John Legend Makes His Pick for Next Sexiest Man Alive

September 4, 2020

John Legend is ready to relinquish his Sexiest Man Alive title, and he's making his pick for who could be next in line to the throne.

In a conversation with People, Legend reflected on his year in the Sexiest Man spotlight. "It's been funny, it's been humbling, it's been all those things," he explained.

"I've truly enjoyed just making fun of myself throughout it because you can't take yourself too seriously when someone calls you the Sexiest Man Alive. It's not a literal thing, and it's not to be taken too seriously," he continued.

So who does Legend thing should take the crown once his reign is over?

"I don't know, I do not know," he admitted. "Going by my Twitter mentions when I was named of who people said should have been picked over me, I got a lot of Jason Momoa. That's the one person that stood out in the Twitter feedback."

But stepping down from the Sexiest Man Alive title isn't the only thing Legend is excited about in the coming months.

Legend, who is married to Chrissy Teigen and father of two, recently revealed that he is expecting his third child. The announcement came with the recent release of his latest music video for his single "Wild."

The video, which celebrated the almost six-year marriage of the couple, had a very revealing moment at the end when Teigen cradled her stomach, showing fans that the family of 4 would soon be a family of 5.

"We're very excited, and we're grateful for all the well-wishes we've gotten from people all around the world," Legend revealed on the Today show. "Thank you so much."

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