Point Jury Results


February 9, 2017

Point Jury - 09/20/2017 - Are women's shoes off limits when it comes to teacher dress code at a grade school? Brady - NO, Taylor - Yes: Point Jury...3-0...YES

Point Jury - 03/10/2017 - Should couples sit on the same side of the booth when eating in public? Brady - NO, Taylor - Yes: Point Jury...3-1...YES

Point Jury - 03/08/2017 - OK to let your kids quit a sports team DURING the season? Brady - NO, Taylor - Yes: Point Jury...3-0...NO

Point Jury - 03/06/2017 - Does HE owe his EX a heads-up to the fact that His NEW s.o. is pregnant? - Brady-Yes, Taylor-No: Point Jury...3-0...No

Point Jury - 03/02/2017 - Should fiance do a joint Facebook account? - Brady-No, Taylor-Yes: Point Jury - 3-0...No

Point Jury - 2/27/2017 - Too much kids artwork at the office, unprofessional? Brady-Yes, Taylor-No: Point Jury - 3-0...No

Point Jury - 2/21/2017 - Adult "Blind Date" to meet a new friend, weird? Brady-Yes, Taylor-No: Point Jury - 3-0...No

Point Jury - 2/17/2017 - Can your spouse MAKE you chance a password? Brady-Yes, Taylor-No: Point Jury - 3-2...Yes

Point Jury - 2/15/2017 - Is it ever OK to be "mad" about a gift? - Brady-Yes, Taylor-No: Point Jury 3-2...Yes.

Point Jury - 2/14/2016 - Do we have to say "I Love You" at the end of every phone call with SO?  Brady-No, Taylor-Yes  Point Jury 3-0...Yes

Point Jury - 2/9/2017 Cancel Valentine's Day? Brady-Yes, Taylor-No   Point Jury? 3-2...Yes

Point Jury - 2/8/2017 Tom Brady Kisses Dad on the Mouth, odd or butt out? Brady-Odd, Taylor-Butt Out   Point Jury? 3-0...Butt Out

Point Jury - 2/7/2017 63 years old, too old to pose in SI Swimuit issue? Brady-Yes, Taylor-No   Point Jury? 3-0...No

Point Jury - 2/6/2017 Smunday (Monday after Super Bowl a holiday)? Brady-Yes, Taylor-No   Point Jury? 3-1...No