Outsmart Taylor & Brady Questions and Answers

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September 20, 2017

630a - 10/16/2017

Q: Name one of the two backup quarterbacks to Kansas City Chiefs' Alex Smith?  A: Patrick Mahomes II, Tyler Bray

Q: Janet Jackson is coming to the Sprint Center this week. How old is her child? A: 9mos

Q: Only one US State shares a land border with 6 other states as well as a land boarder with another country. What is it? A: Idaho


730a - 09/21/2017

Q: Which ride-sharing company is offering up scholarships for students to participate in a new "self driving car degree program?"  A: Lyft

Q: SA Prairie Village teenage has announced his run for Governor of Kansas. What is Kansas' minimum age requirement to run for this position?  A: There is no age requirement

Q: Fergie announced her separation from of husband of 8 years. What is his name? A: John Duhamel

Winner: Taylor 

630a - 09/21/2017

Q: Most dangerous celebrity to search online, 2017? A: Avril Lavigne

Q: Starting today, through Hulu and on-demand, you can binge watch all 8 seasons of this popular NBC sitcom that is getting a "reboot." Name that sitcom? A: Will & Grace

Q: Sporting KC played what Major League Soccer team last night in the US Open Cup? A: New York Red Bulls

Winner: Becca from Osawatomie 

730a - 09/20/2017

Q: "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" season premiere is coming up Sunday. What season will this be? A: 10th

Q: Which judge is sitting out this season of Dancing with the Stars? A: Julianne Hough

Q: A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck what country in Central America yesterday? A: Mexico

Winner: Brady

630a - 09/20/2017

Q: As of this morning, do the Royals have a winning or losing record? A: Losing

Q: This week marks the 2-year anniversary for what late-night TV Host? A: Stephen Colbert

Q: The foundation of which "Titanic" star is donating 20 million dollars toward climate change efforts? A: Leonardo DiCaprio

Winner: Taylor