BGdunks2018 Ep 09 - Andrew Morgans Landlocked KC

Friday, December 1st

I connected with Andrew Morgans in a "business meeting" and found out that he taught himself to dunk a few years ago, welcome to the podcast! Andrew has a bunch of amazing stories, about his youth, starting a business, having more than 11,000 instagram followers and so much more! 

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Our guest today is Andrew Morgan's Andrew welcome. Thank you I'm gonna start out with a couple tough questions we'll get easier from there why is Kansas city of sets with teacher to what happens when we die. Bill OK I can't wait hang on hang on well. Let me first introduce you properly our guest is Andrew Moore against he's from here in Kansas city's got a great compelling story in their a lot of things to talk about. Land locked Kansas City and you can find them on line late in the clock oh. Dot com they were part of barked over fest we'll get to that the first. Andrew MI wrong in my perception Kansas City. Is assessed with T shirts while I wouldn't say the Iran a history fraud Kansas City you or other markets compared to other markets were very city of Seth I'm like it's more about city pride in because of that I think the city pride. Carries over to wearing something pressure her or hat and I says like on Obama's that he I think. I can cities we've always felt like an underdog in compared to other cities as far as like hacker. Innovation or is this marked out town you know the midwest chip on our shoulder yet I think a lot of people from here are so proud of where we are and they are to show that off and kind of show that you know I am from Kansas at the end. Here's why how long you've been here. Boy how that's that your question okay. I've been here off and on. Since I was. One. But I grew up in Africa OK you until I was them about 162000. Warren. And boom yeah and so I came back here in. Goal line. And I graduated from liberty high school in 04. And so like oh to go for America went to Hawaii for. Three and a half years okay us our college out there and then came back here in 07 opinions and those that. You lived in Africa do you know Dave Matthews now. Okay you lived in Hawaii do you know Barack Obama now okay you know of those guys yes OK so. Since you were in high school have you noticed. The Kansas City pride swell or increase since then. I mean is it just a royals is that the Google stuff is that the improvements of the city which any can you put your finger on it. Well I think. I think fiber does play a bigger role I think I certain noticing it more like I fell in love with the city when I moved out tap and growing up in the suburbs like this was always homes were my family was. But I wasn't like. In love with the city. And then probably like four years ago I moved around town in religious guy new love for the city and yes. So many little places to go things to do. As never heard you know to start exploring. Personal picture I need to maybe go backing the reason I'm asking Andrew the reason I'm asking you about teacher it is because landlocked Casey you guys do a line of Kansas City shirt yeah. Ray and so that's where that comes from. Talk about the teacher gaming Kansas City has to be a tough one to get into your. That is this kind of competitive. You know obviously there is. Several brands. That are kind of compete in the same space and and really like this is when my first entrepreneur ideas. I had my thought everything out. You know I was just sitting out. I was going to the royals playoff game. And the chiefs were armed at the same time so we were like tell getting for the royals were watching that she's from tailgate in in the parking lot. And I saw these guys wearing my. Arroyo's Jack did it was like achieve shirt underneath and ours is had this clever idea coming into assured of both teams yes the hybrid came out and within a few weeks like arrowhead pride which is like. Offs this year he and every tweet today and then kind of brand is became. What it is today. But really it was just normal guys idea apart dark. Yeah every year you're a graphic designer. OK so now that's not true is that or they can be a little confusing OK Tom ironic company called mark Knology. Erica and we specialize in martian brands online case you're not a graphic design now so that your 'cause I'm always like it never designer shirt I'm not a graphic designer. Ray yeah I mean you came over the idea and silly design that such an honest I'm I'm very creative person bomb on designer so I used to write music before I got out of college and toward playing music and down with Dave Matthews now now I wish she is I thought by himself right well yeah he's done some stuff Padilla a I'm I feel great member Dave Matthews Tim Reynolds. They did that do little cruise and stuff members it's not even close and not that I music and our writer I can't sitting in an anti. So basically I just had this idea in my head and then I found an artist sitcom how I mean about Ross kind of hours of work is just like. I can see division and then I'll talk to someone that can help. Collaboration yak collaboration now I. Talk because this podcast really stemmed from. I'm a horrible bet I made I made a bad. That I can dunk a basketball within a year for a thousand dollars now I've never been able to dunk before but you and I were talking here at the radio stations one day come to find out. You have a similar story now you don't have the idiot move of a bedding a thousand dollars by you have a similar you had a goal. And you achieved yes and if Arlen cloning in cool well does anybody X that is really good about it. Why I put a thousand dollars on it. The only reason I have the thousand dollar bet is because I feel like I need that motivation now understand I mean I've always wanted to don't but I've never had the motivation. To really really attempt it. But you had a similar goal right tell yes. Though Obama was in Hawaii and I've always played basketball like as far as I can remember. And I was in Hawaii and there's an outdoor court I made new friends there and I was playing in. I think the goal is actually a little short like nine foot ten and a half or something so an inch and a half short you know template. And I was close at dunking and our society. In Hawaii there's a lot alike Polynesian and Philippine island. I was tall you know I have are relatively. I'm almost 63. And so. It's that in that group of friends I was kind of big guy announced accountability adopt so I went to the jam hired a trainer in started. You know I set I wanna know how to jump a little bit higher and we start chain and. Now you didn't have. The amount of space to make up that I have to make operates you're fairly close. I mean if you think you know you got the size of the ball you got. There Iran is a little bit ashore and I was close the door urging that. 910 yeah I saw had. Don't deny intend to have I said the dark at ten foot and writing. You know the size of the volume over the rim so I subtle ways ago honestly. OK so you hire a trainer how long did it take Q. I would say like I was kidding. There might have been like four months. But I was still playing like every day wasn't like I didn't play basketball analysis China Don Korea was playing so like our keep. I would go to the jam in and do stuff is Tommy and do the moves and then I go around play and try and sell arms and I. Okay so. Hey I like this story it's encouraging me because this is a been an emotional roller coaster have until October 2 so but it's been two months rate and I was feeling down the other day I thought what if I do this well. Just give up. And go find somebody to make about where I gain a hundred pounds and a year for a thousand dollars and I would just use that to pay. Great and so I am really was down about it it's your story is giving me some hope. Yeah I don't give up yet. But mean man it's so I got lucky I have a buddy he has a physical therapy place. Like out by a hundred Metcalf. Just over there it's called sports bind their physical therapy place rate. But that's those who kind of shape a mantra is there there's people and they have been in going car wrecks and event actual injuries and here I am. And start from my baseline but. We're doing boxed jumps I started to Onebox jars Smart and my stomach hurt like my abs were so sore my wife had to help me out of the chair afterwards. I've been doing blood flow restrictions on my fives but well I don't even know what it is some high tech machine and I'm doing squat. We're we've box jumps I mean what are you doing. The only thing different I did I think you're right on the right path is. Box shown can be a guess that can be any size yet it can be any kind and if you wanna commencing in you can see me really jump on there. But I side with like a little ones that are like maybe two inches tall posts and warns the and I just on and off on off on and off. And then we did lots of cast a lot of calf work OK so Ian judge's son you get on the you get the barn shoulders and you know you're with an object I was inside outside. And so we do account for a we do explosive Jon so like kind of like how that way and jump with a document apparently that on them okay in a controlled way were you not like you know heard this but yeah. I remember doing lots the calf work and jumping on and off that little like you know four inch. Starting there and then raised on and off so as our complete John yeah big bucks job is just like. On off on off on offer off it's a lot of times and says yeah I'm a hundred times it's not without effort by us not huge jump does not exhausting says like like you're getting the stomach soreness that's probably because the bigger by. Yeah it was it was and so I was doing like little. Like sets of thirty tiny little rabbit hops off of it. And then going and jumping on that. And it's so much higher he said that did the guys drew anything over there have been messed with my ankle. I need more mobility in my ankle not so there working on that which involves a lot of stretching my ankle because it doesn't have full range. He's also like you got to lose weight which is nigh. I mean that just helps yeah I just lighten the load that is house but I have a Fram I didn't apply your hands Bobby and we play in the league and he's probably got. I don't now wanna be generous maybe like sixty pounds on me. And he's his down to easily the other group so he's lived pretty big boy am I he does dark humor cause of the way so. I don't and outfit so weight thing. I'm off I can do it but I this thing is I guess at this emotional rollercoaster Sundays on a completely give up a really would love it's a bucket list thing. And at least if I try I feel like it's a win win win even if I lose the thousand bucks at least I'll I'm a year healthier. Yeah I mean here's the trick here is that sugar is not a thing leads this is why you're here it's a mind OK okay as a 100% a mind game can don't want people watching you fell like you know when you're doing and even in like. For me I can still dark now like I have a little brother from Big Brother big sister apparent and the other day got done with them like in the game of the super cool we're at the jam on Saturday and I three and three and he just gave me this past. He plays football tourney. And a disguise darkness and out on an L agent like that is bills some. And as I have an Austin like interest in me now under. But like die usually comes they got to have played a little bit so like we played a gamer too and likely you're talking about your ankles news. Like tiny on your the stretching like I cannot walk on the court and 120 you know dryers or can't walk on the court and just dark. But I played a game or two it's almost like stretching allies in sound like loosened up then then it's there okay so what I would suggest is like. You lose a game between wan or whatever you're playing with some guys in kick kind of loose. And then. Like start with a goalless not straight at ten foot deal little mental confidence right one of those adjustable goals somewhere like a park that has little bit shorter ran. And you know start and after a six get a first down with a real basketball are bright light now after the dunk with two hands I can't. Do you really I can't dunk with one do you jump off both feet yes I need like one step. Only one step and you can Duncan you're only 63 yeah alerts gives me hope. If nothing else you've given me hope and I still have ten months you got time. Home and early as like if you can satellite Memphis they throw right and then you're like OK I got this like Omar goddesses got six more inches but they are getting 97 re brilliant nine daily on. We're actually break it down a little bit. I mean look listen if I didn't have so the guys that sport spine. Hooked me up with an app called can exit. And we did a bunch of tests and then they put it in the app the results here test and it makes a 3-D avatar. And then added just work outs to what you need to do. To get to your specific goal or the sounds amazing data if I didn't have these guys helping me out fighting now this app there's no way. Don't but at least I have a shot I don't know and your story the fact that you said he's older when you decided you wanted to dunk yeah. You weren't sixteen you learn. Ray I was out of high school okay so that gives me hope I don't know man and and I do like his I was talking to somebody about it earlier it's a mint a lot of its mental ponder whether it's forcing myself to go work out or just believing I can do it. Right now I think you gotta like. You need of practice is done even if you're failing a lot more often you're probably okay so don't just feel like a catch came from on number angered try to Don clay Wright need to kind of like as part of your training the attempting Brett Hull really a bit comfortable yeah I need to be comfortable failing to be comfortable hitting the revenue to be comfortable right. Jumping. OK I did I have let's talk about Q did you did show on your instrument video viewed dunking. And nearest Graham is crazy so I wanna go their next. Because. Not only do you have a crazy amount of followers but the stuff you put on there is not. You dunking is issue doing I pull ups. And it's some like bonfire. The Dow was up the full moon festival in Thailand. Hand I think that post is about has stem cell this year. My shoulder effort torn away from from my football no yes so I tried stem cell it's really awesome. There injecting stem cells in your shoulder rate as our example or from their embody both and they spent it down in the end. You know tweak it alerts and really well right actor yeah so. What can I inject stem cells and in my legs in my ankles yes without help yet. Would that be better than illegal steroids and I don't I am not a game during the collection in. Does bear so stem cells how do you get hooked up with somebody it's what I mean that's kind of a new technology. And it technology and actually have a friend. They work him of his bio carry here's Overland Park area and I went in got some exercise had a pretty big chair and just move forward with and it's super Austin's with the athletes use you notice recover faster. And turn out in muscles than one now yeah I'm on the I'm Marty playing basketball I think I had my second procedure like four weeks ago did they say this of help to avoid surgery and yes I was like a surge alternative passer it's you know they're not cutting you. So pretty painful all. Pretty successful so yeah that's what's happening on the video I was basically. At this party in Thailand on the beach it's the Foreman festival they have like once a month this is the big one of the year. And they had all these like. Fire hoots and fire jumper ropes and like all these competitions happening on the beaches where I couldn't help yourself I could helmets even though we should note yes I should've done it is actually like. Before I had the surgery by side a lot of pain one. But I just couldn't in the warmth of the fire that you're actually getting burned entitle him lay there like walking away burns. But it's so that we talked a little bit when your last time just me and I'm about instead Graham you have 111000 plus followers and only a 181 posts now these posts are amazing. But it seems like a lot of followers are so few vote. It's right I mean that's a good point and so. Some of it is that I don't dislike to throw line itself these. Yeah kinda early and so I really on truth be told I need to be taking more photos and posting more often now on I won't back that up. But sometimes scheduling issues some of busy on your foreigner in my scheduling shoots the get these photos. You know to be able to post more or different things like that just kind of goes down the totem pole. Wait so you're not just taken regular photos is that what's your suggestion is for somebody like I don't know meet the wants to improve there instead Graham game. Professional photo shoots that you post okay. So there is a mean everyone has their own strategy okay and 111000 followers in Kansas City is pretty good anywhere else it's like and usher okay. And part of that is Beano being the owner of an apparel brand being entrepreneur I think that's where you know a lot of following comes from people like to father at the journey yeah. But. Really like you should be sticking to a schedule you know if you want Louis again yes we had to do I though he should be like sticking to his schedule you know says that your followers are seeing regular posts. One in my strategies is to post less often but you're more lights because instead gone picture picture picture picture picture picture like. People messier like you know that that pictures acquiring more and more likes before you move on so that's been on in my show outages on my posts in my story all the time OK so I'm still giving my users like contents. Like they follow me throughout today all the time. An idealized views there. And a lot of interaction with my followers. Old story you're so but in when you have a high quality. Piece of content that's on your picture but there's a lot of lesser quality not necessarily less quality but. For lack of better term lesser quality stuff let's. Your story but yeah period it has like more of like thereof behind the scenes I think that's so it's interesting because. Me in my team whether it's mark knowledge your landmark for honest and fun stuff. And people like to see that. Yeah well look like I'm not going to Thailand right you know I mean but I do have the opportunity to do some cool stuff. There's no doubt so but how to 111000. Just you can't I can't be just from the quality of your followed. Now it's not just equality and I think I'm going back to your point about like. Amount of pictures and post that I've made. For me it's kind of like landlocked I just I've never been warned it just like push out stuff that yeah like if I like this around like. This is this is the Weiner. I'm I'm not you know I think every picture I posted is the war I don't know why if I'm dislike about something whether it's a design whether yeah posts and I'm I government imposed and are just. Post to post I don't know or I don't just put out designs have put out designs. It's always been one that took. Okay okay okay I mean. You're like. What is that much to teach you or something is that you yeah let's not Belize and Guatemala yeah yeah and that's that teach tolerance you know teco rooms and here's a picture of me. At the uptown theater I mean right it's tough. It is tough. Bomb blow like I'd shows I guests do. So are my own company mark Knology which is we we launched Brach brands online records said and that's that's part of the reason gone back to your question about how. I'm you can succeed with the teacher company Kansas City I think that landmarks ground specifically because of our schools on mine been and so whereas everyone's competing for wholesale space in Kansas City we are in stores you know I mean he's seeing these requirements up. But we've also just like continued as some brands of commons on we continue this on line of people in Florida people in Texas can city people all are so I ships up to Russia area and I was a love Kansas City so. That's kind of how we've been able to thrive I think in in a tough market by. The same thing with the traveling a case of bringing him back full circle of life. Belize and Guatemala and Thailand and in Europe which is all happened in the last twelve months which is pretty awesome. But I can work on traveling. Right so nothing really slows down for me other than. You know the cost to get there. But I just work in working on traveling via yeah and I'm able to do that. So talk to me about mark Knology. It's marketing. Company bright bright we're do you have like elevator speech or do you have a difference maker because certainly in a talent to test the number of marketing companies is crazy. Right so we're not just a marketing company. I starting corporate guys are really good selling on Amazon and then a seller freelancing and kind of blew up online. And down. In in the freelance space like you Lance an up work and then my business kind of just took off but elevators the elevator pitches we launched brands on him. Oh so like if I have a product itself I would come to you you're not like oh we're gonna do a whole marketing campaign. Rate with different mediums you're like specifically we want your. I dump your widget to sell well. On animus yes so that's where we start your OK we worked with local brands like. Follow lists Modigliani. Hugh Leo. Lots of different brands locally the mating Casey's stores you know we saw there Parsons. Blanche then. And I think a mind to say that how. And there's no problem there but I'm so we hope get your price on Amazon but there's a whole sure algae around you know from for tiger she'd TV advertising. To the way that we're writing the listings like as CEO. In its aims are going to be very complicated very blooper here though we dislike him instead of make like letting you make mistakes or we just help you get there and then be successful. And then we also tie in social media and web sites. So that the brand source being successful on Amazon typically they want a website and so from the ages of freeway to advertise like tar. Is Amazon as long key with there. Out rhythms and there you know usage. As FaceBook might be 100 efforts oh are they their changes I hear about it FaceBook all the time that's a bigger part of what we do that Amazon's massive. A 100% and that's why you know we're the experts yeah by saying on top of the hour prisons and all the changes. And to my government social media. Kind of just as much on the planet I consider myself a subject matter expert when it comes in broker asking a question I'm ready go okay advice of a social media I'm not there yet. So. Different members of my team myself who we've been setting social media really hard. Just I area that we starter went to Sharon experts and but I really feel like you have to be yes they relevant. Via. OK I wanna talk to you more real quick about you said you were in a band. Ray news or tell me I bet yes and a long time ago but. When I came back from Hawaii and China for being here in Kansas City called our last chance OK and over the next probably five years. We just grew and sort of playing we toward us and tooth and Albanians nothing huge. I'd label offers that socked in I never take those but. We did shall all over the country go play. Recent play I don't know three or 400 kids locally shared common different bands but I am well connected in the a lot of them are entrepreneurs now. But I'm well connected with people from that music seemed out of you know grown up here in Kansas City. Variety. So did you enjoy that time do you look back and go man. A wish we could've made that work or is that like a I was fine. There was that let's find you like I love playing so much. And if I hadn't done the touring and self I would know that I hate tour in life. I just ABM broken and you live and in a van right now on the even if your turn with a bigger payments so pretty rough. What would you play a base cash so I've been stuck in a guitar for like three years true yes scientists. So let's go to got to work with your mindset that's so we got to work with immediately. Well so. I'm one of the earlier episodes come of this podcast I talked to a kid that's like a championship speed tuber oh yeah that's something I've always wanted to do and I can do it now. I mean I still have some notes here in the air but I feel like that's one small mountain. I need to accomplish things I think there's some snowball effect rate so let's talk about that talked about goals like. You know you certainly are gonna have goals for your clients rate if somebody comes do you say I wanna sell this on Amazon you're gonna set goals. But from your own personal goal. Setting. Mindset do you do you have a process there do you have one big goal in a timeline you set little goals what can you talk to me about that yes. I'm very goal oriented okay. And I am very competitive as a person you're and almost every aspect of my life. And honestly I'm intelligent but I am not very talented OK and you might argue I mean but really what I'm trying to say is that. It's come more out of competitiveness. You want to do those things or be able to do those things and has just raw talent like. Bass guitar like I'm not super musically inclined I can't dislike here sign though. Exactly what they're playing like it's come out of practice practice practice practice same thing with. And that's going to be a joke since I'm a practice practice practice what are we talking about. And then you know basketball united chain ability Don club before that I was learn how to whenever play in high school says coming out of Africa you know learn how to play in summing things in life like I've just. It's become work ethic to match like that's awesome I grew up with this perspective and in countries where people had nothing and no opportunity. And then I'm in the I'm in America I'm in united state leaders from Jenner I know as we have our flaws though I. It is a land of opportunity and it's like really if you work hard and anything you can get it okay so I cannot bribe but like you dial it down to small goals. So like let's take landlocked yeah rate it's a newer company do you have like six months goals do you have like. Goals I don't know what it would if it would be a sales gold the doesn't have a timeline of time and what's outlook. Yes so landlocked. So we probably says six men twelve month coal you know whether it's acquiring both sellers whether it's reaching amount sales whether it's like. Simple stuff as far as. Organization or collection releases or we would have four collection releases next year or. You know Smart goals like that we we sit down brainstorm all the time I've got white boards written on all over the place and personal goals and very much like this is what I'm trying to accomplish this year you know I have personal goals. You'll have like New Year's is coming out yeah so you'll have like a written things that Andrew is gonna do in 2018100%. Really yet how long is that list. Like thirty is it. Why it's probably around warning I liked issue big OK and night if I accomplish fifteen night that's winning right away re bomb vs someone might be like I want to lose weight while you need to set a goal like me quantifiable quantifiable otherwise you just reach in for enough. Right now if it's going to be healthier or does that mean does that mean like. You know overall eating one healthy meal a day you know right how to better than what you're doing or does that mean my actual size of the more you got to be specific yet in use their real goals like that I think it's all about having thoughts of people need to talk about. Has less about like what exercises are doing in the jam has less to do about what books you're reading specifically here. This or that has to do which is creating a habit in the habit. Creates the result variety so if you can just create the habit whether. You're doing it amazing are not going to the gym you know. On some level how much of that is the 101000 hour rule rate. You know it with the if you play bass. Once you get sued you can only help but be better after 5000 hour right. I'm Andres so that have and I think your right. I mean that's part of my problem. You know and I think I stretch myself too thin sometimes like I wanna do so many things that it's hard. You know I jump around and Saul goalless streak or a play. The guitar for you know a week every day for a week you know and now won't. Pick it up forty items you ansari who you know apparently got a sale like. It said has been I gotta be good at guitar you know it's easier to set a goal that's like Arlen won his son a month on ninth grade and then quantifiable quantifiable and then at the end of the year you've learned you know a dozen songs and those SARS like all work together Iraqi prime learned something in the song I'll help you on the next on Geraldo at the end of the day I can and does a more signs this year and it lasts here. I won't know your rights so. I certainly have a quantifiable goal to donkey have a date. You know and I think you're right about how habits now to get there I can't just now I just have a goal I got to figure out mice that. What are your sense of us on talking about are starting at 96 starter RA and why you know you so then you maybe do this so. Those quantifiable goals and I have steps dunk. At 96 by the end of December. They go and then and raise that goal. Whatever the math would be two inches by the end of the year that would hell I really I really think that's going to be changes are so that I can adjust. If I need all I'm not getting there I need to pick up the pays our Amman taking hours even or your right now I don't I'm afraid they go I'm afraid to even try until the fear and do it and I think it's. Put down on teachers dudes do is that you make and it's from Wal-Mart but it tattooed on me. The advocate. Real quick I want a couple more things so you lived and and Africa I need to know about that just a little bit like Pletcher all the elevator speech on living in Africa. Well it's I use they avoid the subject because it's just. Like there's so much to say yeah don't really understand. South Africa now so okay so my parents are missionaries they taught English and my candidate work. And it was Cameroon when I was really on and then Botswana. And the like 910. And then Congo until I was like wow I like the Democratic Republic of the Congo wow. At that time is the most dangerous country in the world yeah before 9/11. So I was in Congo during 9/11 but. I very like it's kind of crazy talk about super awesome super like there's some great things to say about it like their perspective I was give in in. You know I'm I've always been raised to be thankful it's like natural I mean just from having seen those things which. Creates happiness I think if you think we're happy pray and in life and but I also saw some crazy things out there during enact a two and an evacuation. How Israel's they're in big guy was I forget did leader's name. Of Mobutu yeah I guess that he was out when I was there okay by his he had just gone out and it was Kabila president Kabila is there a guy. Named general butt naked. That's not good now and I know of and yeah as I camera guys it was general butt naked I don't know but supposedly. He would before he would fight he would fight naked I believe and they are crazy. Yeah so I can't hear general buck naked he. What year we looked and oh Liberia it was Liberia out I'm he was born in 71 he was the commander of the liberian warlord. Roosevelt Johnson. Early ninety's occur in the liberian civil war a case and offered. Young man and Congo's so war torn and and I I love after he got to know that. But they're right in the middle and they have or enforce you know huge jungle and so. All the countries around them whenever they go to war in the end armies lose they run into the car ran a hide and fight out of those. It just creates a very like. Tumultuous place and there's so many resources there from you know you go to any diamond store in the US from north from the Congo. Now how much if I walked into your house right now how much African culture what I experience are recognized against these. I'm in my room. Some in my office have America you know some paintings and stuff but ultimately. I've tried as I've gotten older I've turned more into a minimalist in. And I don't have a lot of just like the stuff yeah and I really about the. I mean do you like. How many times. A year in Kansas City are you gonna eat an African meal I'm not you're not now because you're not into it or why that's so far have shaken and Massa however eyes and I'm having an African milk OK that's fair. I don't think I don't imagine myself this is me just being straight up Kansas. I'll ever traveling to Africa yeah raise at a reasonable thought I mean it's it would be difficult. Com they would be just quote this expensive Boca but if you wanna see if you wanna like go to another planet you don't go to space rate either this or that it's radically different yet every country okay every country is different just like when people from let's say Europe think about. United States you know and on my. You realize that every state here there's a reason Americans on travel as much some people haven't invent a California writes every state is so different like some are similar but life. He may talk about Connecticut vs California vs red. Look you can go from the Bronx. Two outside of Austin, Texas. To radically different when almost. A different country go to Europe and you aren't training year in my canoe country in three hours there and it and they just I don't think a lot of people don't get that perspective though like. Oh yeah I'd like Switzerland's. Together somehow I'm like that's a tiny country be like lease on the you know getting their act together something you know like I believe is 3300000. People cry okay and they like they're all about nature and they've got a lot of good things in place. And I'm like you have a vast site the size of Kansas City like it be like as if Kansas City got their act together and then got to make laws right. You know don't say I it's just not the same guys they share it the United States is huge and so. Same thing with Africa I mean. I've seen has said that even my on a map Africa's not proportionally or act like it's way bigger than it is on the globe really like in land mass. But it's big enough that you could go way to the northern tip well like Morocco right oh yeah completely dead completely different from the Congo or Liberia. And let alone the other side. Yes I south where people Mimi and I agree from South Africa because you know there's a lot of why Africans and South Africa Dave matter cons that even though. But they're completely different you know like every South Africa I came out of Congo and go on in Christmas. December 24. And I landed in Johannesburg and I was in absolute culture shock like I went to the mall I felt like I'd only been in Congo like a little less than four years but it felt like an. A lifetime. As you just in this other world you know now it's become out of that not a sin in the mob light was is going on in now is in Johannesburg Africa is like culture shock a fright and landed in the state present in the same country the wind is your book come out. Com. To be determined room are you writing on you just has some atomic someone or right brag you know good. I've been pushing my parents to start a book and they are trying to set like I was jumping and I don't know the government I mean. Dude I could talk to you for hours and hours I'll let you go at this point because you are in archer to Newark. And I'm sure you have on rims to dunk the teachers to design a let's real quick topple more time about land. Locked case he. You can find it online land locked code dot com don't torture elevator speech on that I obviously I have the and it shirt a which I love. And it's. What else you make your company stand out. OK so I think some damage to stand out as we're local OK not just local designs but it's local artists reprint locally. The only thing we don't do is like the church come from somewhere house and we're actually trying to work on that to get those locally to is just guardian manufacturing intensity. So we keep it all local. And it started out as just you know the hybrid design being like. You know can see the pennants yeah but it's it's evolved from dinosaurs were transom sports during that Iran and then. As it's evolved I was just cyclists as you know it's about city pride in it's evolved you know and I think that's okay to say like our mission statement was exactly the same we started as what it is now. I'm too mean now it's more about. Landlocked peeing experience in the company of Kansas. Made up of Kansas civilians. And down. So like we've released the equality collection recently and now is just me really wanted to send a message about what Obama. And I think people get on with like massages. I'm not making clothes for other people I mean I am really it's about like what in my into an ally like Wyatt. As a Kansas City in you know what do I want us what message I wanna send in whatever way that it's a you know made you know Missouri Maine like I'm proud to be from here when I've been all over the world like I'm you know like I'm out of this place. A lot of places and this is something to mark in the city absolutely love it I remember watching football games at 8 AM in Hawaii at a bar you know with my dad. Because you wanna go of wash that she sooners a four hour time difference they got sometimes five hour time difference there we go up a seven Washington game on. I've I've watched Kansas City football in Congo you know so well it's always been my connection to home kind of yeah though I was of abroad and the other quality collection is it's not sport related and I think that. We're making moves and a different areas about and it's just more about the people here and I wanna say like. Were not behind the times you know where roads and this is what we're about and I'm gonna give a little voice in normal people. I love and I love real quick where your parents now. My parents com are hearing Kansas OK I've had enough or not. So Andrew Morgan's with an ass on instigator ramp. Market knowledge she by the way if you need some e-commerce self. As they can do it there as well MA RK NO LO GY dot com I assume we can find you on FaceBook and Twitter on this on the same surge the same stuff. Rate and real quick final two questions are give me a book. I don't care if you like it dislike book. How to be about a path is that's a newer one right yeah. Lady wrote in Europe to forgive me I'm not. Known for being your sister ray with names. By how to be about a ass. I read that recently and it's really hard for me if it in books sometimes. But I'd I'd try to get them as often as they can and and this on just about. Channeling you inner bad ass and it gives you confidence of pursue new things just like you don't threw his Q were right star of the bass bar says I need that as attitude. The the point of the book is like she's read a ton of help self help books and she kind of like consolidates them into one great idea sea breeze eateries. You are bad ass how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life yes Jin sin Siro that serves the us doesn't ones about business and a few others you are bad ass and making money. Now give me one song that. Like what are you listening to right now if you had to go play one song in a car. When you what song they I don't know how much flak from many different and I probably like selfish by. Okay dad I I'm I'm relating that. Love it if you listen I I it was an honor to meet you you've I could talk for you got so many stories. The weird thing is you've got amazing stories but I feel like we're similar in a lot of ways yes I mean you're alive I think I said this last time you're here. You're like the cool younger brother that I wanna grow up to be. You have cool tattoos and a cool beard I can't grow beards have one who really lame tattoo you can dunk I can't put. Some day with a better attitude of growth to be and more against it was a pleasure. Thank you think you're really gonna show it was my pleasure PG dunks 2018 is the hash tag that you can use on the line. Thank you for listening and find me on line at the 997 point dot com.