BGdunks2018 Ep 10 The Arbitration Episode.mp3

Tuesday, January 23rd

Is this the MOST important episode of #BGdunks2018? Maybe. (Although if it was so important I would have released it a month ago when I recorded it.)

In this episode we are joined by Nicki (the bet holder), Joe (promo guy and fellow gambler) and Taylor McKay as we nail down the details of our $1,000 dunk bet.

Do you think the bet is fair? Are the details in there.

Thanks for listening.

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We've had some really good guests on this podcast Jason Sudeikis we've had and through Morgan's we've had Taylor NCAA. I'm a big name people here's the thing this might be the most important one this might be the most important. BT dunks episode this is the arbitrary. Arbitration. Episode. And Nicky is here and she's already rolling her eyes and show is here. How are you willing to spring this arbitration episode I mean this is like almost month three of the bad I don't see. Really just like hey let me get you behind him Mike for a man man yeah I thought that I could go to kind of herb. Fair use you here we go well prepared. To do this. Mickey is our promotions director here at the station she's here with us now she's the one that I had V bet with now. We also have Taylor and Joseph here. Now I don't love this arbitration team. I don't think it's ideal. When he beat out Joseph reports directly to Nikki so I think that incentivizes. Him to take her side. I just naturally you'd take the opposite side of mine anyway. Rates so that thing. And she accepted my friend requests on FaceBook. Helps I feel differently I feel like Joseph is more likely to warship at the altar of Brady Gooden look. Hello hello hello I played an. I don't feel terrible. Hello correct pro hello yeah. Zero Kono and I also think Joseph and I have a bit of because we play Tennessee football against each other I think there is some sort of no it certainly romance a little bit but also some amount of back and forth competition. Between us right. Can only seeing you lose money I think yeah. A pilot line let's square it up here. Nicky the bat as you say it and as it comes out of your mouth as you see it please. The vet is that on or before I'll say before and October's sank into when he eighteen. Brady good men yes dunks a basket of yes on a regulation. Whoop okay. And it's no it's considered low rules BT now owed to durables. Now right no no news on the Fed sees you dribbled isn't a standard map. It's. A bit Michael. Pretty apple can Texans. Okay hello I know about about OK so then you heard it so. Out of your mouth tell me I'm wrong on or before October 2. Our regulations. Size tube which to me he sounds like 1010 foot okay. And she is saying. That and a one throw and then there that you forgot you need to be there. Absolutely this cannot be a video you're worried about video figuring yes rate OK so she needs to be there. Now she is calling for. It has to be like a certain amount I can't travel I think I should be able to run with the ball in the act is dunking not. It doesn't need I don't need to be able that I don't need to have to be able to triple its can't I don't get a basketball. I agree with that move. I agreed to know. I'm kind of on team travel. Really yeah you gotta let him travel because really comes down to the Don keen bright either an ad in the I think it's fine traveling. It helped his momentum a little that I I mean if you're gonna have to be active dunking it was great is that is the vet. I'm just I mean I guess I'm a little disappoint at ten. Timing on course you are you I mean you are at it like bowling you know between your legs and you're AT either way you're gonna win thousand dollars. I mean that might be the make or break it for me no funny business and it's no way that's to gin there oh do you now he's dole those steps dual thing I know I mean if you wanna be allowed to travel next thing I know you like. All kind of put a rocker's sudden I don't know I rallying if that's not a part of it I will not jump I will get no aid in jumping. Meaning I won't jump off any thing don't bounce off anything it'll be my feet. Also the regulation sized basketball and BA's size ist India nice sized basket and I'm not that's an audience in Paul hunt of the not WNBA. Not a volleyball. Would you let me use a WNBA ball absolutely not. You're already traveling. I may not travel what if I don't travel but use an MB WNBA sized ball now he's a regular. A regular men's. That's brutal you have to Wear a skirt. Any huge I don't know if it's always so. If I Wear a skirt I can use that WNBA sized boss sir sir OK here on looking it up WNBA sized ball. Is anyone eight point five a MBA sized ball as well at thirty. Wow and a half difference in this account. While and I can so if I Wear a skirt if you ask seniors don't sexist or fine he does have a nine latest. Okay. Absolutely I do not nice closer than 30 yes. Okay that's interesting twists. Only do that. I think I really just based on if I need to you'll give me that opportunity. To adjust. Chair I mean it's not only ran eight. I mean I don't think it'll either I'm going to be able to dunk a real basketball or not I can't imagine Lester blankley go with shorts Jeannie Oregon prairie style yeah we definitely prairie all blow. That may be a hindrance of prairie style a sudden drag. OK so utterly. Let's get this all one more time so we can agree and the world will know it's going to be sounds a lot easier than I expected. So. On or before. October 2 when he eighteen with Mickey. In on location. Them I will dunk a basketball. May be a WNBA. Sized. Why it may be an MBA sized. Are there a certain number of tries your rank at at an event like I get to try five times that the cement. You know gets a couple warmup so yeah I should be able to get third one heat that's his attempt I should look if I ate one and try next week. I should be able to try next we just be calling me out to all these arm locations whenever you feel like trying a day will you give me. Three. Different locations all. Why because now time we get to the dunking and then yes you hopefully will already be dunking yeah your daily life yet deals done you'll say now I'm ready yes and then we have you. There's that's a mean event that's it one event yeah. Five blowout in me angry then island then they. Finger yeah they are pretty pretty well no wait you say great if I blog do you really mean journey because here that's. West because here's the thing then OK okay yes I mean my knee. So I only get one should give me two shots to do Canada yes. Now here's the thing and we talked about the slow bit we met somebody one of our events to KU game. And he does a fund raising basketball tournament for one of the firefighters in Kansas City. Until lost his life coming to the rescue and their having a big basketball fund raiser. Down four Larry mash. Let's see. Rape. Know what you're doing you're tugging that are harsh and yeah exactly. We only know that it's fun police from more. Let's see how lonely can lose he's gonna ours John mash showcase you so living situation and it's John mash. Fund raiser. I want to raise money I believe for his family it's an independence there's a basketball to three on three tournament. When it's happening it's happening he said September 29 he believes is the day. You know Brady I'm already saying. You don't have have any rules and that you can travel you can use a women's basketball I am now I'm very now I am not going to give you two separate events of mine you know take time on my day bill wouldn't just think how sweet it would be to see me flat failed twice. I you know that. I'm not I'll tell me you wouldn't like your pain it's not all about Don back home. OK okay that's fair. It just wants. A onetime at this thing homebuyers. Obviously it's normal do it that's brutal out. Because what if something is weird Joseph what do you think she should give me to tell you I mean I kind of used it beat him. Why does all that he has all the time in the world to John if baskets before. Before the event Alston is how what this whole idea that this event it's gonna come. It's gonna happen into tender and he's innocent I'm not ready I'm not going to do this we got a shoe firm it's only three days until the debt deadline isn't really yeah how about that I'll give you one of them prior to October 2. And then an last and then you'll have your last chance on October so I think that's very not NRA Null or not yeah Matt Dillard I think that's very fair and nice and you. Just I'm just worried what if it's the crowd or yeah. Rushed to a mile a day October's back in and then no matter okay what are you up to on your bitcoin I don't. You would will that's another good point cannot pay you and Vic court. I thinks now OK and enhancements and yeah how what are you buy with bitcoin. Anything you want you combine cash with it and then when cash and turn you can buy anything you also she is your possibly interest in it now I'm. OK okay well our in my letter OK that's fair that's I think you've been very fair I agree OK go and we'll be bringing perhaps. Would you like I had kept and it and it's been scares me to think Hoffa and yes. Cash when he how do you want him to when he is one knows she it's really annoying so. I can't do look up she's getting calling this the she's imagine corder is a tiny cell mean right over and have a old wheel barrel and I'm gonna make and there's going to be here's armor new. Corder is. They're not gonna be in like a Bagger rolled up it's just gonna be like in buckets and she's gonna have to count it see if I came shortly at all. I'm not a joke by the league he is not everything I do little while I'm getting personal that's ending yeah really isn't evil Beers think. I think my chances I really think you've already won. I really don't think you're going to be able to do now with that attitude you're not I really don't think I am. I mean I've been working out look and I didn't do in this staying in the blood flow restriction on my legs. Really don't think I can do it touched your heart strings I didn't realize I I didn't realize how big of an undertaking this is going to be. This is crazy time. Great so here's a thing even though I lose I don't want it to be a total loss and embarrassment I think I'll get some joy out of making you count quarters how many quarters in a thousand dollars. 4000 quarters. I think I'll still think get over it really. I don't know of your being this down and dirty colleague Campbell here's and I'll help you clean up the quarters and believe it like it like 10%. But let me ask him. Let me ask Taylor and Joseph real quick. What odds would you give somebody else. Let's say Lee was like what kind of odds would you give me on Brady dunking what kind of odds would you layer right now. Like man. Tend to one. So she said. Ten dipped to 1110. Dollar bill verses a hundred dollars yeah you would say. You she pays you ten dollars you pay your hundred if I can. If she is bedding and they you can. I give her a hundred bucks if she gives me tanyon wow OK I think that's rings tomorrow Taylor a 1001. OK I will take that bat. Are you offering me that about. Can we have a little hold on I know there are you offering me you have met. Here's a thing. I know I hope we cut that that was my and what is your. Really love you and here's the thing I've had no lie in a OK how when I teach a 1001 odds. How much do you wanna do. You do now 100000. Or listen to it means for every dollar. You would pay a thousand if I do it might re not in and Nicky. Is I'm I would. As star and add Brady's quick answer right now about just why in extra batsman at unbelievable an area. Hundred to 100 to one. So. A hundred to one on the copy jump on it well but a case of 101. You said tenth on all attend aligned. Eight net and no free to all of I don't know what Benin is. Gays so here's the thing meaning it. The ten to one if you were giving me ten to one odds I would say okay cool let's do it 400 dollars. I give you a hundred dollars if I can't you give me a thousand if I can and that's stupid that's two. That's all odds. I don't you can't call on stupid. Well like I know some track I don't believe it. I'm not no I'm not calling odd stupid I'm just you're trained to do with money out at me all about two to one. For fifty bucks. Any beat. What about him on. I can be even. Because it is rather you believe that there absolutely. OK so obviously. Joseph let me ask you just because you're more of a sportsman. Then I'm guess these two why don't you think I can direct. You just think it's a physical feat yeah. That I can do how we got to then yeah. Perot because you don't think I'll work out enough or you think physically I just can't do it like a five maximized. My workouts if I really. If you gets you figure the combo where I am physically plus mile lack of motivation yes. But you have I mean it's not just getting to ten feet you have to get over ten ET millions of Basque. Ball over the rim. Larry and I seen me jump yet and bodies have limitations whereas mines don't I actually think models and you know IC in your eyes and minds. Okay Zell. Another Balinese literary minds until my. Don't mind alertness does. OK so now when I see that you can actually be motivated I kind of disagree with. Just although sometimes you aren't motivated that something like this to shove it in the rest of the hour recess you're gonna do it to but it. You'll be close so you think physically I could do it is mentally I can now I'm saying physically you can't do acts right mentally. You're gonna at least. Really attempt. This Sox if I really try for a year and can't do it bring you had a problem yes go ahead. In Nikki tag rather see in the that you feed off the energy in the room cell that. Are you somebody like you can do that you like Yankee and I got this dry and then somebody like you know chance you like your right side. You hassle I don't have to keep feeding you negativity Ryan never do it it's so true like I was gonna do this bet. How about I was gonna find somebody to bet me a thousand dollars that I could gain a hundred pounds and a year. And and then that way. That would pay off that bad and I wouldn't have to try. And you look like the rest of the radio world. I would finish. Tell you that we expect and look now. Do you think I can do that because I think I can gamble the only thing that I'm healthy not healthy it's really a thousand dollars and blame though you wanna died five years early will then 3000. Dollar I would bet somebody if I could lose a hundred pounds and a year and then what do you do with. All the extra skin 1001000 dollars to get a remove food yet you should probably think ahead sometimes will re gonna say Nikki parting words. My brother in law recently met Brady at a basketball game yes. And when I saw him a couple days later he. Pay I'm am Brady I think that's the safest baggy government. Plus plus plus. I can't my good man. Wow. That's probably true it's it's. I it's one of those situations where. I don't know when I've done myself certainly I think this is the quintessential. Mouth cut a check that my cavs can't cash. You know I mean. But your fitness level will improve so either way I seen you win. Yeah I nearly the amount of dollars but the same time you're probably going to be the fittest you've ever been. I hate saying us but you'll forget it soon enough you know you have a real opportunity. With this and venting your trying to go to to visualize. Dunking. And make that your goal every day you know your exercise saying. Real opportunity I did not impossible. I don't think I physically I think I'm too far behind I think it's too much ground to make up of my age and what my starting point I mean. I mean I think. Your boyfriend did it if I think I know. That he was ten years younger than me at the time I think it's eight months away 900. Okay. I'm glad we got it all straightened out again confirming that I am not wrong here I have two chances. With Nikki in person to dunk. A full size basketball NBA or she's given me the opportunity to do a WNBA ball. Regulation size if I Wear a skirt I. Do not have to dribble I am willing to travel and she wants to be paid in cash and I want less than five tries and each. Chi don't forget. I might. I class act and like I need to get there and warm up yeah so five official tries like I can get there an hour early out of Iraq I'm. I'm standing there for an hour than five okay. She three point there's all day when they're on the clock okay yeah and then I'm on the clock apparently derailed dunk competition are well. This is probably gonna be the last episode. Of and BG dunks in a 2017. I'll return after the first of the year and the next episode will already be. One quarter of the way in the this bet. So this is very scary I'm gonna meet withdrew and Ethan over sports spying case C. One more time after the first of the year at the first corner and we will have an update on how much progress I've made. In the workouts and we will see where I'm Matt and how much farther I have to go and coo let's go. There is up need. Thank you Nikki Jill thank you tailor the happy holidays everybody and find me online and 997 point doc.