After Thoughts with Taylor & Brady - 1 - NakedandAfraid - 997thePoint.mp3

Thursday, June 28th


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Taylor Brady on many nights from the point our phone number 5767997. Good morning good morning okay how they walk in on somebody naked story. I didn't know how when I was gonna type law my name quick and I were or acute quality and not actually later in my culture but it. Gary Locke and then we went on a well at all. And right into talking to get the kid and I don't think my parents are expecting a total amount looking that are taken at all I'd. All ball and my boy and CME's yeah it has been our help. I think government though they aren't so optimistic are you would kind of like that deer in the headlight look. The bottom of the very few other naming athletes what do you do things and look at the area and there she was energy ever let their first. Italy which closed storage that you have come home I'm like. That's not gonna talk about it. Only she wasn't frying chickens I don't really didn't exactly what it is picking up thinning at Canada I didn't. Have you talked to her since that happened and partially you know when you look to and that didn't happen answers secret ingredient. So yesterday we are at the public pool and my ten year old. Had to go to the restroom shoes waiting on her friend to change it was sitting on the bench she's like and dad. A woman came out of the shower naked no towel at all. And I was like well it is a shower but it's a shock if you're not mentally prepared and she was not who's like and then she started crying offer back. Right by Amy I was trying to ignore ensure we shaking her Mike. It's one of those things like well until I save every once in awhile so we're asking you are personally yeah you just never know. 5767997. Wind did you walk in on somebody naked unexpectedly. Well actually I'm I would call my wife when I was married and accurate you are there and went to locker door would vacuuming they did what I cowboys have a isn't that aren't that may be so the appropriate. She react I can't say on the radio. Yeah he should try it on I saw it except for the back you are yeah. You know any danger did he give me doing any private shortly like what do you guys do chores well. I think my wife would be more shocked about the fact I was due insurers not. That is her hunt hidden camera kids that's something he's unload the dishwasher. Arianna why 767997. Do you have a Al walked in on somebody naked story. Yes the I don't know machine no I can't talk pocket and giving my knee. OK I need your name and her name. And the city and your Social Security numbers please tell OK we will not share names to protect the innocent what happened. So I don't have my mother and Laurence Powell was diet these DER they found out that if I yours. And evolution dating at the time at our I think I articulate the Iraqi president. And I lingering regret her head and a former premier in the restroom getting in addition our analysts horrible. Okay false and that. Yeah as normal. Boy it's one of those things right it's not that the human body is problematic it's just if you're not million iron to see that image. The shock couldn't win she came back out though do you think she could tell on your face the relationship to change. Well I don't think he thought there are sixty years ago we've ever mentioned. What if you told her how do you think she would react. Shocked humiliation. Well we actually have her on the other anxiety and and how funny is.