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Tuesday, May 29th

Hey there!  It's been awhile!  Let's chat fertility, stress and stuff, shall we?  

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There I remember you back off. Straight in my life. I mean it all right this is actually episode eleven even though last and we said it was eleven we didn't muted you lives we have not done an episode for those who have been wondering. We haven't had an episode since the middle of February so we apologize but we realize that it bend outlawed for he's able. And even in that episode we reference a lot of spending some stuff. Yeah I'm not and even more stuff this happened. Lot of personal life stuff we we lost their beloved dog river since then and my father passed away a couple of weeks ago and then. And trying to help as much is because with his care and. And kind of let things we love the fact that so many people are listening to this podcast but. And and so many people have offered so many words of support and advice and thanks and an all of that stuff. It's not that you were a priority but. You were to priority BP set so. We're back we've had a lot to we had we done a lot. You know we as we've gone alive. But just noticed that through all of that stuff we did continue this process so be filling UN a little things. You're louder than me this time though we're good at checking your will be killing you and retrospectively. That. But. Well we'll get to this class of it up and then we'll talk about a stress placement. All of them. That's it remember as you're trying to go through this allegedly stressed pays. Plays a big factor in Lee's ability to it to get pregnant and and by late you're new to the podcast this is immediately love. I'm Mike quick it this is Lee. McCain and I don't this is the journey that we are going through trying to have a family knowing that we've got some fertility issues. So would be left last February. 18. We had wrapped up round two of IE my we did in fact go through round three of IU I with no lock. And so after the acts. We he had a ticket class before doing a ramp up. IE why. I didn't know there was going to be class involved in August but but I did go with that attitude day off work yeah. It'd yes. That it took a class had to learn about the shots. That I get to give Lee and the shots that she won't let me give her. Well a piece of their two different kinds of shots. There's. Initially in the first three rounds of IUI this was just pills would as I you guys now earn in its intra uterine insemination. Right. So that's when you put it in the cup and they put it in me tonight put in a cup in the Turkey baster inserts yak got it wrecked. And this. It'd just been like some pills and then went trigger shot the day before the idea why this. More preempt a version of IUI it was a shot every day and then matching trigger shot. Well the daily shots goes you squeeze your tummy fat you shoot again. I now know why god had regain all this belly fat at this ripe old age because it was so I could in fact. Give myself daily shots with little to no issue when it came to grabbing my tummy. But I would not let Michael watch me because no need to highlights. The more cushion for the correction if you will. So I would do that every day. And then there was taking only taking pills Yasser I was taking progesterone. I was taking. Doubts about the zone witches an antibiotic. Just a little dose to. Give me less testosterone and human body. Because apparently I am a little more manly. So up and see that hair nearly nude. And and then I also took clone head which is that killed Jon and Kate plus eight run when they got pregnant with dropped chocolate. In case were oh neat so you took the pill that could possibly. Lead to odd tablets as one of the things I ate I learned about in in this new. Round of having science helplessly. Is taking these two different shots and the possibility for twins. In the first round was higher than the normal the normal people. And then the it's in the second round this new ramp up version. There's even up higher version of twins triplets. And oftentimes more. Not often times she said. Green and now women's health we take a classic case you med and didn't. We're retake it should and shouldn't Wear it it's it was in the building it said Kansas universe nursing. Parents of tech he was obviously very distracted at. And address and a door yeah. As well at me but she's you know you'd you'd learn that. This opens. Oh fried chicken's done he's got some chicken in the air prior eagle work and that I'll just practice. OG pop. Else. So you radiate said that only twice and she'd bad working at this practice had they had someone have to go for. Have reduction of what that means is you have 567. Eights. Follicles that. That took. And it you. It's just not say it's up to for you to save for the kids I mean your ending up like off to mom Nadia sue them on. And so it may require you to go. Reduce the number of feet high. Which is a really heartening read around my brain around because Ali want as one. And I can't imagine getting rid of any of them. But you find that out at me sticks and then there's recently visited Texas a place in Colorado and go and I mean when and they'll do that and that gives you and your baby is better chance. A success so we're obviously not there yet that's something that's in the back of our minds now. In the idea that. Selective reduction that's. Albeit a very very slim chance there could be seven. And there's no way that that's healthy there's no. You know that's that's just something down the road now the odds of that again very very slim were hoping for one. At most two. Love to because then they're not an only child and it's. Then I'll be pregnant ones that I. It's purely selfish reasons and the people who've had multiples are laughing at us right now that's the dogs sniffing my. Commute. The people that Hamilton's left in us going to hear what you wish for around my I think part of the class however was when Michael had to do a test shots. Any filled up this syringe with water and then he'd just shot it in the air like a squirt gun rights. See it in action. If we were obviously the most mature people. In the class. I just I think the refresher TU on how the female body works there were a few times re kind of looked at me with some diagrams and accurately. Well that that's that it's okay that's a whole another pot yeah. That's a completely don't help them an alarm that you know I mean completely different podcasts that you're into now is really informative and we're in that that stage right now. No. We are so. I didn't shot every single day. And Mexican restaurant next mechanism that moment. He gives me the big shots before. Insemination insemination is. As it has been in the past however there are now. Extra. So I know there's a lot. Well there are now what's next are ultra sounds in the month to receive. Coming follicles are in the beginning how their maturing. If they're at they have matured enough. Coming back and seeing how many of them are mature enough if there are enough if there are too many. That kind of thing and so what this means is it's a lot more money at. The other thing too it really is a lot more money and in this stage. This brandy are instructor not a case you mad. It is. You know they tell you look at it doesn't work the first time don't get discouraging as were the second time. Don't get discouraged if he has were the third time. Then we're gonna have to have that conversation of what to do next because they don't want you to continue on down this road if it's not working inside Lee's body. And you just keep spending. A lot of much thousands of dollars he's every single time every single shot you go through this in the the next stage will be. Which will discuss in the future if we need be. You know we're felony trample actually in vitro or adoption and dressed up it was is definitely so many people have reached out its its amazing when I've talked about this on my show. So many people have reached out and give give adoption thought it and are we immensely happy. My mother thought this to me he says it makes you do you know you consider adoption and it's just it's expensive by the way right. Put it it's definitely something that's on the tables so as as we sit here right now we're still in. Level two of around one of level two days ago is that right. And in the class. She informed us stress. Is not a factor. She said it was then now again in the last since we last spoke with you we lost her dog and we lost Lee's father. You know that's that's a distress that's gonna weigh heavily civil strife and I tell yeah bring it mother nature to. I don't think we'll do another what you promise it will not be three months rates until our next one will get to another one next week. This has been wickedly in love with McNabb like cricket and we'll talk with you again IBM WTO.