good yeah. The bad news is one of those is probably my goal of dunking. I don't that's enough answer. I guess this week is eight lifestyle and fitness coach. Amber read from here in Kansas City amber welcome and thank you thank you for having me it's a pleasure to have you here now let's talk about. Fitness. And to my goals so October are made of that thousand dollars that I condone. Within a year okay never dunked before I pay you would not basketball not done a thing. I get it right yeah so I needed dunk a basketball by October 2. And with somebody sets any sort of physical goal. Whether it's losing a certain amount of weight achieving some goal maybe it's a run a five K run a marathon and ultra marathon climb a mountain whatever it may be. How does somebody go about. Assessing. The reality of that goal. Great yes so how do we do that and because I think I made a mistake. A bit harder because there's got to be a lot of factors here. There are there's a lot and I mean diet is a really really great opening question because. We can talk for Arizona's. Okay. I got to imagine because so here's the thing my don't bet that's just some that I wanted to do but I didn't really like. Do the math on ranked yellow but on figured if somebody wants to go I wanna lose. A hundred pounds and hundred days break how does somebody assess that. And it visit does that involve doctors or would you say don't do it that way look at it what plan. Well in goal setting and you have to be realistic. I really big believer in Mike if there is something in your mind for reason like that seed was planted fairies and so. You should they go after it it does need to be realistic and it does have to be realistic. But the biggest thing is like why why do you wanna build a down the basket right they why when you wake you have to you have to figure that part out first. Because. You need to. You can make something realistic but it's going to be based halftime and they are what factors Eric and she Seles she's the hundred pounds and a hundred days right. Realistically. Help lies. They say. Two pounds a week it's healthy to roughly one to pat healthy. You and also you wanna do something like OK our lives under neurons and hundred days just to say that I did then. Right so. That's where are the realistic. Part of your goal listening comes I actually did segment on fox for news about this school setting a carry and the biggest thing is. Figuring out why you're doing an okay and then. Realistically. Doing the numbers late breaking down your really big goals and a smaller girls out. Hundred pounds a hundred days okay let's look at both of that's a pound today that's not realistic. Whenever you're looking at losing two pounds and seven days re so let's divide that hundred by seven. And in. That would be a pound to be cheers something though that something like god has a lot more realistic you doubling need to do your research. On if you do have a goal like that and it's something that you feel like this is the dream of mine something I've never done. Nine times out of ten you're gonna need to made populate that just for their research OK so. I definitely think you do need and make sure it is realistic and it's something that is attainable. Endear any help from that right weather because you're in the situation varies and other as you would attempt to bask. Up an hour right right yet bright so part of my reason was I didn't have enough. Only to note the word is I didn't. I didn't have a reason enough to dunk a basketball Xia I'd love to but I didn't really have anything pushing nine got a thousand dollars. Now I have public humility also staring me in the face rate so now I feel like I'm more compelled to do it. The my question is I just don't know flight. I don't know if it's physically possible for somebody. My height and age. Specifically ray Hewitt yeah rate and so now and I just wanna give up this is an emotional roller coaster there yeah annoying and not worth a thousand dollars. And at all. Everything that you're talking about is why everybody experiences when they're trying to change something about their body you are carried whether it's for the batter health nutrition. They wanna give up because there just like I'm an hour to start right well what have you been doing so far to work towards that. After meet yeah I have eyesight go to a physical therapist. My friend drool owns true move. And it's a physical therapy place and so they've been working on the flexibility of my ankle. I'm we've been doing the blood flow restriction. Training on my eyes. And we did do a physical test. Ray we did done we did the baseline test and then we tested again so after four months my vertical leap was not. A couple few inches great is gray that's really good bright and heavier men trying that hard is that admittedly yes and so on what it now we have a goal to work out. At least four times a week moment ago over there a couple times a week so. On now I need quantifiable goals right I need like. Tell me exactly how many sets and reps to do so we've worked out that I'm gonna work out at least four hours a week. And I bot apply a metrics fox hump on gas cylinder that I have a kettle bell. Sewn do and specific kettle bell all things I don't know. Led there are days where I'm like I'm never gonna duration is. Exactly it's accurate had to play her on and how little seeker and yes please I feel the same way about myself really absolutely and I do this early evening. It's we're human it's normal lake you're supposed to. And everything you just told me that you're doing those are all the little things that you're doing to get to that really big called it doesn't seem attainable realistic green away so. Now there's a book called bird by bird by. And LaMont that somebody gave me once and it's kind of the same idea. But for writers don't go I'm gonna sit down and write a book you go on the sit down rate ten pages yeah. A Mariah come to sit down and -- right one chapter and it just seems you don't eat a whole cake leg body yet you read man I don't know why you and I are talking eradicate al-Qaeda. I love you know it's a great example eat a whole bag of Eminem's I once you go Eminem by imminent yet. I like I'd love they use the cake analogy because I can take out even a little bit deeper and or other than worrying about writing one chapter urges charger and calling rate and then guess what your chair a false. Either turning into chapter. Quarter it's got that. It's gonna carry that muscle memory it's gonna keep that can that engagement in your brain the creativity. Outside rights and all that stuff. And eventually eaten an entire career to chapter and I game and think about it human journal yeah and you've been working Hamas. Rate which Oprah you you've thirty increased two inches just from doing these little things that you're not like this isn't working because I'm only up two inches by your two inches up in your vertical now. You there however long I mean worst case scenario. I work out for a year and I'm in decent shape unified miss my goal must. Do all this. Equipment and combined. It's fine but OK talk to me how what is indeed what is the trick. To force myself to work out when I don't want to right I know. Everybody knows that working out as good for you emotionally. Physically it's good for you Paul it's your whole health is improved by working out and exercising. But so few of us do it I get up in the morning I do not it take its everything I can do to make myself. And I would imagine when you're talking about you're doing your classes what is the the conversation. That we need to have. They're convince ourselves to work now we hate it. How does it really good question I just spoke at a meditation thing about this without it and you're such a clear and obvious they love it. Realistically we have these moments are just like. This is terra I'm turn on your radio I don't know where I got a couple. Of they yeah this is terrible I don't accuse I'm not seeing anything. Wall the most important thing is to come back to why you're doing it. And then like one thing and that but I've really adapted and I love is choose your sacrifice it's. What Payne are you willing to look at you island with the pain of not feeling good all the time. Ordeal island with the pain of I don't wanna use this and I'm gonna do it even though I don't see anything yet shooter sacrificing yourself around us. He I sure you have book in the book you talk him out cheesy. And the book it's time choosing your pain yeah but firm meet ideas related choose what are you willing to sacrifice right because for me a lot of people are talking not I don't have time to work out I have this I have that Anders. The biggest thing is I don't have time. Or hurts to do it William Hurt right now you're thirty wanna hurt right now and as you do me a lot physical pain to come yeah. We work out all learn from day to day life exact records just for being awake. Exactly and like so my group classes on my total body training classes I write their work out on the board yes just good it's a visual from the creates something for them to see as I'm still training and through it. And I put a quote just last night and it said. Feel a little bit of pain today C can look better tomorrow because it was a -- work out and I knew they are gonna have something to say about it. It's what you have to do when everything came out and you think they are this isn't working the biggest thing I found personally for myself is whenever I. And doing something I don't like doing it nine times out of ten knots driver IC the most growth. And whenever I A like I do I push past my patent doesn't really awesome quote a. However right here on my phone and I'm thinking of and I wanna tell you. I get about earlier that when the accuser he sacrifice that's a great line that she is your sacrifice because I can sacrifice. An hour. For the day or I can sacrifice this thousand box in the public you know he's calling from. And the greatest thing Q what they greatest thing about that is until tomorrow and just a second that I married this quote it's Christian who lower LO HR. But she says growth is uncomfortable because you've never been here before you've never been this version of view so give yourself a little grace and greeter in. So. It's uncomfortable or not you don't like it because you're uncomfortable you're not seeing any results right away each year. I the biggest thing like let's say that you don't you don't sound good and ask Iraq. Look where you Verity com right now her and that's helpful Blake life is it's about the journey not the destination here so like what you discover from now until October. Descending you don't even see your now because you haven't been there right it's a new version of yourself. Right so whatever happens October 2 only. Different. Exactly over that shock you might lose that thousand dollars. You're gonna have a storied it's not sure about how you lost that hasn't offensive story. Since this story but it's gonna have a lot more meaning TU based out of just one simple thing he started it. The year earlier rates too if I lose this thousand bucks but I'm steady with my work outs three year all of a sudden I've worked out for a year. And I have that forward momentum like you said now I've been whether it's the journal into a book or whatever now I have this steady year of working out and aiding at. But knowing that I can still do it despite aiding it absolutely right so. There's times where like all. My bigger honor I really bad knees and link added a college injury that just makes our screener on every day an Irish trying to do mild days and I feel that it. Clinton play ever hollow where you're. You have thirty days in or out and after seven days I couldn't even put my foot on that that gas pedal without hurting wit my knee and so that was something like. Limitations and when I look at that I'm late I don't like to lose at things I don't like to bail out some but they now looking out I could've walked to my own rather their running. And so late finding a way so even not something where it like it's on the back of my mind. Where but when I was doing that after date three I think I do not want her on a mild today. And then I heard around it. In the sand iron running two and a half miles while on a day I didn't really doing so. If you just die hardest thing is starting Larry and you're doing it daily I don't like this I don't like this do you take and the other thing too is how are you measuring like. Maybe on a weekly basis. Our right we didn't. We and should maybe start doing that we measured the baseline rate when the bat was made and then we did it after four months OK so you know I mean I think for me. And drew even said it is like you've got a comment more off I mean it's just work out more often. Right there is there's a slim chance outside of injury. That I work out too much for this implies almost straight yet so that's something I know that I can measure every week how many times I work out how many hours minutes. Yes that's perfect so you're not need I love that you found not because a lot of people automatically go to pictures and measurements and and the scale. Which isn't playing but it's not the same time that's the thing. I didn't want a measure how high can jump. Too early like haven't tried to dunk a basketball in four months. Because I don't wanna fail and have a crush me. Raid if anything I wanted dunk on a nine foot goal and go yeah I can do that I can. Achieve that I just need to keep edging out weigh in on I mean because I don't wanna do that like I'm gonna lose weight try my month. And then be defeated based on a number. Yes and that's Yale that's you party breaking on your on a smaller because you're like well let's do and I took on setup what is it twelve feet it's 1010 draft. Oh good unless that goal try it come tomorrow night and then thoughts on ninth and things like that even you're breaking down even more. And you're doing it by coming days and are working out right hand I also want to really encourage you do something you enjoy it out of one of those days that idea because if you're if you're doing isn't you don't enjoy your not gonna keep doing it and their games and yeah that's right now owed us know what you mean I mean that's a real well liege. She doesn't even I mean yes you're pretty doing things that are helping you John Q1 more got a week that you enjoy that might not even be relevant topping you Jon and here because it's going to be like RA I had these three days but this there are many deal for me like act on love it here and I've done so many different types of training as far as an athlete and college. Olympics I'll weightlifting on the a year ago I a completely stopped lifting. All together hated it couldn't do it was worsening job just so funny because I want full time training because I wanted to just work hard every day and I did it. It was like this terrible. Well I found something else yell that total body things I was Neiman and the jamming changed my and firemen that change and I was doing ain't but still gaining a similar result. And I found moment that to where now it's like OK I do yoga four days a week than I can hit the gen two days a week out to be OK I had a beer okay so. Embryo yeah you're doing out as jumpy and August pile things end. Yoga would be amazing hearing that people are talking about a cure ankle flexibility and all that. So a couple of years ago I didn't yoga for 99 days in a row why I know I let idiots stops at 99. Oh yeah. So I didn't do a hundred I didn't 99 days and grow my wife teaches yoga OK and that's another thing where I'm like I need. Light kit you can just don't like. And I know you guys or teachers how to change your sacrifice Jesus I'm angry. As I'm didn't really get it over watch and a G Richard to online games I need to stop so find something goal of one of those. Q yeah do you multitasking you do that and the amateur had not something I did run time to let a guy I you know I could be really great for you because you're really pushing through early deposit your feet yeah. Every is in now biker calf muscles and then surges. Ridiculous. So now you're finding a way to tie to the animal. Amber I'm gonna nay came on the treadmill and the place where you could combine that's I want your bye weeks with new patent that drink now where now I know that no pretty much. And maybe I am very trademark or trademark group. I talked to you about new brought up meditation. Do you meditate talked to me about what type of meditation you do this another thing that. I want to do and again I just. Yes I do you know arm. I do a lot of different types. I. I hadn't done a lot of guided meditation that are there is I recommend it for if you're not gonna tequila classic your just gonna try and out on here on I would recommend you need to meditation here keeping you you can be down to specific you can do medication for stress relief manic issue here anxiety what ever heard it is that you feel like you need it. You didn't look it up on YouTube and they have the guided meditation. On yeah. Iowa so and yelled you know you've done at the very last was at the initial Voss and on her. So that's your meditation victory meant tact you've gotten that physical activity which is really great because you wish yourself to a point where it's just like. Yeah I can play here now and not think about anything in my my body display. For other things a meditation. Is just reading. Any help through your nose excel dare not do it ten times me two minutes there's box apps to that you can take your tigers. Like around 10% happier as a guided meditation and a there really is pretty cool because it allows you to choose how long you wanna do meditation yeah and why it. Function you want out of debt to. 10% happier like Russell Simmons. Who are now has kind of a sink on his name now and recent news he. Put he wrote a book called success through stillness. And this thing is six for twenty minutes. He. He there's no guided anything yet just says air quality minutes and he even says twice today he says he's very minimal on goals or anything. They and that's what I like about yoga and meditation. You can tweak it to what you want and or need. Yeah ice you can do five minutes CO that you can do an hour and a half of hot yoga. You can do yoga that's about back flexibility or sitting and sitting in office regulates I love yoga too that for some and my wife said. Yoga is like. He's soft introduction into meditation yes right yes and I had to meditate so bad. And the biggest thing so I say I always tell people when I'm teaching yoga are talking about teaching LA is it's a game assignments this. And the reason why that's hard for people is they I they especially some minute average and Daniel OK this is a game assignments as you have to shut off your brain. Or you're not going to hear what I'm saying because there at what is it the acres it's Amber's image of what people actually hear from you say like 20% of what you say they actually here. Rate cuts are thinking what a minor it's exactly tell you doesn't mean going to downward arc down one hot. Instead of if you turn your brain not your not even thinking about what questioning what that is and you're gonna listen Q. Send your hips up and back towards the back lot like. Where you're not thinking your literally reacting trio at the same thing for meditation and as a really soft and trends. And that's what I am but Veoh that because it's based off the person my yoga practice you can do the exact same thing that I can do physically. That you could feel something 100% different what I feel. Have you have you done the sensory deprivation flowed tanks you know I think seeing so there's one over a wall though that in my one that's just about to open out south. I think there's one up north as well on his that we were quick through the radio station and I know they have some float therapy. But it's tricky it's forced to meditation which sounds like two words that shouldn't go to get re right on some level yes you shouldn't force. But I have to honestly even nice that's something I hope people that can't force it internally with themselves like they need that external. On T enjoyable thing to make and do that makes it. It's the sensory deprivation floating from the big fan of Amy just how right you definitely and a dying to you have to give me in the wild place yeah it's full Casey. Is and I like Adam that's where ago but I haven't done a very much okay that's awesome trying to out. Okay then I wanna talk as you do were quizzed women and kids primarily yet let's talk about kids. Health. You know I know look I have three daughters nine and under I know it's enjoyable finance and I am glad LA is a typical. So I know how. On differ couldn crazier family life can be. You know talk to me about kids and making sure they're fitting in fitness. Rain because it's obviously. Everybody knows it's important is difficult you just go back to deuce you know choose your sacrifice. And yes it and it essentially yes but here's the thing is. I am a big believer in. If parents are gonna mess in their kids. A lot faster before that he writes about investing themselves are they're not they're not in the price about investing in their kid yeah yeah before they messed up themselves. So I tell you Brady. This training sessions going to be 200 dollars for you today. Party wanna pay your really. And she's gonna get all these benefits same benefit I'm telling you would get Purcell OK when I pay how to pay Friday. For a fell on that is part of why target kids is because his parents hunting twice and 99 times on attend. On the kids are reflection of the parents so that kids are getting battered the kids become influence from the parents right. Because there's times were you look at your child and your like. Ali this is my motivation this is why I'm living and then if you see your child becoming better. With second and do for you well I make you wanted to yeah I think. Ray and there's a lot of things you can give your kids to to set them off on a healthier lifestyle is gonna have so much more impact then. Almost anything and think yeah it's do you work out with your life I do not okay have you ever. We we do yoga every once at all. I'll save the venue that you know you feel what do you G Philly carry patients it's closer. I think it's a good thing pressure got so think about that's gonna be if you do that with your children. Yeah yeah and yes. How are good when you're it's the same thing like and I think that's the biggest Charlize days it I think probably one of the biggest complaint I don't have kids I don't have a lot of friends with kids and I just do a lot of research. On. They don't feel connected with their kids because they're working nine to five they're dropping their kids off at the babysitters. They have just enough time to make dinner put their kids to bed wake up get ready for school and they're out the door. That is an essential time Peter bond with your. Tiled right well and I think Natalie is there a little bit of a time crunch but I think. As a parent you just assume all of their due in recess bear ray you know and you assume. Getting their yeah ounce. Which is great you do assume that but it's just a bad enterprise Nike and yet not the impact extra innings nonevent and you know honestly they're kids they're going to be active they're. I mean unless they do have a health issues that are overweight which there are a lot of that over a week or nutrition in the future but that's a whole another lake. Podcast yap pressure on other podcast by far is an activity level for kids. But it's one of those things where you're talking about how would be good for them to be active time until you break that Donny and smaller intervals. You wanna bond with your kids a little bit marching wanna find a way just to impact your kids an influence them. On I have so I have on that single mom sometimes they have to bring their kids to work out and I never return and I'll see if your kids well behaved in the analysts and and yes you can bring your children. I later. It's not on each for. You know lake and they just they bring all these games neighboring iPad all the stuff. Within five minutes the kids are up next to the parents dealing with a parent or doing Kazan just on Ambien not they just wanna be with their parent here and do what they're doing yes so. I is something that builds on. The prize that thousand dollar price for you if you get to dump and re iRobot that's a thousand dollar price. The prize spurred the parents were camp at their kids isn't just having a healthy active ice here but essentially the journey is combining with their kids. Influencing kids showing them what it's like to make yourself a priority so that way you're automatically breaking in with children. And too where eyes you're raising them they know it's important to make themselves a priority. Yeah I mean we we certainly stress important event importance of education around mouse. And so I think I need did you know also bring health end of that it's just. It honestly you don't even have to say specifically helps her sometimes people they hear that ordinarily. Here we go lake. It's just the days and by its self care re picking carry yourself. You sacrificing time to work out as a former self love or yourself. I wanna talk real quick about social media on answer Grammy heavy on there amber underscore read to ease. 123 amber underscore read 123 a he read fitness FaceBook amber dot read 123. On you do really well is that ever weird though to be on in Seagram. And be in like yoga Hanson. You know you know sports bras. Now I'm very. Let's see I hate cameras I hate taken pictures and I have to do a lot of cant imagine do and it. Like work clothes is that weird well I actually had a friend asked me last week when the last time I Wear real pants was an audio would be yeah because it. And I my answer was I weren't they grill piceance three times last year. Real yeah and why okay beef and that. This is also my profession I'm a nurse before I was a trainer occur so I was and scribes I had to dress up sometimes all that. End. At first they just thinking about me ankle campus and see Graham models and seeing people on imports from piceance and things like I was like I felt like. I had to do that even though I wasn't comfortable in my own skin doing it I'm like I need to do so then how we're out morrow makes trap that I looked great aunts and that's policy. It's really just like it's on May not it's just those little steps building up I never lake and in Atlantic pressure not even I did bodybuilding and all that I still hasn't taken Richard yoga helped just because you get so hot sweaty yeah. And it just created lake through meditation and really focusing on myself and loving myself. Is where I didn't think twice about picking up pressure and it's more comfort than looking aesthetically pleasing. Do you feel like those some people. Are on instrumental I'm never gonna look like at its almost raising the average ER to a point where most of us in America are unhealthy. Right and then the people we see working now are as such the extreme idea that it's almost heaven and it. It another cookie write emails came in there that I yes I agree with that completely and that is why. On you don't see a lot of pictures of me equipment or an opt for lake extra leg it's not about sex appeal shirt should not know I. I don't it was last night on the Internet hits runs and that's great like I go on because I've been doing kettle bells and you're right off the YouTube channel. Without a doubt I'm doing that with this channel and partner kuechenberg a look at draft and yeah Obama watch somebody work out it's made me swinging kettle bell got. A little wanted to be a senate doing pleasing rise and so and it's sad because hey I'm gonna show you yoga work out but the internet's gonna put its. Kirby yeah I think on it. It is it's hard and I hit you could it makes my job harder right because especially being a woman like ice they're like oh let's do this let's get them voice your system due some lake Boone right and all that you have a photographer I'm just like I could do that I write off but that's my massive. Is trying to do yoga. Yeah I have to you learn yoga pants so that my. Omaha while over the absolutely also what are you supposed to Wear when they do yoga because it's weird I can't Wear yoga. Where I have types yeah I'm so yeah we're like shorts over the gun and then when I put ads up they get well. Trust me until ladies I mean I think I was going to see what is the. What do you do yoga if we could figure out what we are supposed to Wear shorts shorts sure. Clearly tiger oh no. You know I I don't I'm not about extreme of what an alpha male our problems it's it's. It's different I. A lot of guys they. MI where lake shorter lake. Tight dinosaurs but those are guys that are like really into that right not your average guy right. All of my guy friends that I've had come in my classes they just gym shorts and T shirt or they might take it usually take the shirt off. Are they just take your shirt off here and that's what I love so much about yoga I mean I love total body training raises and Cheney about what I specifically love about yoga is when your on your map your on your Matt you're not looking at who's next few because if you do you're gonna miss whenever the team ideology you know to where you're literally years on not thinking anything about. But what you're doing. The same thing lately and I say that because there's. 200 I'm and the regular shirt off and not think twice about it but did you go to Yemen Donna take pressure off they're not gonna do it now rates because there. There over stimulated their eyes everywhere every is looking like everybody else is doing guilty your on your Mac even had to figure out what you're doing or you're venomous. Right well because. That's way on tight about it cruising into meditation yoga is about that balance and you gotta do you do have to focus in your really afterward that focused Rangel. And Burke. Not found no it's read dot fit is the website tell me the services you do or how we can fund moral why we need more amber and her life. Am I anymore and bring real soon can we make another pod cast them but. We're still. I'm yesterday. Tell me why do we need more amber in life and what are you gonna do when you George lives yeah bring as a manager and bring you on and an amber yeah something that I really. Like my slogan is live your story. Everybody has a story. For me personally they I've collaborated with a lot of people in the fitness industry and it's been amazing me is I have learned so much. But it ended the day I always was getting pulled to be back myself on my own because that was my story that I realized that that's part of my story. But I wasn't living your other people trying to too I found like my niche in what I love which is limiting kids' group training. Total body training yoga. And for me that I promote the same thing with all of my clients you make it look so easy make this so easy. Well this is let's met her my body and you going through this journey you're gonna find much for your body counts and so I'll react to pop idol lot of pop up events occur I work with the latest and I have some things coming up there's a free clinical meditation. Clinic actually. So he's talking about this meditations that the awesome it's and less month that's what's so. It's February now that it's not like FaceBook are so press February it's a well established in February 27 it's a Tuesday evening. What is a meditation clinic so many I have a blog and I'm gonna open honest I think in this week's doubling keep an ion and to cram on and so you'll get to get a little feel what that's like. But it's with me in another person in largest teaching people like what is meditation how do I get there what do I do. And just talking about what I achieve today about X sacrifices what is it you're looking port different things like that occur so although it is questions like you're unsure about its really save space. Quiet it's really. Awesome and I know the Buddhist senator here in town Desmond it's only asked and I'd like to go to one of those yeah but again it's kind of intimidating it's like a lot of going into a gold's gym to start working out. Ray ray ray buddhists are probably the gold's gym. Meditation. I've ever been there. No way this inner feeling to me yeah I wish I can completely understand why. So the latest now what I really love about it it's really small and secluded lake we had about ten people there giants on but it didn't overcrowded but it didn't feel play. I'm the only person here so. It's really awesome I definitely recommend it anybody is unsure about meditation or just needs that 1% and pursing connection helped to where. And they get more comfortable doing the two things and there's times I'm like I Felix such a crazy person in summary order or in a. Brad and live and well here's a running out of your own way here's the. Problem with YouTube and working out or meditating is a go on to YouTube channel search work out and they'll spend half an hour looking for the perfect wanna like well next. Me yeah. Here one more question. And this involves a weird story about me. Have you seen on FaceBook the jaws or size piece of equipment where you put it in your have you seen that whom OK so you put it in your mouth. And then you like Q on it and it's host to make your jaw line. Stronger and then because I have this double chin thing that I cannot get rid up have you heard of jaws or size and brutal road course and see what it is okay. So I saw the ad come up and they're like sixty dollars. Rate and you putting your mouth and you chew on it oldies here. Yeah okay law. No ahead why the eighth month yes there are many doing an engine yes I own mind of an. Well you put it in your mouth and you'd Chu and make sure I need a stronger jaw line re worried to just eat better. That's not a cure your sacrifice this guy is pomp and I and made Flemmi and it is and main hot out of is still there and that's every evening so you know there's mere Blake what it's like game that you put that thing in your mouth. I don't watch your mouth but I guess is that so reminds. You know I'm in pulp fiction again I hate the go wake up again to get sleep then. And so I searched. Vet on Amazon and now on Amazon it's all whips in seasons. A very inappropriate. So how to get rid of my double chin is that just your diet is or work out that I can do. Karamanlis draw a line you have seen him a better jaw line email is this just what I'm stuck where it's not leaders that went I mean is it like. Yeah he's a pretty good fishermen out and I really bad posture really care doctors on the attack and I don't know honestly it goes back to that what you're doing right now I'm just a deal that then your mask about small little things and then they mom little. Things don't doubled and none is so she does classes shield through lifestyle coaching. She will work with businesses as well you can find her. Online or read to ease read dot fit on instead Graham amber underscore read 123 on FaceBook amber dot read. 123 as well. Thank you for coming in thank you for being on this podcast now my final question as you think I can do it. And I. Your critical now but you got here you know. They you an idea I really positive rating thank you I believe in you doubt your doubt thank you. Okay I've got a good positive obviously you really can't think you know honestly though what I believe is I think you're gonna discover something about yourself over these next ten Iowa. I really believe you're gonna discover something about yourself that you had no idea you can deal. I'm Rick and knowledge more pressure to learn something no 1000. I want maybe he'll find a sponsor that we'll keep you I don't congregation. Owens with positive you can thank you think you know. Amber diet. It's what I keep messing that up read dot fit our guest is amber read on this episode of BG Dunst 28. Thank you for. He piano.