Bolivian Orchestra Stranded in Haunted German Castle Surrounded by Wolves During Pandemic

They have been stuck since March

May 26, 2020

In what was very unfortunate timing for Bolivia's Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos, the orchestra set out in March to perform at a festival in Germany over a two-week period, but have ended up stuck there for 76 days... and counting.

Could they just go back to Bolivia? Apparently not, as Bolivia closed its borders and little progress has been made with the Bolivian embassy to get them back home.

The group has been staying safe at Rheinsberg Palace, which is apparently haunted by Frederick the Great, who called the palace home in the 1500s. The group has joked that the ghost follows them around and tries to make things go awry, according to Variety.

As for the wolves, 23 packs live in the area surrounding the palace. Members have said they've had encounters with them, but the wolves haven't caused them any trouble.

The festival they were supposed to play has raised funds for the group and the kitchen staff regularly drops off food at the guest house they're staying at, so they're being taken care of, but 70-plus days in they'd surely like to go home.

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