BGdunks2018 Ep 07 Tamara Day DIY Bargain Mansions

Wednesday, November 15th

Our guest this week is Tamara Day!  Tamara is a mom of four that is the star of the new DIY Network's newest show Bargain Mansions. The show is filmed here in Kansas City, so look for your neighborhood. You can catch the show Wednesday evenings, at 9pm, on DIY.

We talk to Tamara about the show, remdoling, goals, kids and stories from High School (Brady & Tamara went to high school together).

Find Tamara online by searching Growing Days...



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Welcome to be gee dunks 2018 episode seven let me tell you that don't thing it's not going very well. If I don't know Hollis the same time trying. Mom going to see my buddy drew my buddy he's an over exports buying Casey just. And doing the blood flow restrictions on my legs but my daughter who's in fourth grade is playing basketball and I happen to be at the gym where there I didn't try. I didn't miss explicitly try to sell it or touch the rim but I can just tell that I am. A long ways off. So us. I don't know what a monetary. I wish I had a better update just myself I don't if you haven't heard undoing a bad with a coworker Mickey I have one here. To dunk a basketball thousand dollars on the line now this started October 2 so I'm quickly approaching only ten months to do it I've been. I've. And trying. But I I am so far off I made a horrible that. So. In concert with the atom also doing this podcast where we examine people reaching goals we've had some great guest Jason Sudeikis will wouldn't. Where is Lee Hamilton I encourage you to go and find us on iTunes VG dunks 2018 it's all one word. This week we go way back into high school for me. And we also go to the future for our guest camera day we're glad to have her on she also has a benefit that we miss in this interview. She's doing it aid fund raiser where you can go into one of the homes. That are going to be featured on our show bargain mentions the star it's tonight. Which is November 15. Tony 17:9 o'clock on the DIY network just in case some of the times and dates were wrong. Based on what we're recorded this but she's also gonna have a benefit find out all the social media to camera day bargain mentions. One of the homes she features in her show. Will be open to the public not only will you be able to go in and check and I'll be also be able to buy some of the decoration juicy in there so it was. Great fun to see her grade fund Chad you'll hear towards the end some old high school stories about me you have been warned. But thank you for listening to PG dunks on eight. All right Taylor you're ready for that I am so already we have Kansas city's next. TV star with those this morning to Amarillo college and this is I accord on a couple levels Taylor because okay. Camera and I go way back like wade back I really. Yeah that mean exactly did you move to the school district name of the southeast and junior. OK. So she moved to the high school I was going through in her junior year. Which you were a year behind me rate possibly ten right. Yeah really well Hastert well when it. Yes it was weird. How big was your class you're a little bit for 64 so they're almost double mark Klaas yeah early. It but it is awesome to see you and it's all things. I know people give FaceBook a bad rap sometimes but it is cool way to keep connected with people really I love this right. Had they seen each other since high school is like high school re you know yes we have here. Yet no we have actually OK I following camera obviously we've been connected on FaceBook. And so we fall each other there and then we saw that she was doing design work and that sort of stuff. And then so we connected winning when we had our Prairie Village house and said hey we need some help she's the real deal like Intel. And we connected or was that before the TV shows stuff came that is windier still I think in the pilot. Okay but it hadn't been picked up yet here we are starting and then you saw it yeah. And we had to have you with the new and look this amount on the grass and I was yeah we haven't talked to do it really was a mass but let's talk to camera let's not talk about high school. I don't want a title that off air when I know all of Brady's deep dark secret there's a lot of unfortunately Tom and they're not secrets either and the camera let's talk a out a new show on DIY. Tell us about it it's coming to fruition and it starts this month its search next week wow yes Wednesday the fifteenth 9 PM on that Arab network. Central standard time and it's our intentions are renovating. Seven houses here in Kansas City. Top to bottom and there at the bay old. Houses are they well in in a similar area know. Well all over the so we've got three down and like the Hyde Park area and we've got. Couple out and we would and a couple right off where it's just like a little mix and everything all you. The common denominator is their giant. They're old and destroy it really so were they like. When you say destroyed rundown in the lap really feel like these are the houses nobody else on things they are and amazingly bad condition Nia and they're not something that most people at him like let's turn this in imagery was the worst thing in and one of those homes. Well worse is in its creed we would be the mummified animals and will stop. Happens all the time on my lawyers think that is the greatest hour I could occur. Told let me tell me you can install it's there's quite well I'm happy valley doesn't have an amateur at all. What is structurally the biggest issue you dealt what do we I think the very first house of the season is Charlotte house and it is on Charlotte it. Was so abandoned. That it had been and had been at an old folks coming and then Cade Foster home had Ben. It was over a 120 years or. Wow and somebody else had started renovating they gotten and and then you're fine and took all the walls now and then sent no. I am too deep in and instead of file finding animals in the while he probably finance found diapers time. How and then all of a lot. I'm not a candidate now open so win this just structurally it is. So fairly sound like one set of house was falling off literally now the whole bay window you could. Him through the wild and under the wall the outside and inside an at one point eight. The whole side of the house it's crazy OK it's called bargain mansions now it's called that because these houses you got. At a reasonable price and that Massey who they are massive homes there's nothing under. 4000 square feet while huge homes. I'd buy them for. Design error. Or it's only top. Each one of my favorite things about the show not just the fact that it's in Kansas City not just that you're the host. But it's a family affair. Talk about that well might. Yes. Which yeah yeah yes they. Ever doubted that maybe not a fan of men ease up slow. It it got close. At eight. No no now now she answered quickly yeah. Standards legally. I'm and there are a lot of one and runs on A tat tat of a streak there for a look at what we're always funny. Yeah this has happened like dangerous. Just funny yes but just hilarious which I think foreshadowed what I do now edit re her shirt so you're working with your dad how is he involved heat comes in and helps me anytime anyhow so he's almost always there with me inward and question and he you know he's the muscle on light knock it down or didn't do an ourselves because all the work I actually do a lot of it myself and we have. I agree general contractor. Then he helps with everything for is awesome. And you know just for tiny say there's not a time for actually sure not every wall down and you all the work myself I do you have fortunate guys. Yeah I get a lot of stuff that I get have you. And that helps me get it done and any helps me build things and I'll actually get stuff and then I kick amount design. And funds are right there they're designing. Well. Talk about that camera because what your background like what you go to school for communication right yeah speech writing yeah. And you end up as a designer on the DIY network talk to me about that there was obviously something you're into you didn't think you could make a prayer or. Absolutely you know I think growing up where we dead I don't remember knowing anybody that was a designer I that was even a career path people couldn't make any I had. Horror it was something people would do yeah I just never hurt me and I. And I can always loved and I remember. Going and babysit people's house an like look at that apple has always assessment how cool. And I'm sure you remember plenty of my punishment than an hour to the issue for cleaner bill older Brian brown and actually get your start well for her right yeah we happened. The country yet mice and my dad was a self made man really did the work itself. And he's still. Yeah labor yes they do in China. I'm a very nice house so your dad did a bunch of that stuff key on that house felt most of it while it was one summer apparently planet. If those trees and he and my brother were out there. Did they did a post hole and I'm following behind and well samplings and now hovering but our hats on after school we John water for our Asian. You know it is we we worked. Really artists kids and it taught us. Great work ethic. But it also taught as there wasn't anything I can't do it right I'm not afraid of work yeah and if it's something I can I get on YouTube and figure it pretty much any breath. She did I use that's assault Aruba excuse this week's. Polls and yet the TV show but I've got to rubric you Taylor a really tell you I never leaves room and ask Charlie right. You should look well we know a guy who can only I don't know again knowing that she's fourteen or something like that of course and Lynn accomplishment and he and his amazing so other slick talk about this DIY show bargain mentions that starts next Wednesday night. But beyond a lot radio while rerun lots of OK we want him to watch it when it airs live web time here in nineteen. Central. Okay I'm married and do you guys do is let me ask you this isn't a reality TV show or how would you describe it. I would say yes it is my Mary Allen if pressure it is. Eight were a great crew of people if you follow me and social media you'll see huge team. Just amazing. People that I get to work went and and I just really. Felt like the kiss has literally every person. Is its inner Andy. They help in so many ways like. If you know we're talking doesn't help direct how to set of all I know is. Yeah it's tougher right I hear your hour. Are knocking guys out about yeah there's some direction in that regard I would not say that any of it is scripted there is nothing it. You would watch on the show. And it really app end. There's one scene I'm knocking out cabinet kitchen Reid and others. Nine plugged and and I is literally knocking out and sparks. No blow up everywhere and I'm like oh well. That's an awesome so it's legit it's not manufactured there's no. Eight drama. Well there's now that they should drama with add contractors. Migrant is is anything that costs. Relate. Healthy and when Richard sorry what about your kids mimic it and teeny tiny then I've debated whether Graham yeah. They wanna see if they come and walked through a couple times. And that's. Some tough decisions yet you say you done seven Manchin is at one mansion per episode that. It's one mansion to Reppas OK for the first thirty minutes is phase one of the renovation and the second thirty inches is to. You get do you get the instead he sent. Seen completion. And it is. I wanna talk about your goals and your expectations as they show. Kicks off obviously this weaker in the last couple weeks chipping Joanna have released a line of of goods or whatever it is at target then I mean are you look nice and gorgeous. Are you looking that far down the road are is it hard too because the show hasn't started yet. You know this is been such an exciting adventure may. Just in so grateful opportunity and I feel like it's been. Just one step at a time bit more awesome acts like I don't. Write and it's just. And love and he's such itself. Love Ted design things are mature and her fabrics in history things. You've got a shot here right there are aligned network Wednesday night at nine bargain mentions camera is our guest camera. Let me ask you on how we skip this whole thing. How does this start so you were you graduated. From college as a communicators. Now you have a TV show I feel like we skip some important. Image and so did you start like part time designing. Honey you know Leno I started his and I got married and he's been renovating houses his whole life. And alls on his first house's sixteen. And flipping and renting for amber has instant before. With my experience with work and are. Just kind of was it fit me. House after house ourselves and it is but she did and I learn shape and clean them up and and the work mostly ourselves. And it just. I was in sales and all kinds of different sales jobs and never really enjoyed it and a constant LA paycheck to paycheck running into the design stores and stuff and houses this. I hit it out always think and what what's the next project known it just kind of group from query. In this house so he started when Abbott how does it turn into a TV show just exactly tell us how IA. TV connection comes and saying it met mats because my brother then it was in worst hour. Five years ago medic casting director here locally. And for commercials and talk terror in his number chair and an ever happened she called three years. I guess this guy wants to me he's like an early interest and on my my other brother. Kayla mad and camp was. You know. Here's an idea and mats and cool but there's got to showed a build around you and he's like OK and he's not leaving like. Check out my sister's basement she's pretty well she. Wow and Matt was like I meter and care. And you. Eon and he's been cast Chan. And. Yes and no. Less real this can't be you know the right app and I was pretty sure this is some sort of this isn't an easy you know as we burn me at some point in Iraq and on and on time. And and I finally ends like it. And on the and when I met him it is for sure he is all. Class act now. How long ago was that three years. So three years has inked a tomorrow ashtray yeah it was a lot of patience is he ER is too I still have the boy's smile on my son when he calls after first meet about a week later K. And as. You know sizzle. They then they showed up at my house and owned and I say I AM still to the stand means that they went a step further after that mentioning him yeah. The handsome and yet it it went from there and every you know few months that constantly. I'm a little bit. Like it more they've given us more money to thumbs. Wow. A year ago today all the I wish I guess is almost exactly a year as we bought the first house the Charlotte house after chiefs. And this is that all season I think it is number one. At the top. Only find you on social media grass growing days is growing dean. I guess so IA. Everyday and have or all days on. The eighty's yeah. Okay nice so across all social media she's easy to find as a designer you obviously watch DIY network. Have you been a little deep doubt by meeting some of stars of the DIY network yes. I haven't met very many of them actually was star struck in the arc is like sitting in restaurants. Star crossed. I. And that I was to. Really. Pretty the same maybe a senior water back in the day at school because. Whenever celebrities come hearings like completely meet farmer I that he doesn't have to get to go Lum has a beard and I am in need that her all the like you know issued this does for girls that I haven't dinner at her boyfriend and now. You did have you. Thought about the fact that you might be dealing with that's soon. That are anti action after the pilot there it started happening and it's. You know it's really cool and when he. Because they're not recognizing me. There is I love what you're saying it's cool. It's. And it's it's good recognition her work. Or hard it's it's. It's pre act it's. Awesome now Taylor is bit of a DIY. Hurt her DIY learn Hearst's yellow wire DR liar or he might like. Attempts and sales okay them. I don't know why any they'll live from everything else per share right I learn all the I don't realize I'm married to Ron man because my husband doesn't like to Minnesota all on me and you said your husband is all about that so. My phone number if you are interest it's from the beginning let's. Let me ask you though for some much. You that doesn't do it can you give us a few easy things that you think will work. No matter size or budget and you feel like beginners can do. Apps and heat and and those are that transform and change. It that's easy to make sure it turn on and off the face up. Do not present a positive he's got turned the water all right even turn your water off at. Simple as can be and then you switch out of Austin pretty easily GG as them and teach and wallpaper. Wolf you know what I was always kind of intimidated by doing out paper. And I haven't and it helps me hang and I think honestly. Well do sweetener teach who I am. So much easier I was so intimidated 80. Yeah. It's awesome. And I love you do you have a lot of unseen and Murti find your inspiration. It's OK I around answer public interest. Not really sure I know AM. Get it done like that recipes and workout and I'm might that oh yeah oh yeah. I cannot wave I'm so excited. It's so cool. To see this happen and then and we go way back and sorts awesome real quick I wanna talk about goals you probably haven't heard I made a bad there was a huge mistake. They have not heard I bet somebody hear a word that I could dunk a basketball any year so. So. And yeah. Every time I did love watching people's reaction shouldn't be surprised Taylor every dollar and say you left. If I kinda funny now. I'm gonna stop bashing you know the only I am my. I'm apparently a year into the. We're among thin and to be honest with you it's not going well I really need to hammered out. But couple millimeters yeah I can jump I've been doing blood flow restrictions on my thighs and also. Yeah I now. I don't know and I'm also looking for illegal steroids so if you know a guy. No I mean that I'm cordial and everybody seems to non organic but talk to you about goals right you said the TV show wasn't necessarily your goal. But talk to me about goals from somebody that's made it now to a network TV show and as a parent. Your. Elevator speech to your kids who were talking about goals. You know we. Everything has been such day. Beautiful surprise business and yes we've worked incredibly hard but they're nineteen worked hard this is. Odd thing and it's. Urged. Hard work on so many people's efforts but the goals and must now. It. Is. Angela I law. The process. As. You know it it's really fun to do house. Myself without. Enron because it really changes. It's the whole vision. It's verses. Just eating. And I Philly and the design. Such more amazing and easily. Because there at the free to just. Getting to contain. How can only help you get to that goal then obviously the readings everybody watching that tweet tweets. You know what about the pregnant and I can't figure this. I can't have a hash tag and I bargain mansion and OK I'm back and dying days. Laid back boxes of Latin my way. Team and might as is our firm. And hatched. A car they really encompass what. It's all about making. Your house. Being on four hits it cannot in my. Youngest of six foot eight and perfect is never able. It is. A collection. Day. A whole lot and so it is livable. Beautiful as. She old old and it works. It. We talk about real quick goals do you have like any. Methods do you. Germ all do you write them down are you working ahead or you just. Do Lynn net following your passions and see what happens. I'll dream. Team of people actually. And a feared. Which. Nice I hey had a stolen affair it is honest and my husband and his partner for an errand for our amazing. They have been. Just incredible people to to get. That they've had enemies. Ben. Actor from stores at all. Duties Fernando and it's all kinds of accolades. Advertise Tory birch. They both have this incredible does aesthetic. And they're in his. By that we have hurt or help the there's only me and him really manners and eat at church business. What I see because they're doing and is now and yet. All of this others. Out. This thing. Don't sounds like to me is I teamwork makes the dream work. So I need some I need a squad to help me don't I'm now. Is look now I am the only T shirt and it. Yeah there's no little. Oregon man sins and is debuts. Wednesday night at nine on the DIY network fine. DIY network dot com online that growing day eaves. Is where you can find camera now before we let you go are you ready to join us on the hot seats so her five questions this is the game we picked up on Amazon. I haven't looked at the questions you can plead the fifth to one right now are we changing up the rules now. So Caleb still I just don't let my ranking rapid fire aren't good daddy aren't you ago. What would you choose as your last meal on death row. Chick in mr. What is chicken street a little concern is my grandma's recipes. It's like giant. Noodle that's super fan and baste it and under an old silver tie and well and chickens. If it becomes this leaky he history leery you and I tell her you plug our SM OK you ready to say all car you guys aren't as valid as his last meal yeah. Good. Said he felt. What fortune what fortune cookie saying will summarize the next two weeks of your life. It was a lot of big two missing Dario. I think. Now. It is really. It is amazing to watch. That worries that while would be ago how is. What is your go to karaoke song at the bar. The goal which is really yes. And a ball that president and will be sitting last in the boom and really Diana. After Anna's life is my daughter's favorite song. American right there is all of on everything that's out have beautiful stuff that's fun people Kanye West. I mean I don't know any other songs of his than any other. And personal music yeah Alex stream music hasn't shown her I was not expecting I am not typically in a cellar kindly and. Crazy great answer. What is the last thing you purchase the cost more than a hundred dollars seven mentions however. Like seven means and. I'm in Seattle last thing groceries and yes well I I'm up here a month before the right here is let me see. Allen's through line that's once too much towns too much to let's see. What object would be my best friend if everything had a personality. Good one for you because your good stuff and houses what object do you find end up in most of the bargain mansion is that you did well I rehab. Couple of items that way I drag outs and its actions today Kelly or slurs favorite is yours. And she has these grass. And marble. Steps I take them. But. Really welcome and Arnold lips. All right some good job on the hot seat do you wanna share. Ten seconds worth of Brady high school stories with Taylor. In favor is that it took the form he. He N and his buddies come over my house and my dad my mom was gone and add it means are and we're set now on the porch sure. Number this mice memory is spotty on this but if I remember right you guys had like a wraparound deck right on the house yet. And they were eating outside let her tell the story or my feeling we are. The dad is probably warden was probably proud of himself for Macon dinner. Yeah he's all outside on the deck there were probably over OK Brady Sussex stop shout shout. Like that Alison yeah. Yeah a great sunset and evening in everything and that is. His side dishes in you know whatever else but there's this giant apple corps the serving bowl of her sitting on the table. And these guys I'll show up and Brady just sits down the taint on his leg. All of carnage is eating right out of the bowl yeah. You you and now we're you know this guy is booted off her record she accumulated a dinner. Your dad doesn't like him yeah well he made added appreciate but it is again what do you have to do that as a dad. He's acting crazy around your Donner and you know we were just Regis trying to show off her last you really like corn yet both I mean. Installation. That's camera I am so. Proud of you I'm so happy for you I love following this story and your making. Southeast of Celine very proud. And good job and will all be watching and it's gonna be awesome 9 o'clock Wednesday night's bargain mentions filmed right here in Kansas City. And thank you for coming in today they awesome next.