BGdunks2018 Ep 08 Christine Karsten KCTV5 Better KC

Friday, November 17th

On episode 8 of BGdunks2018 we get WEIRD with Christine Karsten from KCTV5 in Kansas City. We BRIEFLY talk about goals, the dunk bet and then we go overboard about "fake news" and "what happens when you die."  Yes, that question REALLY comes up. Also, we go digging for gold at the end.

See Christine on BetterTV in KC, Monday thru Friday, 9am. She's on twitter and Instagram as @ChristineKTV 

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Very Christina and ask you to tough questions out of the gate OK. One. What happens when you die and see who and what is the biggest goal in your life you've ever accomplished. Think about that for a second welcome to episode eight of BG dunks 2018. This is a podcast that I started because I don't know if you heard Christine by the way welcome thank you think you for having me into buying you some time before you answer those questions right. So welcome our guest today is Christine Carson she's on TV hearing Kansas City KC TV five she does a lifestyle show called better Casey that's on Monday through Friday. Nine to ten how we gonna talk to her all about that but. First you probably haven't heard Christina made a horrible mistake. It is I mean did thousand dollar bad that I could dunk a basketball in the year. Blue. No I hello I'm I'm yes but I'm not athletic edition I'm finding out more important. It's so. It was one of those things it's a bucket list item from main. A dunking a bass will name a bucket list item for you there's gotta you gotta go see Dallas and Youkilis always wanted to do this is so lame and being able to work in Chicago where I grew up. That's a free one yeah I disagree one and I so I won't always wanted to dunk a basketball but never really had you know the reason to dunk and enjoy so. I was running my mouth thousand dollars ticket nobody would take me up on it Mickey did so I have till October 2 to dunk a basketball and my update after a a month and a half for whatever it's been is it's not going now pat. And I can bite you worked as somebody that was his goal to grow yes seriously and then he would practices jumps like every single day 8 am and now we can do it. Is in these sort of they use so I think. I don't know old was he a very old I am on the real me believes parity Tony trying to saying oh he's been a few years on me my ears. And he's shorter in the media made it happen I tell you cracked has jumped slowly I don't know what that mean you do. So listen here's the thing I am so look at this just by. Sheer luck do you mind runs a physical thing that's that shows you how bad of a scenario that says. I have a buddy of mine that has a physical therapy operation parents found NA and done. He's like oh come in and wool will work you out we'll help you. Just like he's not working with injured people so that's how. The starting place I am home but I go over there it's ever met Catherine like a hundred and something like that okay ports buying Casey. And I go in there and there's people rehabbing. From like traffic accident yeah and there's meet your dad aunt and they're doing blood flow restrictions on my eyes. So they put like. I don't I don't know what they're doing it's painful but it's supposed to work. Wade this story and sells like I know this is a thing at all bad blood flow restrictions so here's what it is real quick. It you know when you go to the grocery store and they do that blunt yes yeah I love that thing do yeah because I love. I like it I always imagine I would be stuck there he's. So they do that but it goes on your thigh and a super tight and then you do squats. And so it's restricting the blood flow to your muscles of the pairs starved rain I don't know works okay. Song doing that they'd they'd there here's the thing easier Jane I'll listen you still can't do well as you can tell and a half now. Yeah listened. So here's the thing here's what he told me he goes well we have three things of this is gonna happen and then. We have to increase your vertical and and strengthen your legs do we need to get better mobility in your foot and ankle because it just doesn't have. He's like and three you need to lose some weight. I was like we're so within I. Don't sleep I don't know that what I thought and then yesterday and. Asking them. One of one of the physical therapy is over there I think her name was Caylee I was asking her about eating healthy that has to be a part of it too much help that no one adult. I should just give up. I don't think there's trying to make you done anything they're just trying to make you only get better healthier person years old awful I don't think it should Q yelled can dunk and she isn't always like Y two places you know but he's seven foot tall oh man it's not gone well Christy how holy. Do you eat. Own. So you're not be you know obviously now I know and an announcer now. Com I mean I hate ice and wide so what I need another little TV which has the yeah. Physical appearance thing had apple addict yeah I mean keep all there in there and find you ten pounds you Def playing game with a camera. And ever worked with his so's sticks blinks then some eBay do Nina. Many did join your plan. If you wanna dunk is it like violent Ellen for Akamai you know they'll. Dunn can now make it happen now think I hope so anyway there's the update that's kind of why start this podcast about. Examining people. Achieving goals yeah rate yeah and so I won't mom glad you're here I'm gonna talk to you about goals just in case anybody's listening for the update on the donkey and think. It's not going well. I I'm saving up my money and I still have until October 2 of next year it's not it really isn't it's not on while I'm Christine. Why it draws you to television. I mean were you and it initially to be like to be a hard core journalist or why it. Now instead draw on now I was so I was tiny earlier I went to school for this by this is literally like the last option and I was at third child of the Stanley and the parents were like are you going to graduate in four years were not pain and mark prepared so I was walking to class Wednesday you know is a really early hasn't worked at Starbucks before class and my friend was in a live shot and I was like that's ankle why not I'll do it. And there is home news thing make him along with that and I was laid. Give it a try I was news or four years nine lifestyle I just like telling people stories and meeting people and I'm really creative I'm project oriental nice so every daily. Finish surprise act so you know I can't walk away from something that's not dining yeah does that make San yes. So I like shooting video like editing video really adding sound effects and make innings green even sign. Basically if you watch what they doing you smile you. Laughs yeah that's a relief that's awesome yeah now this is this going to be all over the place one. I wanna go back to the physical thing real quick because I just got my hair cut before we let us to record this race. Getting my hair cut gives me so much anxiety YE. I imagine is my breath smells. Break so I worry about that do you have to make up people. At the TV station to you have to do that yourself. I do it on myself through your hand you have hair you don't know. Does it look like as professional do you have they say that. Is it looks like you have a team CEOs seeing their dad's side's a little lost with your little lion air national. I. Expensive yeah. It's just like so much anxiety and so I was thinking is this what a TV person has to you go through every day. And and the other bad thing about the physical thing has to be do you have trolls on why yes I mean nothing at C. So. Hey great you could ever like you get a thicker skin and and I'm still waiting for that take. Step up and get into play is by yeah that's it's tough people say. Like why is your hair like that all our. Bar ailing dad surety is a horrible Larry yeah I got more than when I was on the news site as things in my say more than it's not like they got and all the time right there I think I can dress pretty good iron out but it seems right it's gonna mean it is I worked really hard damage pieces selling your commenting on my looks and like did you watch what I what I just spend hours doing in rye AW replay that see you now. Stinks. So that's why when I got into radio more call this is something where don't have to worry about what I look like he that now a social media that's make it it's got to make it worse. On both sides right and I mean because the trolls are easier to it's easier for them to access issue. Yeah I mean I guess you just have to think we I always say this to myself is that people who are commenting in the most insane o.'s main things. Aren't the majority of your audience or that's sure higher percentage yeah and so you just gonna have to take. When you're out about some people say I love watching matter I love that story are really liked you look is dissent you know channel that and and move on. Let's talk about goals because that's kind of what this podcast about it it really was like I need to. Talked to some people to help me achieve some goal and then I you mentioned eventually ending up in Chicago yeah. Can you talk about a goal in the past year proud of achieving. This is there something that comes to mind I really bad with goals you like you don't you don't write some people are like. I write mine down and put him on the mirror up I would like that route through. Around but I am not like that but after she asked me about I kind of take a step back to thing. Been here is a goal yeah I went and is ill and so being from Chicago most of my friends are either from Saint Louis or Kansas City and so when you're leaning college it's hard to think they even make it and this marketing are pretty high yeah. And dams and the goal is always to get hearing and so I don't appreciate enough position hadn't been there and here are so that's awesome. And that's it now yeah you said you didn't you didn't necessarily mapped it out. How do you achieve then goals if you like if you're gonna set a goal today whatever we yeah. Not dunking. May yeah may be cut and done so. What would you rule how would you do that would you just go that's my end goal Dominic get there via. Or would you map without her how would you. And really competitive are occurring early competitor and some meat that's why don't think necessarily. Smaller step by step goals because I love what I do and so every day I wanna know. How I can see this differently how I can do that differently is so I think I do in that. I am taking. Steps to ankle. I and worst person asked about goals. Like sound like MI here thanks and how much and don't let me ask somebody else now but sold it to me though it sounds like. Tiny my new. I'm tiny goals. That are just constant Burres is writing a big. He and angle brand I think that's anger improving every day and being mindful that I think. Our business is really weird though right so when it comes to goals and our business ice. When I left school and like I wanna work in Chicago I wanna be on news in Chicago I wanna work her you know one of the stations. And now us and going through the years my place I moved in to lifestyles so now I'm kind of like where my gonna fit and in Chicago brave soul. I don't know I feel like your business is always change chain and where is adapting with the weather personalities and what we like really don't like so. Yeah came more political stairwell doesn't carrying smoke it's fine. It makes two of us the 1 thing I am noticing now is support system seems to be him like you've I didn't have my buddy dream there's no. Like I would have Google how to improve I might have been doing jumps I wouldn't have. Blood flow restriction you hold team yeah how can now all right and I also have my wife it's. Gonna be very upset if I have to write a check for a thousand dollars he and I mean happening and it's still pay it. Anyway. Let me we ask you about this again so when you say your lifestyle. Reporter. On the lifestyle show yeah yeah I think you have to have one of the toughest jobs in TV. Because. You you go someplace and not only are you asking somebody be on camera with you you have to control how you act and be focused on what you're doing you also kind of a lot of times have to carry somebody through the inner view. Plus you're on locations so the location changes every day yeah it's got to be dipped tell me I'm wrong by saying it's very difficult. It can't it can't agree enemy and I'll play pat yourself on the back yeah I mean I don't know. I mean I cannot imagine. Like it because even just being on the radio interview somebody you kind of have to carry it this is yeah I agree. People weird how totally camera. I am one time I was doing this is and as news and we were at a school. And we are talking about is healthy lunches you know with only government and regulations are now well has early healthy not tasty stuff yes if these days. Still and what I was standing there with her and we have a table of food and I like these are taught to be a little bit about how things have changed and she froze. And this is one where I could any man Blake you know make this stuff but because. You've got so yeah I like women kids even that why can't I can't even lie eight cell. Saddam was I was at the U prowling you'll learn and I talked to everybody before I go there and really break it down to them what's gonna happen and. But yeah sometimes. I just got Nana because I you know we do some stuff around here and like I wanna see like what I look like a nice shot is like. And so more I can imagine also have and help somebody else. Walk us through this very uncomfortable act unnatural. Situation. Here's a nice thing about it here when you tell people that as slot is it's so much better than if it's recorded and because if it's recording and they'll stop and say this case Justine that in China. And they're so much more critical of themselves alive they know there's no going back and so they kind of just let it go and normally at the end of that they're happy with that our current come. So well. I can't an interest in land mostly it's good but I really is my key is asking them what they wanna talk about what are their main points are gonna touch on during Assam a lot about. Their business so that we are these dollars they get nervous I can say a little bit of an open for three months in the and then essence hourly picking kind of. I don't know. And at times exactly so you kind of have their answers in mind just in case yes it normal life lying exactly it's okay the now. I saw you was he yesterday the day before the popcorn play. So snow and that's been your favorite could you've been in town ten months she said yeah what has been your favorite on location and what is a call segment is slipping and Renny I mean you've had he slowly talking about the one days. Waffle restaurants there yes there is that waffle bar near us and the buzz out and play yap and worry they're down and get like a loss on ice imminent Americans brilliance. Our age you really a lot of it can't just pick 1 I am working on a piece right now it's airing the day before thanks any and it is they went to. 08. It's like an adventure courses welcome our you're never heard of it good note yeah so sign and we shot this thing with a go pro and I found that ten. Well I felt like elderly mother and I south I found go proud and we shot the same or it's going to be some. And getting all that yeah and you're doing yeah sounds cruel but I did like footballs have never heard of the golf. Yes I think you play golf it's for the soccer ball how weird really hard to broker. That's awesome I mean I gotta think two you've been in town. Ten months but you probably know more about this city than most people are right. Senate to drive there old media and marvel at your growth slowed. So you jump in the van with a camera actually get on Twitter yes and then you guys you look up in order here now exactly our idea. Let me ask you about this on to try to make this a political. And I got to throw this out at you fake news and that brain I know you're a lifestyle person right now. But obviously you have a degree in journalism and I was in news for four years grim news for four years. So when you hear that term what do you think. Just I guess for lack of better term what is how does that make you feel as the industry insider. For lack of a better term. I get really upset that Eric is right now it's kind of a joke. Right do you use it is it gently told think is great but to me what I do isn't fake and like I do is. I feel legitimate and I try to do a Rite Aid. I think news is really tough because people are very critical of it. But the news operates and what you want you know so meaningful. Always say hey you know why are you lie and that's crash why are you following this homicide. But if we weren't covering nets you wouldn't ask about it if you ask about it we wouldn't cover. And I think you make a good point because on some level. You know. The audiences on some level fault yeah if you wanna Steven call up fault yeah because we get the same thing on a music station. Why do you play Taylor Swift when there's so much. It's because that's what people listen now. Yeah I always tell people whenever they say why can't you cover fund's staff and this is really fun when I was in news is I did a lot of fun stories and a lot of community oriented story is. So when people would come up to me and say what you guys ever do fun news. I'd say to you what's the Maureen shell between you know this time in our mind is that's all ideal yeah and I also stated to them. If you look on our most visited story is. Mine is an ever at the top it's not the what are you clients in her IK notes in terms is fake news I think that's there. Our good reporters say think they're better reporters I think there are good people on bad people an ever purse profession and I think ultimately people are out there. I hope I like to Spain to supply the public with this the knowledge and I think the promise social media too is that. A lot of people don't take the time to watch a story fully or read it fully and I and they automatically jump because of there. Bias and sell to believing in something your sane is either fake or. You know old. I don't know not real and so I don't know I don't like the term big news is what I try to do is Israel agreed. Well not only that but I think that's muddying up the term. When you say fake news. And then so much of what we see on a 24 hour news network is actually opinion he's not news here yeah losing PM opinion pieces yes. And political. Not even journalism a political commentary with news via so you have journalists that are doing stories. And then you have opinion need. And break commentary out and when you label that news weather is baker real. A commentary is not news via and so I think when used when peoples are using the term fake news you. It shouldn't be fake news it's your bad a union. Yap and I think it's really tough to his everyone watches you know NBC ABC CBS fox whatever is on the national level Lotta times. I have no control over what national died Brian it's obvious that. Eat each one means a certain way you turn and not deny that and I won't deny an actor. I had been and local TV. You know that plays a role in picking what stations you go to and what seasons you don't because you learn how they're operated you'll learn it. There and to sensationalizing news you learn and stayed. You know I don't know go a certain way it would as a journalist you don't winds were so it it's up to you to do your research as well they decide which based its for you so. There's going to be bias everywhere and or excellent. Do you feel like though and maybe I'm wrong here please do you feel like let's take the national networks and from NBC CBS fox ABC. When we're talking about the main channels. PM. Not 10 PM like. What would it be that be electrified third and the brain the 630 news. I think they are much less biased than what you're gonna get on the cable networks. To a large degree just due to lack of contents. Brain and time they're trying to sell yeah Brady I mean don't you feel like they're gonna be just because you can't sensationalize. As much she Yad I think that it's. Yeah senior sane actually get the network level they sensationalize less and less less and maybe him they. Common Tate or are bias last maybe not sensationalized less. Because it's just to some degree to a large agreement yet. It's just a report and a story do you not yes you can sensationalizing you from the size of the longest story on any of them. You know the nightly news Tom Brokaw are whoever it is is only going to be two minutes at most. To their decision making in with the stories they throw in their newscast interest and so they have a thirty minute window to fill. And when you take out the web their and you take out to the commercials and all that it really panic comes down until less than ten minutes to Brian's spray and so would. They have somebody behind the scenes saying we're gonna run as we're not gonna run as an Iran has eight and that's where that kind of bias can come and to what they're choosing to work in all our in our. And an up front that yeah missing because I was just listening to something and it's called there was a term that I just heard on a podcast much better than this one. With people much smarter than me but in there was something about the hierarchy of choice. And decision making. And so the good it was something to the effect of what you choose to play. There may be above the fold on a website and and they're rude dare injecting their bias that oil and rate debt and not even political. If that's the health site yeah there in rejecting based on where they yeah it yes. And and how they design that. I hate to say it bit. As much as we Don is that uses a business right. Come and so if we have somebody come in and say I'm gonna pay you 101000 dollars I have my ad at the top of an error based on the an era. You're gonna say OK Friday you know it is a busy it is hard you know you have to say. Be an analyst tell us now is completely different than writing I ever did because I am very sales oriented now. And when I take this position they said how do you feel I do that. And I said I am taken a position where I know it's going to be sales. I'm OK with that yeah no I was in the news and you asked me do it I would have an issue Cabrera but right now with makers of what I am doing and I'm I'm able to separate them yeah so. Well yeah yeah. A day. If I'm not mistaken the news division for a network was essentially a net loss but they were like business service for. And channels that have to fill that up only. Time and then register contact yeah I did term. What I am trying to say as a journalist. The the term fake news bothers me because I enjoy it's too dismissive. Of adding this is what's happened yeah I think is just too easy for everybody sat right here now and I think and it's. You're journalists they can't miss Brian out and I'm Brenda Blake that's not fair right pronoun bright and yeah the end of his word to be informed. Great yeah it's yeah it is because it's work it's so easy and Twitter to read yeah and that is now how many characters I hate to eighty which is waits him. Brian that is a congress cannot. I don't know the hole on number. Right now so it's it's hard you know I am one of those where I like to watch CB and I to be Imus on the same time if I'm not doing that I feel like I'm not doing any thing. So I am guilty of skimming through things that's not reading it but yeah that's our societies and pray. I mean it is good to businesses and rapidly I believe in journalism I believe in news and it's important. And are respected and and I I just think it's in a weird it's. Are right now I think just think about what you want to see and what you're not seem and then start standing up and demand in for more of that he has at the end of the day it's a cycle Eds. The viewers are demanding nests and their pain for something we have to cater to right and so if you're gonna say. No longer jet wanna hear about expires eat you know get enough people to be there with you and you may appeal to make it change the well that point we all staring at. Accidents and and finger and are well on. But the thing is I think you make a good point because I now subscribe to two or three but you know on the line. Outlets that I choose to support but very little five dollars a month yeah ten dollars a month EU but I put more I want and like you said that's supporting what I wanna see more yeah wherever may be again OK I did they get had the I didn't mean for it to get heavily. Talk about and very honest about how worried I am about my breath that America plays. His death question like that all. I'll case I was listening to again another podcast much better than this with people much smarter than me. And the guy runs me he started a zen hospice. Is that manhunts so it was very focused on being aware of where you are in relation to you know your illness in near. You know because a lot of times he even said. It's he said. He was in the industry before he started it and he felt like too often we were medicating the hospice patients. Tool benefit the caretakers more than even the patience is used and because they were rounded it was kind of sad and depressing so they were pumping them full of medicine so that the caretakers. Didn't feel as bad about it. So glad I know so this guy great guy he does does then are treated days then. Zen hospice care where it was more about you know being aware and mindful of the process. And then he just released a book I wish record overall for the release a book about what he learned from working in hospice where his takeaways yeah. So what happens when you die you're you're gonna take our long please. I am so weird about the SE dreaded. And people are gonna think I'm crazy so I. I have to assemble all the time occur and I feel like week. It's knee. Living my life the form whoa is that we're and yes it is okay because it is and they'll let you know that you're kind of on the right track for some fame. Only a few days of goods like tech aren't going up there. Hello you know here on the right path looks like a mile marker in his early and that's very we. Many Daryn back as very weird so ridiculous let me ask him so I have all the time Sunday. When it's happening to you and a what do you do. He's do you try to lake. You try to dive into it go what's gonna happen next that's what goes on in my head while this is weird what happens next and try to see if I can end. Only because to me it almost feels more like a memory. Verses a foreshadowing contains I'm doing here I don't know what I'm talking about but like so when it's happening do you what do you what do you do. If you become aware of it yes I stop and I say oh my gosh am having vision of and they as a person wants emulate and yes yes. But I feel the majority of my days of blue. Hat then it's late. Months on the grass and I don't feel like it's thing that as things I've been too because I won't maybe that's so. I would give it my I'm only he is about my data so meet at 87 would be like oh I've been here before I honestly I'd say Els we react very familiar yes. And then I tried to go all what's. Is gonna walk in the door next to see if like I can't AS AD do that. Ray yeah yeah so you you like yet how the case censure in the days ever how long does that last for you typically a very quick. Very quick I moments I wanted to lasts longer right yeah fighter two but I also get weird. About it because then I'm like. But that doesn't so what happens when you die how does deja Vu. Thank you have to do it all. Her campaign so I and I says Syria that. Did you gay and feel like you think race. It feel like you can green and I'm a your good prisoner bad percent. And then it here a good percent of you come back I. Also laid because I love your Twitter you know as lake there real housewives of orange county and nearly in this madhouse of the bunch of money. Or at your bad and you may you know you have a horse like they need a boat okay. Let me ask you this. If I'm not mistaken that wouldn't work out math wise why because there isn't more people on the face of the earth than there ever has before you don't ask questions on my theory is yeah it's is happy and remembering math and your come. No I had a feeling that they feel like there's a reason why you connect to send people lovers and others okay where it's like you feel like you've met them before appearance and feel like you have. I hate the thought of that. Death makes it very sad yeah me too so I like to think that this is what happens is they can't wait to figure out why why I mean I can't wait a break employment that I can't wait to figure out who like come back neck. See them the fact that there you think there's a greeting scaled that worries me really yeah. Because I feel like I'm a big. Pile of wasted potential break I've been so lucky you know I've been so lucky in life like just by this year. Time I was born in the place I was born and I've been so lucky like I haven't had tragedy is that yeah health wise yeah look the guy ahead on the podcast two episodes ago. Wu is under 35 and lost a leg to cancer I haven't you know the guy before that we talked to a guy's name was Lee Hamilton. And he had an injury it was paralyzed from the waist down and is now a down. A bodybuilder. Lab in a wheelchair while he's on mr. Gramm do and pull ups with the chair connected to limp. And here I am I can't temple I. Chara connected wow and so home. I hate the thought of a greeting scale because. Yeah. I'm right in and did. You like what. I don't know man I don't know I don't know and. Slide show of OK I thought where I'm having a big news how much. The fact I mean I feel like that's best case scenario totally stressing you out. And yes if he isn't in best case scenario. Isn't our real living like oh good I'll be a nice person and then I'll come back richer next time win there's only you know nine indeed. 8% of the world is much worse off than us trend probably like 60% of the world doesn't have access to clean water or the Internet. So all those people were that bad I don't really like that your brain really statistics and this is like I'm an Blake investigated further need ice because our worries that. A lot of us. Come operate in this oh after and then leave everything will get better and improve and what that does is diminish. How we live in the now yeah because all it'll all be better leader or I don't you know and I worried that we don't value. The brevity. Of the gift we've been given GM because if there is let's just say obviously I don't know. But let's say it's even been there right I'm sorry I'd say they don't. Yeah no no deja Vu is so avid I am doing wrong now. But if it if there's just nothing at the end why are we talking about this if there's just nothing at the end I mean you know we think about. You know how many dumb things I get my head out again like it. If just if the lights go out and it's just over I spent the last 45 minutes worried about my breath at the hair salon. You know what I mean and what a waste of time that was and so. I feel like the deja Vu or the we come back thing is such. It has a negative impact on how we live dated gay because you like we finally get another yeah. Ranked just they just don't ever live like that great I mean I I don't only Israelis don't can I live firm today or a live my life I do have taken a check myself everyone's well sure it's America it's America how you're not yeah. Rain here I guess you never walk around think teen. Where I go next. Will be better than here yeah and I know that's probably a very bad Blake you can hear it and may yes. So he is now getting there at the beginning if you there is a scorecard you think you're scoring well right now. Third daughter OK so I did I spent some spicy. Passive my down but. My greetings instantly McGreevey system is very loose like OK it's not very like mark mark mark I know. See how it out of reach out my you got good at it that everything was your intentions good were you generally nine C. Dying it's not like well on this day you have an 87%. In that small like a map Tass. General yes at a boy you cry yeah I think the. And then your life you can take a look back and is each ended. Vigil purse and and what their goals are what they want and B is so unique to them that I feel like there's no real. Weighted grade that Asher and so if you at the yearly flip back and say. I did as much good or I was that person I wanted to beam and I don't I don't I live here is now the window. C hotel I don't know the answer and listen I know I need. I think you're right I wish I had more that attitude. Is I think I'm gonna live on my deathbed going to lie and IA. Why did I spend so much time raking leaves when there were people I could have been helping our. Like why didn't I give more effort on the don't bet. I should have been working out three times a day so three times that we plant you know I don't know you have time to change your nine holes. You have time to change had a headache and you have to rake leaves because all you how I ticker if you got a headache. It's it's a basic thing you have to you have to any basic sometimes all. They don't wanna just we pay him for that. I should say should I spend money and have somebody do my yard this is what keeps me up at night I don't know what I'm William Bennett today that Timothy Brinkley is. That's true I need to get my steps in my sit bit is calling on the sole. That was really weird. That was I because I do I don't know what happens in a weird to me out. Well I came in really excited to explain my theory and I am walking away so can do is I don't. See now all your listeners are gonna think I'm crazy and now. Ever watch nice so were were probably hit both here is that thing. Take some solace in the fact there were probably both very wrong. So so there is that as well and I'm Ari you've been in Kansas City ten months let's wrap this up and talk about the city. Top UIQ you went to resume and how like Kansas City. I do like Kansas City. I am from Chicago hope so my city is a little bit different thing Kansas City teacher but what I love that as a same is even in Chicago we have these Hamas little. Talented Q well Iman a colleague the crossroads like I hear how does yeah and hey hey you know I mean you're gonna final part yeah. And I loved the comradery and love for those different pars and that they're all unique. And so that's coming Chicago has I love that it's yours don't. That's the cool so. I have a buddy a Nash from Nashville and he said the weird thing is in Kansas City if you live out where I do Wear out southeast still Sam from Kansas City. Yeah he's like in Nashville you only say your from Nashville if you lived in this like ten mile rating. And that's what's cool about Kansas city's you can say all I'm from ray town but you're still from Kansas City rang or I lemon Roland park. But I'm still a Cannes. City and yet there is out of LA knows that there is deaf playing like Chicago to limit Dieter you're down. Exactly well east he'd be living in lake Michigan's I'll know and probably inside. But at westside and I am from the last Saturday so it didn't conversation normally starts. Worries from them in Chicago and their leg all cool like actually the city and a stop and say. You know Chicago land and their nearly eleven paper melanoma and former reporter. Dry then you understand I carried us you will have no idea and well we're glad to have you I think you do a great job on and better case he it's on Monday through Friday. Nine to ten gas stand. Give me all your social handles where we can find you guys I should look that action hey it's in the LA and Christine KTV. That's three confine me now I. Hey it's yet he via Twitter. Doubled sack that instead Graham whole thing by the way. So. On your significant and other and I know each other Lou a little bit. Some questions when I was doing my research. From his angle are. Did you meet him on Twitter. We dead and he'll tell you completely different story really yes. Says he's on radio yes and I was on TV and South Bend yes and he likes to pretend that he did and and in the stock me a little bit on Twitter but he day and and his whole opening thing was his co host of the time his name is a wreck and so he goes hey UN wrecks today. Wow yeah an iris on a bag saying. And why is that. And heating and the answer crews looking far which was news saying I'm either in a relationship or not I ended up being in a relationship. Were so Dave hammer France and lose early six months while before we actually started dating and so how am I still have the Twitter messages and I knowingly and it is a tiny you life is and what's his angle what does he say what's his size he is always is kind of like. Oh she would always tweet in in my show low and multiply. And and the eastern hang in and putting generally seek leave me alone. And my day use. I don't even wanna teach Seattle and here we aren't right now Oregon considered an hourly yeah I hear react. And I'm a fan of his fresher now I asked him for some dirt on you. You did you gave me some of your life would you like to guess what he said I know you be ahead he said it was a odd to have that. You have. Around the house would you like to think you guess here's a proud day in is Irish and no he's very blind to this scares Maine okay. I'm a weird how different how yes I guess we'll sail around the house. And Bulger dogs. My what would he say. A voucher he said he you let the dog lick your lips he. That's easy. Now would you like to dispute. I realize. I look kinda dogs are okay. We Brazil more than what he's used the patch and he will be cut our I know I learned how all the answers we approve yes. So we haven't paid tribute he's used. David game it if it. So we have able Lima Reiner hit next and I will. They've had a Max is Imus used that old man wow. Wow I love that while she is a sweetest guy you Laramie I hear that from pebble owners yeah is in these such a bad name so it stopping it. Okay the there is a five pounds. Plot how he aloe TT and I actually rescued her when I was in ms. hill. And she's brown Brandel how well and I just needed to Tennessee OK and I did all this research because when your college you think it's a good idea to get it to not accurate reasoner so you think everyone is like that house dog that your mom's an -- training any outside. So she runs a way a lot in I don't know I'm at least that's what bounced you I guess it was she's with me now she's fine bit. I just was expecting my lab to stare at me and they don't do that. You should find out about the in fizzle the invisible fence company hash tag had I hound. MTV yard first oh yeah I would printer yeah and is more spicy than the pet bombings says. And I did not let them link. My land or anything like that kiss your dogs to kiss my dogs but what he's referring to his one time and it was a high I amen. And one time that's one term I just. So give us I think if I was only. FairPlay would you like to give us a weird fact. About him mood now that he has evidently made something up about you weird. Besides the fact that he's Irish I mean he's legit Irish ran the gas is not just a nickname. Now he is he's only been here for like three years well damning still is in Dublin. Have you been nearly went not discuss ideas ideas before is that may hang out with some pretty it's gorgeous here I got family's Irish really there's little room. I'm on my mom's side is pretty hard core Irish but I'm do you have something you'd like to share about him. While oh yes it can't figure out idea ago all done it Dave here love this is keen has now the snow oh stuff you just make eye and outlined CEO he loves. NIC I do not feel guilty about and that's he has and try to break this cabinet and I actually heard about how and when we weren't even stadium on the radio and south spends. His co host good dog yeah. Talk about it I think someone and actually like called in air road and sane they sign him to give us now and I can name. And Dave actually came out and said yeah I love taking my now I'm not kidding him. And another word day nimble literally in it's only when he's driving it's only when his drive so what. Is he does he have like a stash shows. Like Kleenex or so then like putting. Do that in great question how does he prepare. Or think I mean listen in all honesty I can't deny that is some sort of you know hitting the jackpot satisfaction. Involved when you have to do it but I don't like it it's like can necessarily be necessary evil from me. I think it's like this to happen again don't really see anything note. But this is kind of play a pastime. And I'm like please stop this is discussing like people are next year lease immediately stop please stop. You know I for Christmas she should hook him ovals and tinted windows. My go and get a Tenet window join us hate that's a good variety I hate to either us. Is that how weird is it that we went from what happens after you die to habitual nose picking that's pretty normal really need to be out here. It's been a pleasure thank you so nice to me to welcome you ask any obviously went to Missouri and so it's not like your from Ireland or until we hear if and it's awesome. Again I encourage everybody to follow Christine. On Twitter and and Graham are you. I am saying twit there and Graham faced taken the search and Christine KTV. And done since we've kind of I'm puts some dirt out about Dave what about your coast aren't the better Casey is she doing newly coast. I'm Alexis right. Yeah Alexis OL says she cool she seems is these conine is easier it is so and I really yeah I don't see it is kind of like that. And sister like I remember when I went to interview over there and damn she we didn't really get to talk about much and she came up and just give me huge hop are so let. Your peers and and that's just it ever since she is she's and I she's so. Funny yeah she is she's so like lady she seems like all of her jugs she writes herself rulings on TV it's it's really funny and I guess it's like a chronic source is like ear your sister your best friend you just. Gel really well is not easy yeah. Go better case CE is on them Monday through Friday arrange he has to weekend nice and now we don't know how easily we cannot oh man that's awesome. I'm fine it. KC TV five is there a specific URL on the web sites or even Disco group he had just immediately TV Idec Hammond and there's a better tab that you can click on and that any of our videos there that's awesome Ari term nature. Dave knows I was had nothing do with the numbers for campaign push is worse he knows picky aren't letting your dikes. Let's talk about what happens after you guys. I don't I don't know I don't agree question. So we'll save for next time which one's worse I don't know thank you so much for listening thank you for being here isn't a pure pleasure. DG dunks 12018. Is the podcast on iTunes nine united seven point dot com he could find me on all my social stuff. Creating human radio on answering which from using more cousins goes to. And Brady couldn't and on Twitter Brady couldn't read you on FaceBook and we rule. To be here next.