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Friday, November 10th

On this episode of BGdunks2018 we are joined by Billy Brimblecom and Jason Sudeikis (yes, THAT Jason Sudeikis!) to talk about goals, SNL, the Steps of Faith foundation, President Trump and Thundergong! and event happening in Kansas City (11/12/2017)! We put Jason in the hot seat and find out what inspired Billy to lead the way with the Steps of Faith foundation.

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Our guest this morning first stop is Billy humble winner a man with great here. In agreed organization make you really for joining us thank you for having me. So let's talk about steps of faith yeah and you are the man in charge over there now is this something that you created on your own hiker. And the not in my own America and the co-founder. And created. Co-founder with a gentleman named rob Pittman in Nashville Tennessee is where we started originally. Why. Inspired you to creates apps for so I met that guy rob Pittman because he owned the prosthetics shop where I was patient so. I have a robot leg yeah yeah yeah as I know that I I know I know yeah. In 2005 I lost my leg to cancer. Are you sarcoma yeah I was living here in Kansas City. And obviously it all worked out but yes so so that's how the whole thing really I really you know obviously how why I was inspired to be a part of this is. Is when I met rob buy say that he kind of tossed me the keys to a car that had no engine and it says here you can do with this and that we created it together. Let's let's talk about steps of faith so. I might have skipped ahead what is steps of faith says that faith is a 501 C three nonprofit charitable organization and what we do is we get prosthetics for entities. That have no health insurance or have no process that coverage with their health insurance I had health insurance and still had to raise a bunch of money. And Jason helps me do that and a lot of friends when Jason was just newly on SNL that was in 2006 so really. The seeds for steps of faith and definitely the seat for thunder concert back then so what. But but but that's a faith we we restore mobility for folks we get them back to work we get him back to playing with the kids back he's off Orleans god willing and and we restore possibilities. On average are prosthetics. The cheapest you're going to be looking at if you're paying out of pocket of really insurance would be 5000 well. The cheap absolutely that yeah for a prosthetic leg arms or is more expensive. We do more legs and arms that we do both. And so yeah and they can go like this thing eyewear is a 60000 dollar. Yen and minds above the mean and it's a microprocessor and on but it's not like. I can drive a Honda but I choose a Bentley they've already industry right now it's a different thing any there's there's a wide range of prosthetics. Prosthetic options because there's a wide range of people and pages earned weights and mobility that yes absolutely. So they're always expensive and it's one of those things that. If you plus still and that should be horrific enough fetus wanna know how you can just get back to being you know quote unquote normal with a new normal so the last thing you wanna be worried about his like okay cool insists astronomical amount of money that you'll never ever be able to it right. You hear an answer you know. And talk to me about the technology. How much has it changed hopefully improved. On since your awesome mowlam. Yes so so that was mine that was in 2005 so it has definitely improved that I have seen even since then. So I mean just a little thing for instance with my leg. You know it's got to microprocessor and so I can walk down steps like a lock down in clients you know quote unquote normally. And the leg that I originally had like couldn't really get wet you know. I was always like it was a raining and it was a summertime I wouldn't Wear shorts that kind of thing. And so the one I have now is just the new were version of that and can get wet. So now I need I eased and tight letter released have a recurring nightmares about like falling in a swimming pool. Home and then then you know it's like get all these friends there is always money from me and then what if this thing got ruined it right I don't regret that more thankfully did have a life and or anywhere for the rest your life although analyzed and that's pretty short so. Saying on hang on your phone ring and good morning the point are all right Jason IGCs in your friend Billy and I. And Taylor here we've just been talking mad about you so I'm glad you're here with the sound good to defend ourselves in the mud or or do you don't let you know later years you bet on. So and so real quick Billy finish up in the we'll talk to Jason. Yeah there there's definitely a life spanned 222. Prosthetic devices for sure so. To put it in perspective. One that Jason helped raise all the money for that was in 2006. I've. Had two since then. Okay my and so on those are all really expense forcing my insurance is paid for the other two in this like the one I'm wearing now is just under a year old you know. So yeah you know and I'm not growing you know so it's it's kids they're sorry like that it's a whole other thing and so. Yet it is Wear out you know I mean it's not something that lasts forever oh wherever it is on the quality Specter you know. And I got to imagine you have to have pretty good insurance for them they give you a quality. Prospect Brent which is probably rare. Yeah I mean a lot of people do and a lot of people don't mean and in this thing is it's like it's more common you know people losing limits this was a staggering statistic when I learned it but it's a 100% true. 500 people a day lose a limb. Every day just in America. Via India at a country that's a whole other world the word is trying to get America right and a 500 people at every day. Wow it's amazing when Jason Sudeikis who welcomed thank you for calling us this morning. Let's talk about fund are gone that we're proud to have it happening in Kansas City. The bill Lee and you are putting this on and the cast and crew coming to town is quite amazing can you tell us Jason how that came together. Like many things in my life for good thing for those someone else can help get the could combined but yet. The possibility that the Billy's idea. Bunch of movie guys galloped got some fate. There and say we were little things we hear a little more people on the larger scale on and you know keep the doors open on the and number. We gonna love this idea don't like you know current day and obviously you know I mean obviously I should say. You know we've we've been lucky too because didn't think social intimacy topical tick quicker every year much salt in. For Powell. You know prove controlled Percy and so. I know the third down that intensity you know my hometown goes on down. Should be very open to helping helping people and have a good time all donut hole it. You know they seem like they are going to be easy yes but by no means easy to pull off so you know we're still. We've still got our fingers crossed logic anymore but could do things that I didn't die until probably I guess we could. In commercial and out around 9:45. PM on Sunday night you know but the death touched up the good show at all. Came out. Listen I'm a big fan of yours and have been for a long time semi abscess was Saturday Night Live. But I got to mention. A couple of the other guy's Fred Armisen and Will Forte. All along with an amazing a musical lineups like Wynonna. Is calico scores Kansas City guy Madison warden momma bear all of them coming. You what you talk to me quickly about Will Forte and your experience on the last man standing. Last Manuel Lara. Last year's gotten well I mean you know there that are there in the middle only that's even more but yeah I mean wilt what or mired you know frustrating thing. We met my first here on the show both him and reds starter that they'll the year before me I'm. And I eastern right with the two of them while miners running on the show and thirty minutes to really. Sweet guys who happen to be yelling and screaming towel because then you know hilarious we're gonna have a multitude of power could well. And Syria and you know Latin Latin and as I don't like one thing underdogs but you know we'll idea his brainchild. In the U that you guys. Even more Miller biblical Lago movie where between when gentry naught but that it was. You will you know. Created the show and that it borrowed one BR I mean let's go to the say yep I if I the thing yet. If Biden said yes all my friends I think it's so far so good I love this it's let me. Down nice the current government cool jungle like political. How much of that when you go onto the set is. Freestyle or just he used senate upper how much revenue as written. The majority of his written to me will and all the right that should do a tremendous job world one of the best writer receiver of the incredible writers vote DeVon and we'll work so eloquently India and whatnot but like Kia. The ability as it does is a beat clintons are writing I mean that I really. You take. The entire show on on his shoulders and a tremendous people helping aren't seeing them didn't he bomb from the little work with screeners at. At the end of the day like definitely wouldn't yell cut and you can look overture right now is portrayal of a laptop open. Working on the either of you see coming up Ehrlich on an episode in only four weeks later. Do you feel the force of nature that they you know it's very. I feel like we know. I do a lot here like divided by hanging around people like you won't work ardent love what they do an extra nickel is good people and so we thought. That's you know. Let's Forte once you know. My girlfriend of Billy Lee I you know I just like being Madonna's latest person anywhere guarantees what people thought. UN Brady would really get along. I don't feel Regis is Hillary now I say yes mark. And yeah. You're from Kansas City but you've got on the big things your experience has to be different when you return home and you seemed to be here quite a bit. But talk about your favorite Kansas City sports. Moment because I would imagine that your experience as a Kansas City fans all different the most. All right it's it is now I mean and yet. You know. No doctor dissimilar I have a maybe. They didn't get better seats now that I used to look like you know my dilemma folks were put the bill. But the accord because you know people know the royals are the chiefs are trying to sell it urged Terry thank throw up. You know all wore the very accommodating but I can't I mean between 85 World Series. Yeah unfortunately missed I missed the you know the wrong. When we played against the old beat the mad about that which is which is it. So unfortunately. Unfortunately we go around I wouldn't work in Vancouver so I I couldn't. Couldn't be had either Michael and don't need a New York or Republicans didn't vote so you can watch on TV. I had the jayhawks winning an 88 when they want community in the wake. I'll mind my third grade if you are about bowl championship when you only caught before attribute. You know 33 to 31 so the big one girl yeah yeah. I was first even though that's called the biggest scare and I think I think a lot of people feel that way about the templates into the sport in general Emeka. If you are championship in 1980. Six will be. Pretty bitter nor can forget that it. Yeah where warrior. One I have two more questions for you Jason gonna put you on the hot seat for a couple seconds and the we're gonna hang ups we can talk more about the undergone happening. Sunday night you come by tickets now we're gonna give back to Billy real quick though on you had a great run on Saturday Night Live. The president trump has been on their why is you have a president on SNL story. Whoa no pitcher willing to tell. Not fearing the CIA or FBI iris Secret Service. Right right right there on the on the on good with all those guys that play and go on but I. No wonder what would that I don't know the second part of you know the the first time trumped a barrel during the current with ultimate second year the the little all the right on the show no judge of the guy I mean it's funny I don't story about how we should wherever. And I would I would I would because I watched him do that to an entire room of people obviously with the crazy way to shaking hands on the wheel or no matter. And then lonely old late. You know. As more Carol we'll put on them and with the Internet now and combined Mike Gibson and the other entries became a little bit of look. Although I know he's trying and I will start to have people texting me going tutor but can't streets in the big everywhere. So you know it did not. Doesn't make a great radio that the better interactive. And early June but it didn't look up you know trump densely built cities in an American and immature little pull. Comedy writers we we do not units and so the most athletic people so they don't feel more regard him on floor level. One more question them are gonna do a 92 hot seat my last question as I I'll. I'm obsessed with people achieving goals you have done that. I'm I'm obsessed with the mindset of people achieving goals or why has your mindset or process are you talk about laziness and lock it. When you talk about goals to somebody trying to achieve one what is your elevators beat. I mean it's it's a little bit but Joseph wouldn't let it be great news or about what code shouldn't have the harder you work the luckier you get. And it's why I believe Matt yeah I mean you know there's there's there's a lot of hard work to build and through hair thing that I wanted to learn how to do work to do for a living in district on earth. I wanted to share with people but like you know it's always. I would be here thank you know I think I was looking up we culprit in they the city that are very common exports which is great and copier that rebellion on that. Back in 1995 the then little known so laden cooking and that's why does he showed the world are much. Read books about the only thing in my insult upon a lot of very you know. In coming commented that and so it's not the sort of you know watching and absorbing much you can regardless of what it is. Of people that let you know what they're talking about it and I don't expelled and I'm just. And has lost the Nevada and is doing it to the right intentions. You know that you're doing it because here you'll love it now because Richard that you look and couldn't spoil what you wanna get. You don't get it yourself and only do it they won't get good royalties and anyone who at the if there's there's still a lot of it is Riyadh tonight it's a nice hurt but it was bitten. I don't I don't think I would have sustained. Uninteresting in the in what I do a little into the preliminary look it's something. I really don't know. Loved and then throughout much of the people who just actionable. Let's talk about one more time so undergone before we get back to Billy undergone a benefit concert force steps of faith foundation. Jason Sudeikis Will Forte Fred Armisen and amazing lineup of musicians like Winona. A crew is calico summer breeze Madison war mama bear now. Jason we're gonna have Billy puts you in the hot seat for 99 point seven seconds he's gonna ask you five rapid fire questions if you cannot answer these questions in 99 point seven seconds. You have to seeing as much of you as much as you can of the Love Boat theme song. These are Billy's questions is not ours are you prepared. Yet there reached Treo or opinion opinion they're like our personal and at. And a plead the fifth question Gosling got okay you're ready and really I'm ready I'm ready and Jason what would you choose as your last meal on death row. Corporal pat popular hockey beard dark at Belle any any kind of rhetoric because. Wonderful what is the strangest thing that you find attractive. Cool gosh I would say eyebrows. Nice Barbara Lee I remember Lou Miller as much yeah. All right what would you name the band started by all the people in this room. Oh gosh I would call it. Thought the boy who in the dark. Very nice. Who would you choose to have a beer with if you could choose anyone in the world. Living a living or dead. I guess in the world and not me. I would have appeared live you. Rick Rubin. That is correct. All right Jason I don't question your blank is bigger than anyone else in the room. I would say are we Mario. My prostate. Yeah them all and under ninety seconds. I wanna say one more time thank you for doing all you do for Kansas City you make us proud not just with all those. The lamp you that you do. But I just for a presenting us so well we're gonna hang up on you and talk more to Billy. About undergone what we look forward to the shows Sunday night Jason thank you for calling in thank you for all you do for this city woke up how did you end Jason meet broke where. Jason I met in 1995. At comedy sports which is in prop comedy club is in the river market it's now called comedy city right by the attempt either. Appropriately enough yeah yeah we haven't I was a senior in high school while addition using year old with a Meehan we ended up in the same workshop training class. Mazie got a lot of dirt on them. I have a lot of dirt on. Probably yeah. You know during the road we've been we've been there a lot together so yeah you hit and as he does on me I'm sure I don't let it out yeah right yeah yeah. Just in case it comes back thundered on a benefit concert for steps of faith foundation now in the U combined tickets now at thunder dawn dot org. But if we can't make it to the show. Do you guys do other events Howell school we help year round. Yeah fantastic thank you for asking we there are other events. But we are nonprofits so we survive on donations so if you can through centered around dot org that links to our website sets of faith foundation dot org mailing to each other. But yeah we've been you know. Donate and what we do is really simple owning your dollars go right tip giving people their mobility back right to get people walking you can see it in action itself. So it's a faith foundation dot org. Pentagon dot org make a donation any amount. Even if it's toy box one timer Tony bucks a month makes a real different. Let me ask you one thing before we let you go ask Jason the same thing I'm obsessed with people and goals and how they achieve them. You obviously overcame cancer. Ray and you have now created this amazing event. In part with the team I guess on talk to me about your mindset. When it comes to goals and if somebody's just beginning on a road to a goal what would you tell. Cash. You know a dream big you know. A dream big. That's really the thing I just I kind of like I grew up in a creative environment I was just drawn to those things in my parents just relax cool you wanna play the saxophone. Great here's a clarinet. You wanna play the drums great you we live in a duplex playgrounds everyday. I still don't know how that worked on. But so so I just think that I just think that you know there there are no rules were put on this earth to help people. And that is because life is hard and because life is hard we lose sight of that at times he can't seem beyond our own junk. But we're really here to help. Easy each other's burdens and so I just think like if you can just like trying to have your eyes open and just try to be kind to people and just tried to be tuned in to what. Goddard the universe everyone a look at it for me it's got. The path that is laid out for you. That's the way to do it you know for me it was really one of those things where it's like I was musician but really I learned I just would say all the time especially after a loss been like I just wanna help people. Nine can sound cliche or try to whatever but that that's. That is in all of us right and we again we lose sight of that so wins steps of faith when this came up. Rob and I are working together it was like pol. It was like any answer till like years of questions prayers and it's like OK. So. Undergone has really while it is this enormous opportunity. For steps of faith to raise a bunch of money get a lot of people in the community and around the country and otherwise know about us it's also a celebration you know. This is a this is the kind of party that Jason and I wanna throw you know we just want to have a good time when I make people laugh we one point drowns who have placed great music and her friends. And that's and have some great food and cocktails and those kinds of things and that's what it is so I'm just thankful to have it I just you know I just try to like. Stay in tune with what I'm supposed to be doing and sent to faith is not my job while it does employ me. At least for now it's my mission. I feel in life. To bill disorganization. To where it can exist run and thrive and grow without me. So I'm gonna do that. And then when it's time to go away. If that happens before I die I'll go away from you know in the meantime we're just trying to help as many people as we can and be one of those bright spots in the world. Well said. Home run. Thank you for this event thank you for what you do. And thank you for being generous with your time. I thank you for this opportunity to really appreciate.